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  1. 1. EXCLUSIVE: tickets to wembley >>> SABRE 50 METALICA’S GREATEST MOMENTS ARCTIC MONKEYS Alex Turner’s Future ELVIS KING PRESLEY A Blast From the Past YOUTUBE ROLLERS SABRETOOTHS AWARDS 2014 Winners, Loosers, PLUS ! LIE HAR C CHALK BYRNE * JAGGER * ROGERS > > > May 2014 £3.99 $9.99 USD Across the Globe
  2. 2. NEWS: 7 The Scorpions are set to releas MTV Unplugged Performances. 9 Led Zeppelin is to release two new songs as he is set to appear in music songwriters Hall of Fame. CONTENTS May 2014 ISSUE 410 12 Lou Read passes away. We take FEATURES: 14 Black Sabbaths new ‘13 3D 17 Mick Jagger: My life in 20 songs 20 SMOKING We find out about the young artist who holds rock n’ roll in both hands. Charlie Chalk exclusively talks to us about his past and passion for music (new album TUBELINE review found on P.60). 29 Fearless Vampire Killers chats about future plans. 32 Slash Speaks of his style and of his pick of the best guitars. a look back on a legend. maze’ opens in Hollywood. 15 Ben Keaton disscuss Reading and his role as head judge on X Factor. JOIN Us 36 Our tips on becoming a Youtube HIT! EDITOR SAYS: Welcome once again, as I am very proud to offer such a jam packed issue of SABER- tyhe copy you are now reading worth the possession of any Rock fanatic. We’ve got reviews, rankings, Charlie Chalk ladies and gentlemen! And a couple of cool freebies too... don’t forget to like and follow us on Facebook (SABERTOOTH) and Twitter (@SABERMAG) to gain all the crazy things happening in our world of music. Enjoy the issue. Until the next time!Dan Templer S COVER STORY 20 36 SMOKING 50 greatest gigs to see this year and next. 40 41 “I only weare black. Or very dark grey” 004 May 2014 SMOKING Nick De Cruz shares why his toughts on his albums and, as advice as to how to write your own lyrics! Rock Icons. We present to you our top 20 artists, old and new, who have shaped SABERTOOTH from Richard to Dalton, we give you our best. 45 SMOKING Blast from the past, as we look back on the legend that is Elvis Presley and how he changed Rock for generations. Subscribe at
  3. 3. Nick De Cruz on Lyrical inspiration: Advice to songwriters. ON THE COVER 40 14 SUBSCRIBE HALF-PRICE SALE NOW! Subscribe now and collect 11 issues of S for jsut £25! Go to page 97 for details. Subscribe at TUNE OF THE MONTH: The Hives vist Bilbao, on where it all began... “Since 1993, and still going strong”. 11 We’re offering three tickets to see The Vacines at none other than Wembley Arenea. 16 Charlie Chalk, teenage ASBO who has captivated the nation, speaks to SABRE of his rise from the underwrorld, to his love for a bit of Rock N’ Roll. 23 from Punkers to Rollers, we talk about the youtube that rule social emdia, their rise to fame, and who really is our champion artist. 34 It’s now come to that time of year of which SABRE holds its very own annual award cermony to the bands, artists, and musicians. THE SABRE REVIEW 450 DALTON, By Jack Dalton, is the sizziling tune that bag’d it’s place as SABRE’s TOTM. The tempo was heart-racing, carrying the listner to the far breaches to a base palyers dream. The lyrics carry a message of rveenge and justice, that is sure to tame the beast of any hungry listner. Dalton does what he does best- he electrifies. >>> May 2014 005 S
  4. 4. Charlie Chalk spills to SABRE of both past and present- each as illustrious as the other.
  5. 5. S AT I WA ROCK TOM BOT photos and articles written by Zak Labaid I t’s six o’clock in the morning and I’m sitting in a star bucks in London, the heavy whistling of tube wheels howling in the distance, a bus passing by. Then appears a young rock god... erm...with a coffee. Leather jacket, Combat boots, he slumps in a chair, handing me one of the two drinks, pulling out the earphones from his IPod as he does so, The voice of Keith Richards slowly sinking in the pocket of a pair of torn battered jeans. for days- mum having trouble to tear me off He yawns, making me yawn too, and we both the thing’ he smiles at the thought ‘but of laugh, he having had explained that this is course, the only free time he gets, thanks to other creative projects he is relentlessly working on my music now, I don’t paly the drums- which including a tour, and a secret album. is kinda odd, don’t you think? But I suppose the After a few slurps I ask him about his success drums where a gateway into my love of muin the music industry and at such a young sic.’ age. He shrugs with a slight smile; ‘I don’t know how it really happened to be honest… He slurps part of his coffee, before I ask him it just… kind of happened- and I’m very on his school life and his musical influences. grateful that it did’. ‘It was tough time at school. I weren’t very popular, scrawny and spotty, so there was no I then asked him on how he had got into muchance I was gonna pull any time soon. But I sic and how he has now become the young do remember going up for music club’ at this, rock warrior that he is today. ‘I was a little a full joker like smile appears on his face. ‘ I shit, that’s why. Always running around, went singed up into a little music club at my kicking scratching… biting, I was a bloody school, not a massive popular thing I can tell nightmare. But I think it all started on when you, so you didn’t even really need any real; I got given a drum kit’ he thinks for a second musical talent to get! But I did, there was only or two ‘for my six or seventh birthday.’ I rea few lot, and I wasn’t keen to make friends. member banging and banning on that drum They’d never bothered to try with me, so why 61
  6. 6. should I bother to try with them? Bu any, because I had a drum kit, I played that for a bit. And it was alright- until I got the guitar.’ Its here that I see giddy teen, taken back to the day of his true love, ‘It was true love. The teacher who was running the place. Daft as anything. He said that the school had raised enough money for new guitars, I think there were about three of them altogether. I played it for a bit at the beginning. You know, just fiddling with the strings and all that. But this was all before I discovered music itself.’ He sits, now fully engaged ‘it was a new word I had stepped into on when I heard Hendrix, or the kiss, or any of the other grates. And I fell in love. I mean these guys where my idols; they got the chicks, the money and the talent to make others happy with their skill. And that’s exactly what I wanted to do.’ I spent most of my teenage years locked in my room (as should any healthy teenager) listening to Presley or any other rock god and just listening. The word, lyrics tone. Every single detail I thought about.’ We take a few more slurps of our coffee before I raise the question on his past drug addiction; he slumps back in his chair. ‘Well you see, I suppose that music, although it is a passion and a sincere love- it was my downfall. Because I always focused my music, and that I wasn’t even a particularly good at school in the first places, I think I knew deep inside that I was gonna flunk all GCSE’s. So I suppose I needed some air, some relief from the stress and panic that there was high chance that I was too fail at life, as doing so taking drugs, ticking off that typical rock n’ roll box as I did so. Now all I needed was to smoke and drink and I’d have done the bloody set! And shortly followed.’ I came from North London, growing up in a school on where the teachers 62 cared as much about education as the pupils. At the time it wasn’t a big deal to being snorting the white stuffeverybody was doing. Pretty sure some of the teachers were too.’ A second or two passes before we both laugh at the thought, then the laughter dies and we go back to the seriousness of the conversation. ‘No, but it was a serious, serious dark time for me, my addiction was getting out of the control so much that I was asking money of friends and family. And then… Well I guess it was inevitable that I was caught by the fuzz. But cause I was young at the time, I didn’t have stay the amount of years that I should have. I asked him on what it was like to be inside, he shrugs his shoulders; ‘Tough. Don’t do it’. ‘When I got out, I knew I didn’t want to waste another second of my life. I wanted to go for my goals and grab them by the ruddy neck. So I did. It wasn’t easy at first either. My first job was manual labour, moving bags of cement on building sites. Meanwhile why I was doing that I was creating YouTube videos in the hope of being noticed.’ Of course, this is how chalk came to fame, through the simple act of putting up a couple of videos on the page YouTube. ‘I think I was very lucky to get noticed by that record company. At the time, between the building and the videos, I was busking in Baker Street station. The money crap, but at least after a few months of saving I managed to wangle a decent second-hand guitar.’ To this day he still holds ownership of the guitar, he having played it on his new album ‘TubeLine’. ‘Well a guitars a guitars, yet that guitar taught me a lot, as fucked up as it sounds. T taught me that life can be hard, it can kick you down, but you’ve just get to plough on with life with your passion, or the things you love. For me that was music.’ But now we lead to Tubeline, the new hit album that has caused a stir of success for the artist. ‘Well it’s my debut album as I’m sure you know. Erm.. I can’t really give too much away, but I can say that if you like the rebellious goddess that is rock, than it is she who helped me in my album’ Wet talk, more before he has to get going to attend meetings with the matter of a certain Glastonbury Festival. We head out of costa, that familiar London traffic welcoming us into a cold winter breeze. Then from out of nowhere Charlie chalk appears with a Harley Davidson (would it be any other bike?). He asks if I need a lift to the nearest tube station, but I humbly deny. I dare not intervene with a god of rock. With this the screeching of the Harley bids farewell. TUBELINE releases Friday 15th
  7. 7. “NOT ­­ DRUGS HUGS “Music is my life... and I’ll take whatever path there is to get to the top” FOLLOW CHARLIE: ON TWITTER: @DontGetAng 63