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Team zeus presentation


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Team zeus presentation

  1. 1. Manipulating Media Project 2 presentation<br />Team Zeus<br />Tom Bannister -Team Leader<br />Zak Testa- Production and Dissemination<br />Claire Boyle – Researcher<br />Ben West – Content Creation<br />
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  3. 3. Our chosen question:<br /><ul><li>Are the people responsible for these negative comments are the ones to blame?
  4. 4. Or are the people who broadcast these comments the ones to blame?
  5. 5. Is this the same thing if the comment is positive?</li></ul>If public figures make comments that are recorded but not intended for broadcast, is it correct that their comments are broadcast and that they face the consequences for the comments?<br />If a political leader was to say something positive about an opposing party, could this still have negative repercussions?<br />Introduction<br />
  6. 6. <ul><li>These public figures should know better and keep their opinions to themselves, and should be aware of the consequences for making these comments.
  7. 7. A comment made by a public figure could make a huge influence on public opinion.</li></ul>Many people would agree that these public figures should face consequences for their negative comments. <br />Public figures should be making good examples to the public. The public should know what is being said behind closed doors<br />Reasons for publicising recorded comments<br />
  8. 8. People have the right to freedom of speech and their own opinions even if their opinions may be considered offensive. <br /><ul><li>Public speakers have the right to privacy, if they are being recorded without their knowledge they should have the final say in whether or not that recording gets released.</li></ul>Reasons against publicising recordings<br />Liberal Democrat Vincent Cable spoke out against the coalition and Rupert Murdoch without knowledge of journalist recordings. He has since withdrawn from his role as business secretary because of this scandal.<br />
  9. 9. The BBC has in place the Editors Guidelines for when secret recordings are used such as:<br />The use of hidden cameras<br />Recording telephone calls without permission<br />The general and deliberate use of any kind of audio/visual recordings<br />Guidelines for secret recordings<br />
  10. 10. Sky Sports presenters Andy Gray and Richard Keys get dropped from their Monday night programme after sexist comments made about a female assistant referee<br />‘Sky sports presenter Richard Keys has apologised to assistant referee Sian Massey for the sexist comments he made about her’ <br />The two men were punished for their comments but was this adequate punishment? It was very unprofessional and sexist, therefore why should they be allowed to continue working in this sector? Or did people take these comments made too serious?<br />Gordon Brown has apologised after being caught on microphone describing a voter he had just spoken to in Rochdale as a “bigoted woman”<br /> ‘Mrs Duffy said after hearing of Mr Brown’s comments: “I’m very upset. He’s an educated person. Why has he come out with words like that?’ and was also quoted saying ‘He’s supposed to be leading the country’<br />Examples<br />Gordon Brown upon hearing the playback. <br />
  11. 11. We think information should be shared differently depending on its context. For example, if the recorded comments could potentially be dangerous to the public, or contradicts what that person represents then that information should be publicised so the public can see the true opinions of these public figures and that these figures face the appropriate consequences. <br /><ul><li>The stories portrayed by the media don’t always represent the truth. A common form of media manipulation is suppression by omission. This means that parts of a story are left out and sometimes these can include vital details that could sway the public’s opinion. </li></ul>However, if the recorded message is interfering in a person’s personal life or has no public interest, it should be kept secret and their personal lives should be respected. <br />The masses are dependent on the media to supply them with everyday news, therefore it becomes a source that people trust and will use to form opinions. The media can work on a make or break basis, public figures can be made to look like the perfect idols but can also be made to look the opposite in a short space of time. <br />Our Argument<br />
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  13. 13. Thank you for Viewing<br />
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