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Dna fingerprinting science project pp


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Dna fingerprinting science project pp

  1. 1. Zakary Kadish
  2. 2.  Uses small pieces of DNA to identify:  Criminals  Parental Identity  Bodies Most commonly used for court cases where DNA is used as evidence
  3. 3.  DNA is unique to its person-much like fingerprints Chances that you will find two people with the same DNA who are not identical twins is VERY low DNA is extremely reliable in identifying who a person is, much like a fingerprint can identify who someone is  DNA is 99.9% similar between humans!
  4. 4.  There are 6 steps to fingerprinting: 1. Isolation of DNA 2. Cutting, sizing, and sorting of DNA 3. Transfer of DNA to nylon 4. Probing 5. Probing 6. DNA Fingerprint
  5. 5. **NOTE: THIS PROCESS WAS MADE TO DO AT HOME** Obtain a sample of DNA from mouth, and spit into a shot glass Add 3 pinches of table salt Add 1 mL. of dish soap-stir for 3 minutes  Do not make bubbles Pour 5 mL. of alcohol down the glass’s side Wait for 5 minutes  DNA will become visible, can be extracted with toothpick
  6. 6.  Restriction enzymes cut DNA DNA then sorted by size using electrophoresis  DNA placed in gel, then electric current used to drag pieces through the gel  Gel is made from seaweed agarose
  7. 7.  Gel used in electrophoresis is placed on nylon Allowed to sit and dry overnight, so that all liquid is evaporated, and only DNA is left
  8. 8.  Use restriction enzymes to cut DNA Add radioactive N-bases to DNA Pol, which are coded for a wanted gene Once the DNA Pol has synthesized a new DNA strand, the radioactive labels will be able to be read!
  9. 9.  The DNA fingerprint can now be assembled  Have the radioactive labels transfer to the sheet  Align the genetic information with that of the criminal/suspect You are now ready to catch a criminal!
  10. 10.  Fingerprinting_Basics.php