Harun Yahya Islam Global Impact Of The Works Of Harun Yahya Vol 1


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Harun Yahya Islam Global Impact Of The Works Of Harun Yahya Vol 1

  1. 1. Each of Harun Yahya's more than 170 publications on matters of science, faith and politics can change the way a person looks at the world. His scientific books demonstrating the proofs of creation to be seen in the universe, his works about Islamic moral teaching composed with reference to the verses of the Qur'an, and his political books that expose the hidden side of historical events have addressed millions of people of every nation, language and religion. These works have stimulated a wide response throughout the world. Whether in America, Britain, Russia, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Nigeria, Canada or Lebanon, you can find books and magazine and newspaper articles by Harun Yahya in various languages in bookstores in most countries in the world. Documentaries and narrations based on Harun Yahya's works, which are broadcast on many radio and television stations, have also aroused great interest throughout the world. The works of this author have been translated into French, German, Italian, Russian, Albanian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Serbo-Croat, Indonesian, Malay, Urdu, Estonian, Arabic, Swahili and Bengali, and further translations into many other languages are progressing quickly. The purpose of this is to distribute all these books throughout the world in order to inform all people of the existence of God, the beauty of the moral teachings of the Qur'an, the existence of the hereafter and the lie of Darwinism. Harun Yahya, who has written his works in order to spread the message of the Qur'an to the whole world and to encourage people to think about matters of faith, such as the existence of God and His Oneness, aims to make them easily accessible to everyone. With this purpose in mind, Internet sites have been opened that render a great service to thousands of people every day. On these sites, the more than 170 books written by Harun Yahya, complete with their full texts and illustrations, are available free of charge to Internet users, in addition to documentaries and audio narrations. The book, which includes the Internet pages of those Islamic organizations, scientific institutions and various universities where you can find Harun Yahya's works, and reviews written by various scholars or the directors of various leading organizations and institutions, together with an account of the reactions from the fairs and conferences that have presented the author's works covers only a limited amount of material. Indeed, the scale of these reactions has been far greater than might have been expected. ABOUT THE AUTHOR he author, who writes under the pen-name Harun Yahya, was T born in Ankara in 1956. He studied arts at Istanbul’s Mimar Sinan University and philosophy at Istanbul University. Since the 1980s, the author has published many books on political, faith- related and scientific issues. Some of the books of the author have been translated into more than 20 languages and published in the countries concerned. Harun Yahya’s books appeal to all people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, regardless of their age, race, and nationality, as they center around one goal: to open the readers’ mind by encouraging them to think about some critical issues such as the existence of God and His unity, and to display the decrepit foundations and perverted works of godless systems.
  2. 2. Published by ARASTIRMA PUBLISHING Prof. Kaz›m Ismail Gurkan Cad. Hamam Sok. No:2 K.6 Cagaloglu/Istanbul Tel: 0212 511 72 30 Printing Press: Kelebek Matbaasi Gumussuyu Cad. Litros Yolu 1. Matbaacilar Sitesi No:96 Bayrampasa-Maltepe / Istanbul Tel: 0212 612 48 35 Fax: 0212 612 57 12 w w w. h a r u n y a h y a . c o m
  4. 4. About The Author T he author, who writes under the pen-name HARUN YAHYA, was born in Ankara in 1956. Having completed his primary and sec- ondary education in Ankara, he then studied arts at Istanbul’s Mimar Sinan University and philosophy at Istanbul University. Since the 1980s, the author has published many books on political, faith-related and sci- entific issues. Harun Yahya is well-known as an author who has written very important works disclosing the imposture of evolutionists, the in- validity of their claims and the dark liaisons between Darwinism and bloody ideologies such as fascism and communism. His pen-name is made up of the names "Harun" (Aaron) and "Yahya" (John), in memory of the two esteemed prophets who fought against lack of faith. The Prophet’s seal on the cover of the author’s books has a symbolic meaning linked to the their contents. This seal represents the Qur’an, the last Book and the last word of God, and our Prophet, the last of all the prophets. Under the guidance of the Qur’an and Sunnah, the author makes it his main goal to disprove each one of the fundamental tenets of godless ideologies and to have the "last word", so as to completely silence the objections raised against reli- gion. The seal of the Prophet, who attained ultimate wisdom and moral perfection, is used as a sign of his intention of saying this last word. All these works by the author centre around one goal: to convey the message of the Qur’an to people, thus encouraging them to think about basic faith-related issues, such as the existence of God, His unity and the hereafter, and to display the decrepit foundations and per- verted works of godless systems. Harun Yahya enjoys a wide readership in many countries, from India to America, England to Indonesia, Poland to Bosnia, and Spain to Brazil. Some of his books are available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Urdu, Arabic, Albanian, Russian, Serbo- Croat (Bosnian), Polish, Malay, Uygur Turkish, and Indonesian, and they have been enjoyed by readers all over the world. Greatly appreciated all around the world, these works have been instrumental in many people putting their faith in God and in many oth- ers gaining a deeper insight into their faith. The wisdom, and the sin- cere and easy-to-understand style employed give these books a distinct touch which directly strikes any one who reads or examines them. Immune to objections, these works are characterised by their features
  5. 5. of rapid effectiveness, definite results and irrefutability. It is unlikely that those who read these books and give a serious thought to them can any longer sincerely advocate the materialistic philosophy, athe- ism and any other perverted ideology or philosophy. Even if they con- tinue to advocate, this will be only a sentimental insistence since these books have refuted these ideologies from their very basis. All contem- porary movements of denial are ideologically defeated today, thanks to the collection of books written by Harun Yahya. There is no doubt that these features result from the wisdom and lucidity of the Qur’an. The author certainly does not feel proud of him- self; he merely intends to serve as a means in one’s search for God’s right path. Furthermore, no material gain is sought in the publication of these works. Considering these facts, those who encourage people to read these books, which open the "eyes" of the heart and guide them in be- coming more devoted servants of God, render an invaluable service. Meanwhile, it would just be a waste of time and energy to propa- gate other books which create confusion in peoples’ minds, lead man into ideological chaos, and which, clearly have no strong and precise effects in removing the doubts in peoples’ hearts, as also verified from previous experience. It is apparent that it is impossible for books de- vised to emphasize the author’s literary power rather than the noble goal of saving people from loss of faith, to have such a great effect. Those who doubt this can readily see that the sole aim of Harun Yahya’s books is to overcome disbelief and to disseminate the moral values of the Qur’an. The success, impact and sincerity this service has attained are manifest in the reader’s conviction. One point needs to be kept in mind: The main reason for the con- tinuing cruelty and conflict, and all the ordeals the majority of people undergo is the ideological prevalence of disbelief. These things can only come to an end with the ideological defeat of disbelief and by en- suring that everybody knows about the wonders of creation and Qur’anic morality, so that people can live by it. Considering the state of the world today, which forces people into the downward spiral of vio- lence, corruption and conflict, it is clear that this service has to be pro- vided more speedily and effectively. Otherwise, it may be too late. It is no exaggeration to say that the collection of books by Harun Yahya have assumed this leading role. By the Will of God, these books will be the means through which people in the 21st century will attain the peace and bliss, justice and happiness promised in the Qur’an.
  6. 6. contents INTRODUCTION 10 PART 1 / Reviews 16 Reviews of Harun Yahya's Books by Scholars and Prominent Community Leaders PART 2 / Articles 86 Articles by Harun Yahya From International Newspapers and Magazines PART 3 / Media Coverage -Bookstores - Book Fairs - Internet Sites 162 Activities Focusing on the Works of Harun Yahya CONCLUSION 280
  7. 7. I ntroduction Each of HARUN YAHYA’s more than 170 publications on matters of science, faith and politics can change the way a person looks at the world. His scientific books demonstrating the proofs of creation to be seen in the universe, his works about Islamic moral teaching composed with refer- ence to the verses of the Qur’an, and his political books that expose the hidden side of historical events have addressed millions of people of every nation, language and religion. These works have stimulated a wide response throughout the world. 12
  8. 8. Whether in America, Britain, Russia, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Nigeria, Canada or Lebanon, you can find books and magazine and newspaper articles by Harun Yahya in various languages in bookstores in most countries in the world. Documentaries and narrations based on Harun Yahya’s works, which are broadcast on many radio and television stations, have also aroused great interest throughout the world. The works of this author have been translated into French, German, Italian, Russian, Albanian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Serbo-Croat, Indonesian, Malay, Urdu, Estonian, Arabic, Swahili and Bengali, and fur- ther translations into many other languages are progressing quickly. The 13
  9. 9. 14
  10. 10. purpose of this is to distribute all these books throughout the world in order to inform all people of the existence of God, the beauty of the moral teachings of the Qur’an, the existence of the hereafter and the lie of Darwinism. Harun Yahya, who has written his works in order to spread the mes- sage of the Qur’an to the whole world and to encourage people to think about matters of faith, such as the existence of God and His Oneness, aims to make them easily accessible to everyone. With this purpose in mind, Internet sites have been opened that render a great service to thou- sands of people every day. On these sites, the more than 170 books writ- ten by Harun Yahya, complete with their full texts and illustrations, are available free of charge to Internet users, in addition to documentaries and audio narrations. This is a service rarely found on the Internet. Other book promotion sites introduce the works by giving a short summary or by listing the main headings. Except under exceptional circumstances, the whole text is provided at no cost. However, the Harun Yahya Internet site intends that everyone who wants to access all his works should be able to do so easily, and at absolutely no charge. The purpose of this book is to inform people of the effect that Harun Yahya’s works, from his books to the documentary films based on them, have had throughout the world. The book, which includes the Internet pages of those Islamic organizations, scientific institutions and various universities where you can find Harun Yahya’s works, and reviews written by various scholars or the directors of various leading organizations and institutions, together with an account of the reactions from the fairs and conferences that have presented the author’s works covers only a limited amount of material. Indeed, the scale of these reactions has been far greater than might have been expected. 15
  11. 11. Pakistan, Syed Irfan Ahmed "BOOKS BY HARUN YAHYA ARE BASICALLY A MEANS OF BRINGING THE MESSAGE OF QURAN THROUGH SCIENTIFIC METHODS" T he way today’s society is declining is felt by every compassion- ate and sensible person. Due to this moral decline the social peace is ruined and it brings a direct impact on the social stability. Every wise person thinks and tries to improve this situation. The books by Harun Yahya which I have read (For Men of Understanding, Perished Nations,The Truth of the Life of This World, Evolution Deceit) reveal that he is a person who has the compassion for this nation. Books by Harun Yahya are basically a means of bringing the message of Quran through scientific methods. The word Islam is derived from "Salama" which means peace and through Quran the education of peace is being given to the whole human- ity. The matter of Harun Yahya’s books revolve around these basic teach- ings. In my opinion the books of Harun Yahya are a means of improving the character and morality in the society and a source of bringing peace. In any society it is the duty of every re- sponsible citizen to improve the character and morality of the people. The books by Harun Yahya are a big step in connection with the service of the nation and country. As a journalist these are some of my com- ments on the books by Harun Yahya... Syed Irfan Ahmed Ass›stant Ed›tor Monthly Hamdard-e-Sehat 18
  12. 12. God commands justice and doing good and giving to relatives. And He forbids indecency and doing wrong and tyranny. He warns you so that hopefully you will pay heed. (Qur'an, 16:90) 19
  13. 13. It is He who made the sea subservient to you so that you can eat fresh flesh from it and bring out from it ornaments to wear. And you see the ships cleaving through it so that you can seek His bounty, and so that hopefully you will show thanks. (Qur'an, 16:14) 20
  14. 14. USA, Dr. Ahmad H. Sakr "I SHOWED SOME OF HARUN YAHYA'S WRITINGS TO MANY UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS AND STUDENTS IN USA, THEY WERE VERY MUCH IMPRESSED" A s a professor of biological sciences, and a scholar who was trained all my life at the American University in Beirut, and then from the University of Illinois, USA, I was fascinated and very much impressed with the writings of Professor Harun Yahya. The number of books and videos that he has written and translated is beyond imagination. I wish to congratulate Turkey and the people of Turkey for having a pro- fessor and a scholar like Dr. Harun Yahya. Moreover, I wish to congratulate the government of Turkey for having a professor of this nature. If Turkey wishes to be recognized internationally, his name should be submitted for the King of Faisal Award, and to the committee of Nobel Prize winners. He deserves to be appreciated for his contributions in the field of bi- ological sciences. In so doing, Turkey will be among the leading countries in having some of its scholars being in the front lines internationally. I, as an American citizen, who have al- ready published 52 books and booklets, am so much impressed with his writings. I also showed some of his writings to many univer- sity professors and students in USA. They were very much impressed, and they want the rest of his writings to be distributed worldwide. God bless Turkey and all. Ameen. Dr. Ahmad H. Sakr, Ph. D. Pres›dent of the Foundat›on For Islam›c Knowledge 21
  15. 15. India, Saniyasnain Khan "HARUN YAHYA TAKES US ON A REMARKABLE TRIP THROUGH THE SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS AND ON THE EARTH" O f the books by Harun Yahya which I have read "For Men of Understanding", "Allah is Known Through Reason" and "The Truth of the Life of this World" stand out as powerful treaties on the proofs of God in the Universe. Harun Yahya’s scholarship proves fasci- nating and his style of writing infinitely readable. His books have a great impact because of the clarity and logic with which they make their appeal. Quoting the verses of Quran and sources as diverse as Bertrand Russell and Lenin, Harun Yahya takes us on a remarkable trip through the signs in the heavens and on the earth. The author’s approach to Quranic wisdom is scientific. One of the remarkable aspects of his writings is his copious illustration of Quranic teachings with examples which are scien- tifically verifiable facts of nature. 22
  16. 16. It is one of the ironies of life that man may observe nature right from his birth, but he sel- dom experiences a sense of awe in contemplat- ing it. Though even the tiniest example in nature is enough to testify to the greatness of God, people often remain unaware of this. Harun Yahya’s books, such as "The Miracle of Ant", "The Miracle of the Spider", etc. perform a great service both to the unenlightened and to the cause of religion by bringing out this reality in an excellent, easily comprehensible and con- vincing manner. Allah is Known Through Reason is one of the books by Harun The author deftly presents facts upon Yahya that leads people to pon - fact, until we reach the conclusion that one of der the proofs of God's existence. the greatest and most essential of human ob- jectives is to recognize and interpret the nu- merous signs of Allah scattered not only throughout the entire universe, but also within our own selves. He writes about this subject in such a compelling way-the text also en- livened with beautiful pictures-that the whole idea comes alive, leaving a lasting impression on the reader’s mind. The reader, induced to think deeply about the hidden truths of nature, ultimately experiences an in- crease in his or her faith. We pray that God may reward him for all the good works that he is doing and give him good health and a long life. And, God willing, may his pen never run dry. San›yasna›n Khan D›rector, The Islam›c Center Al-R›sala 23
  17. 17. Argentina, Abu Dharr Manzolillo "HARUN YAHYA'S EVOLUTION DECEIT IS THE SCIENTIFIC, INTELLECTUAL AND ACADEMIC DEATH BLOW TO CHARLES DARWIN'S THEORY OF EVOLUTION" The Evolution Deceit demonstrates with evidence that the idea of evolution is a materialist dogma. It has been translated into many languages. H arun Yahya’s Evolution Deceit is the scientific, intellec- tual and academic death blow to Charles Darwin’s the- ory of evolution, a theory which has been largely discredited by scientific advances in the fields of physics, chemistry and genet- ics, among others. The book is thoroughly researched and solidly scientific As Harun Yahya explains, the theory of evolution does not limit it- self to the field of biology; rather, it has socio-political, economic, religious, scientific, and ethical repercussions and effects [in] all spheres of life. The author explains that the objective of evolution- ism is to destroy the belief in God, the Creator, in accordance with the agenda of materialist atheists. Evolution Deceit is particularly important as it exposes the hidden agenda of the evolutionists. It becomes evident that as a thesis, as a philosophy, but most of all as an ideology, the theory of evolution is intrinsically evil. 24
  18. 18. Until the publication of Evolution Deceit, the theory of evolu- tion was often challenged on moral, ethical, and religious grounds based on theological speculation. This contributed to the impres- sion that evolutionism was a "scientific fact" well above "religious myths" which were the object of ridicule. Harun Yahya’s work, however, gives a fatal blow to evolutionism, exposing its falsehood on the basis of science. It becomes evident that evolutionism is nothing more than an atheistic dogma with no scientific basis whatsoever. As a result of Harun Yahya’s extensive research, the myth of evolution crumbles to the ground in utter ruin. Using the same unquestionable scientific rigor he used to discredit evolu- tionism, the author demonstrates that Almighty God, Allah, cre- ated everything, which exists. Abu Dharr Manzol›llo Freelance Journal›st and Ed›tor 25
  19. 19. Canada, Meer Sahib "THE BOOK IS FILLED WITH AMAZING FACTS AND LOGICAL EXPLANATIONS AND ATTRACTIVE PICTURES, WRITTEN IN A LANGUAGE THAT IS NOT CONFUSING BUT COMFORTING AND SATIATING" I had heard about Harun Yahya for quite some time, but it was only a few months ago I came to realize the greatness and painstaking scholarship of this marvelous writer, when the Imam of the Islamic Center, Sheikh Hamid Abu Malek Slimi, gave me a copy of his book "The Evolution Deceit" as a gift. The Imam whetted my curiosity saying "when you start reading this book, you wouldn’t put it away until you had finished reading it in its entirety". It transpired that the Imam is an ardent reader of Harun’s works and said that Harun’s books would make the Muslim youth growing up in the West, proud to be Muslims. After I finished reading the book, I reminisced the days of my youth with much sadness, as I had spent many years wondering if in fact God existed. I had searched for an answer in other religions as well, especially Christianity, 26
  20. 20. Hinduism and Buddhism, but this jour- ney brought me no enlightenment, until one day during my math class at the University of Kyoto, Japan, the Theory of Chances was explained and it was as if an electric bulb lit up in my brains... I would rather let the anxious reader imbibe the nectar of this book, which explains far more eloquently than I could, in scientific and logical terms to the enquiring mind, that, without an iota of doubt, God Almighty exists. Today, no one has to go through the agonizing Another striking book by Harun times I went through, trying to get a logi- Yahya on the proofs of God's exis - tence and the quandaries facing the cal, scientific answer to my troubling theory of evolution. quest. The book is filled with amazing facts and logical explanations and attrac- tive pictures, written in a language that is not confusing but comforting and satiat- ing. What’s more, several other master pieces have also taken wings through the pens of Yahya, enriching the modern knowledgebase of Muslims and filling young minds with a treasure trove of in- formation on Science, Islam and many other subjects. Meer Sah›b D›rector, Canad›an All›ance Party Former V›ce Cha›rman and Member of the Board of D›rectors of London Musl›m Mosque, Canada 27
  21. 21. USA, Lezia Hill-Harris "HARUN YAHYA'S BOOKS MAKE MANKIND REFLECT ON THE WORDS OF THE GOD" I In the Qur’an, it teaches the believers to call to Islam with wis- dom and fair preaching, to call others to worship The Living god and not to ascribe partners in worship with Him. Harun’s books clearly does this. He uses The Qur’an and Science to reach the people’s intellect, to make them ponder and reflect on the verses of The Qur’an. I have come across only a few books of this magnitude, which reach the heart as well as the intellect. Not just by words only, but giving a visual effect. Many of us read but cannot envision or imagine what we read. But when you have pictures along with the words, it reaches the heart as well as the mind. The God tells mankind in innumerous verses, to look at the sun, the moon, the earth, animals and even ourselves, for there are signs in all of these things for those who reflect and ponder. So, Harun is clearly doing that which The God commands. 28
  22. 22. Books by Harun Yahya encourage people to consider the miracles of creation, from the smallest matter on earth to the perfect systems in our bodies. In my opinion, Harun’s books make mankind reflect on the words of The God. Reflect on His Greatness and Omnipotence. That which science tries to explain away, Harun uses to show that One with complete Knowledge and Wisdom creates all that exists. The All Knowing, The All Wise, The All Powerful, All Seeing, All Hearing Lord and Creator. May The God continually bless and enrich Harun Yahya in his work. May The God grant him the best in this world, in his grave, and in the hereafter. He is truly one who calls to the worship of The God. Mrs. Lez›a H›ll-Harr›s Know›ng The Creator Non-prof›t Publ›cat›ons Owner/Publ›sher 29
  23. 23. Albania, Ramiz Zekaj "NEW BOOKS [BY HARUN YAHYA] ENRICH AIITC LIBRARY" (Albanian Institute of Islamic Thought & Civilisation) L ast times a lot of valuable books from different fields of life and science have enriched the fund of books of AIITC and among them the books of the well-known writer Harun Yahya in English and Turkish. These books are scientific approach to Islam les- sons. Who can read this literature will notice that the author’s out- looks are well based in special surveys, experiments and analysis, result of his long term studies in the respective fields. The books are recently published, 99-2000. Many illustration help to assimilate the problems handled in the books and rise up their func- tional side. 30
  24. 24. The content of the books: DEEP THINKING, THE MIRACLE IN THE ANT, PERISHED NATIONS, NEVER PLEAD IGNORANCE etc, have attracted the attention of Albanian readers that evaluate the seriousness of the sci- entific based interpretations of Harun Yahya. For AIITC opinion Islam library thanks to these books enters the new millennium with a special treasure of modern-scientific literature. In this oc- casion AIITC thanks all those persons that have contributed for making this possible and also wishes to the au- thor long life and further successes in his scientific work. Dr. Ram›z Zekaj General D›rector, Alban›an Inst›tute of Islam››c Thought & C›v›l›sat›on (AIITC) 31
  25. 25. "In the creation of the heavens and earth, and the alterna- tion of the night and day, and the ships which sail the seas to people's benefit, and the water which God sends down from the sky – by which He brings the earth to life when it was dead and scatters about in it creatures of every kind – and the varying direction of the winds, and the clouds sub- servient between heaven and earth, there are Signs for peo- ple who use their intellect." (Qur'an, 2:164) 32
  26. 26. Canada, Qasem Mahmud "MR. YAHYA IS QUOTING QURANIC STATEMENTS AND DRAWING THE ATTENTION OF THE READER TO THE FACTS EMBEDDED IN THESE STATEMENTS TO PROVE THE TRUTHFULNESS OF GOD'S MESSAGE, ISLAM" I have read Mr.Harun Yahya’s books: "Evolution Deceit", "Perished Nations", "The Truth of the Life of this World", "Ever Thought about the Truth", and "The Basic Concepts in the Qur’an". I found these books in compliance with Islam’s teaching. Mr. Yahya is quoting Quranic statements and drawing the attention of the reader to the facts embedded in these statements to prove the truth- fulness of God’s message, Islam. I expect this writer to be recognized and honored by the Turkish government for his fine work. You ought to be proud of this writer. Canadian Muslims are proud. Qasem Mahmud, P. Eng. Cha›rman of Islam›c Schools Federat›on of Ontar›o 33
  27. 27. Poland, Farhat Khan "THIS BOOK IS ONE OF THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF MUSLIM UNDERSTANDING OF DEATH, RESURRECTION AND HELL" P oland is one the biggest catholic coun- try in the heart of Central and Eastern Europe. It has also one of the oldest Muslim minority within its border. But the 600 — years old tradition of coexistence of Muslims and Non-Muslims still does not bring the mutual under- standing of each others. People do not know much about Islamic values and standards and they are afraid, due to stereotypes, of The Polish edition of Death Muslim values. Therefore we, Resurrection Hell gives a clear in - sight into these issues. Polish Muslims, have established in 1990 an association which main goal is to bring better understanding of each ones’ values and ideas and also to bring peace between the followers of different religions and culture. In our opinion knowledge is the best protection of the peace. Harun Yahya’s effort on this protection is one of the most recognized in our time. I am writing you on behalf of Polish Muslim Circle. For last 5 years we had been organizing open lectures on different Islamic topics. What we found is that the most interesting issue for the people here is the question of death, resurrection and hell. 34
  28. 28. We started to look for the best Muslim analyses on these topics. And this is how we found on internet Harun Yahya’s book on Death Resurrection and Hell. After analyzing different authors and titles we de- cided to translated the book of Harun Yahya as the best choice. In our opinion this book is one of the best description of Muslim un- derstanding of death, resurrection and hell. The inner strength of the book and clearness of the text was recognized by several Polish intellec- tuals who decided to translate other Harun Yahya’s books on Islamic top- ics. We hope that one day the Author could visit Poland and meet the people who are living and work- ing here. We wish him the best in this life and hereafter, and we ask Allah to protect him from all kinds of fitna. Farhat Khan Secretary General of Pol›sh Musl›m C›rcle 35
  29. 29. USA, Nabil Elibiary "I USE THESE BOOKS IN INVITING AMERICANS IN UNIVERSITIES AND HIGH SCHOOLS TO ISLAM" I am frequently invited to speak about Islam in schools, churches, in Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, I am usually faced with questions about views of Islam on evolution, creation, women, morality, marriage, and some other subjects. I do my best in answering these questions but those who ask wanted something in writing to explain the subjects in more details. I kept searching the Internet for good books and finally found the books of Harun Yahya. The books are directed to the exact points of interest of the new generations. This analysis is logic and is supported with ample scientific evi- dences. Since then, I am giving his books free to the students who asked the most intelligent questions. Please find below my assessment about the books below authored by Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar). I use these books in inviting Americans in Universities and High Schools to Islam. 1. The books are great scien- tific analysis that explains most in- volved concepts in a simple, easy to understand progression. 2. The books are presented in a high quality of finish, colours, graphics and pictures. They proved to be very attrac- tive and effective. 3. The main themes in the Books are: a. The existence and unity of Allah 36
  30. 30. b. Evidences of creation and metaphysical issues c. Moral obligations of believers in accordance with the Qur’anic verses Books that I used so far: 1. PERISHED NATIONS The Truth of the Life of 2. THE TRUTH OF THE LIFE OF THIS WORLD This World explains with 3. EVOLUTION DECEIT concrete examples that the real abode of man is the eternal life of the Nab›l El›b›ary hereafter, and that the Sp›r›tual Leader of Islam›c life of this world is but Assoc›at›on of Carrollton only temporary. 37
  31. 31. Portugal, Yiossuf Mohamed Adamgy "THE WRITER IN THESE BOOKS ADHERES TO A PRINCIPLE OF THE HOLY QUR'AN, WHICH IS OBLIGATORY FOR ALL MUSLIMS ON THE WORLD" R eport on the Religious-Scientific Value of the Following Books of HARUN YAHYA: - Perished Nations - Evolution Deceit - The Basic Concepts in the Qur’an - For Men of Understanding - Never Plead Ignorance As the names suggest, these books bear a high intellectual value written with a responsibility felt towards the society arising from the disbelief, anti-rational understanding of Religion, and the general moral degenera- tion existing in the actual society, everywhere. Also, in these books, in my point of view, there is nothing contrary to the general Islamic understanding, otherwise, the writer in these books adheres to a prin- ciple of the Holy Qur’an, which is obligatory for all Muslims on the World. Finally, I want to declare here that I have just published, in Portugal, the Portuguese version of the book of Harun Yahya entitled "Perished Nations". M. Y›ossuf Mohamed (Adamgy) D›rector and Ed›tor of Al Furqán Ex-Prof. of Islam›c H›story ›n Darul 'Uloom of AEIP – Assoc›ação para Educação Islãm›ca em Portugal 38
  32. 32. United Kingdom, Owen Alik Shahadah "PERISHED NATIONS IS A HAUNTINGLY BRILLIANT ELUCIDATION OF THE HISTORICAL LESSONS AVAILABLE TO TODAY'S SOCIETIES" P erished Nations is a hautingly brilliant elucidation of the his- torical lessons available to today’s societies. This work doc- uments the evidence of the recurring fate of ungodly societies, whose moral and religious degradation, led to their complete destruction. This well researched piece of work by "Harun Yahya" is brought to life in yet an- other thrilling "audiomentary" by Halaqah Media. The talented pen of Mr. Yahya and the production genius of Halaqah Media have taken Perished Nations into new dimen- sions. Owen Al›k Shahadah Halaqah Med›a 39
  33. 33. Australia, Moussa Chahine "HARUN YAHYA'S VALUABLE WORKS LEFT A PERMANENT PREDOMINANCE ON THE MINDS OF THOSE STUDYING THE ORIGINS OF LIFE" I would like to take this opportunity to express my own humble, unqualified views on how I personally feel about the excellent works written by brother Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya). The books I have studied, and the arti- cles which I have read over the internet are a valuable source of treasure for those seek- ing the truth. The rich information which he has produced regarding Evolution, con- vincingly and without a doubt clarifies that the theory of Darwin is a totally refutable and unacceptable. The research which the author has compiled on the Miracles of the Holy Quran and the wonders of the universe, are mesmerizing and impressive for those who are pursuing answers to their questions, enabling them prox- imity to Allah (SWT). 40
  34. 34. May Allah (SWT) grant you success in this world and the here- after for your services in the propa- gation of this great religion of Islam. I pray to Allah (SWT) and sin- cerely hope that all the writings of Harun Yahya become available in English in the near future, for I truly believe that his methodology of lit- erature is captivating to the reader, and useful for Muslims and non- Muslims alike. From my own encounters with those living in Western soci- This book by Harun Yahya illustrates how eties, his valuable works have some modern scientific discoveries were in - transformed peoples way of think- dicated in the Qur'an, which was revealed 1,400 years ago. ing, leaving a permanent predomi- nance on the minds of those studying the origins of life. In conclusion I pray to Allah (SWT) that you attain success in your en- deavours in disseminating the truth. "They Desire to put out the light of Allah with their Mouths, but Allah will perfect his light, though the unbelievers may be averse" (Holy Qur’an — Chap 61:8) "And Say: The Truth has come and falsehood has vanished, surely falsehood is a vanishing (thing)" (Holy Qur’an: Chap 17:81) Moussa Chah›ne Al Zahra Musl›m Assoc›at›on 41
  35. 35. USA, Abdul Hadi Bazurto "THE WAY HARUN YAHYA HAS APPROACH THE TOPIC OF EVOLUTIONISM, MAKES IT A VALUABLE SOURCE FOR LEARNING" H arun Yahya has done a great contribution to the advance- ment of Islam through his many writings. The book "Evolution Deceit" (EL ENGANO DEL EVOLUCIONISMO) is unique, at least in the Spanish language. The way our brother Harun Yahya has approach the topic of evoluti- onism, makes it a valuable resource for learning. The use of graphics and science to debate and topple old-atheistic- misconceptions regarding the creation of humanity is of great importan- ce to us as a community. We, the Latino community, are looking towards Islam and the Islamic world-view to find solutions to our problems, whether social, moral, political, scientific, economical or religious. This book, because of its contents and its structu- re, can have a great appeal to a vast number of the Lati- no population, from the scholar to the common person. We hope and pray that Allah gives our brot- her Harun Yahya a long 42
  36. 36. and fruitful life so T h e S p a n i s h e d i t i o n o f The that he can keep E v o l u t i o n D e c e i t , which producing such has elicited a huge re - unique pieces of sponse in all the countries it has been published in. literature; and that we are able to keep up with the translations of every single one of them. We hope to distribute the works of this prolific writer in the American continent for the advance- ment of Islam in this part of the world, which is desperate and hungry for Islamic knowledge. Abdul Had› Bazurto Pres›dent, LAMU - Lat›n Amer›can Musl›m Com- mun›ty 43
  37. 37. United Kingdom, Mona Abdul Haq "HARUN YAHYA'S BOOKS ARE REFRESHING TO READ" SUBJECT: Overview of the following books by Harun Yah- ya: Perished Nations The Evolution Deceit The Truth of the Life of this World For Men of Understanding When the first book by Harun Yahya was published in the UK, it was read avidly by a wide readership, who excitedly anticipated the re- lease of the subsequent books published by Taha Publishers. Their popularity is surely due to the fact that within the framework of Islam they address many subjects: archaeology, biology, chemistry, natural history, paleontology and sociology are but a few. They are ref- reshing to read, in that the author has cleverly managed to escape the narrow confines of modern religious expression. In other words, the bo- oks reflect the fact that Islam does in fact talk about all subjects, both "worldly" and "spiritual". In the past, the Muslim World flourished on account of this unders- tanding, and made great leaps in the fields of scientific discovery, medi- cine, astronomy, engineering, etc. They were spurred on by religious conviction and the commandment to seek knowledge. Harun Yahya has succeeded in putting the love of the Creator and an appreciation of the created world back into the sciences, as the star- ting point for any field of endeavor. As such, his books help to inject new energy into the pursuit of knowledge, to carry forward all branches of learning into the 21st century. 44
  38. 38. This is not only a source of pride, but equally a source of enco- uragement to the younger generation. I can honestly say that I have found in these books nothing inf- lammatory or opposed to the common good. However, to claim that they are perfect would be a foolish assertion. The only book in the history of the world that contains no errors is the Qur’an itself. As for the books by Harun Yahya, what is clearly manifest is the aut- hor’s intention, which is simply to highlight the wisdom and advice of the Qur’an and draw attention to certain undisputed facts, such as the existence of Allah, the tran- sitory nature of creation, life and death, the secrets of the past and mechanisms of nature. Mona Abdul Haq D›rector, Saracen Press 45
  39. 39. USA, M. A. M. Chida "HARUN YAHYA'S BOOKS ARE A GREAT CONTRIBUTION TOWARDS THE WELL-BEING OF NOT ONLY THE MUSLIMS BUT THE WORLD IN GENERAL" W e are one of the largest mail-order and in-house book- stores selling books on Islam and the Muslim World both retail and wholesale in the United States. We carry books by the Turkish writer Harun Yahya. These books are in great demand by Muslims as well as non-Muslims here. The author has very graphically illustrated the passing nature of this world and drawn the attention of his readers towards living a moral life. His books focus on scientific facts and the essence of Qur’anic values. His books are a great contribution towards the well-being of not only the Muslims but the world in general. The Turkish people are very fortunate to have a great author like him. S›ncerely, M. A. M. Ch›da Pres›dent Halalco Books 46
  40. 40. Those who believe and do right actions and keep up prayer and pay the welfare tax, will have their reward with their Lord. They will feel no fear and will know no sorrow. (Qur'an, 2:277) 47
  41. 41. USA, Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi "I AM PLEASED TO RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO ALL INTELLECTUALS" I have read Harun Yahya’s book The Evolution Deceit: The Scientific Collapse of Darwinism and its Ideological Background published by Okur Publications 1999. The author has very ably shown the sci- entific flaws in the evolutionary theory. The book is clear and thought provoking. It is writ- ten in a passionate yet academic style. This book is excellent not only in present- ing the Islamic viewpoint on evolution, but it could also be very useful for the people of all faiths who have a common creationist perspec- Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqui with George W. Bush at the Prayer tive with Muslims. Ceremony held on November 11, 2001, in the wake of the terrorist attacks on two of the largest cities in the USA. I am deeply impressed by the content as well as the production of this work. I am ple- ased to recommend this book to all intellec- tuals. Dr. Muzamm›l H.S›dd›q› Pres›dent, The Islam›c Soc›ety of North Amer›ca (ISNA) Adjunct Professor of Islam›c Stud›es and World Rel›g›ons At Cal›forn›a State Un›vers›ty, Fullerton, USA 48
  42. 42. Australia, Murat Selek "HARUN YAHYA'S BOOKS HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO BE MOST USEFUL IN OUR WORK IN PROPAGATING ISLAM TO NON-MUSLIMS" T he Muslims of Australia have benefited greatly from the books of Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya). His books represent some of the most well researched and academically sound investigations and refuta- tions of Darwinian theory available, and have proven to be most useful in our work in propagating Islam to non-Muslims. On behalf of all the Muslims who have benefited from his writings we ask that you consider his impressive contribution to Islam and the refuta- tion of false ideologies and man made theories. Murat Selek Islam›c Informat›on & Serv›ces Network of Austral›a 49
  43. 43. It is He who stretched out the earth and placed firmly embedded mountains and rivers in it and made two types of every kind of fruit. He covers over day with night. There are Signs in that for people who reflect. (Qur'an, 13:3) 50
  44. 44. United Kingdom, Shamshad M. Khan "MANY OF HARUN YAHYA'S BOOKS ARE WORTHY OF PUBLISHERS AWARD" S ubstance and presentation superimposed by colorful illustra- tions presenting old problems with modern scientific approach that is convincing to the Muslims as well as open minded non-Muslims. That is Harun Yahya. Many of his books are worthy of publishers award and are received with enthusiasm and eagerness by the youth. May Allah (S.W.T.) bless him and reward him most abundantly for his services to the cause of Islam. Shamshad M. Khan IPCI – Islam›c Propagat›on Centre Internat›onal
  45. 45. Yugoslavia, Miroljub Petrovic "WHEN I SAW BOOKS AND VIDEOS BY HARUN YAHYA, I DECIDED THAT IN FUTURE I WILL WORK JUST ON MATERIALS BY HARUN YAHYA" M y short impression related books and videos by Harun Yahya is: For several years I worked with most prominent scientific organ- izations which are working in affirmation concept of creation and was working in publishing their books and videos in Yugoslavia. But, when I saw books and videos by Harun Yahya, I decided that in future I will work just on materials by Harun Yahya. These materials are something most fascinating what I saw and I think that it is not possible explain to some person how fascinating they are. The person must see these books and videos, and then he can feel what I feel. M›roljub Petrov›c, B.Sc.Geology Pres›dent of Center for Natural Stud›es 52
  46. 46. United Kingdom, Afsar Siddiqui "HARUN YAHYA HAS BECOME A HOUSEHOLD NAME IN THE UK" After Perished Nations ran to four editions in the UK in only years, Ta-Ha Publishers expanded their range of Harun Yahya books. W ith the publication of just four books in the English lan- guage, Harun Yahya has become a household name in the U.K. The exceptional quality of research, content and style are as- tounding, and a pleasure to read. Their success lies surely in that they appeal to people at all levels — those with knowledge and those with- out, the academic and layperson, the young and the old. It is to be hoped that these unique books will gain universal appeal and make a significant contribution to international relations and under- standing in all spheres of life. Afsar S›dd›qu› TA-HA Publ›shers Ltd. 53
  47. 47. Tatarstan, Gousman Iskhakov "WE HAVE COUNTED IT VERY IMPORTANT AND NECESSARY TO MAKE THESE BOOKS ACCESSIBLE TO ALL READERS IN TATARSTAN" I have honour to express sincere gratitude for your practical at- tention to our Muslims in Tatarstan and also, I hope for our suc- cessful co-operation in the edition of Harun Yahya’s books. We have counted it very important and necessary to make these books accessible to all readers in Tatarstan. With the purpose of fast realisation of its translation on both in Tatar and Russian language and to make its edition in our publishing house, we offer to you to send them by our e-mail. Gousman Iskhakov, Mufty, Cha›rman, Musl›m Rel›g›ous Board of the Republ›c of Tatarstan 54
  48. 48. United Kingdom, Gai Eaton "THIS IS PROBABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT BOOK PUBLISHED BY ANY ISLAMIC PUBLISHER FOR MANY YEARS" I have now had the opportunity to look through"The Evolution Deceit". Without having had the time to read the book from cover to cover, I can see that this is probably the most important book published by any Islamic Publisher for many years. I am not sure how far our fellow Muslims understand the threat which evolutionary theory poses to religious faith, but this theory has done more than anything else to destroy belief in God among Westerners. I think that many educated Muslims simply take the theory for granted without fully considering its implications. What the author of this marvellous book has done is to bring together, in a very readable way, all the latest evidence (often derived from evolutionary scientists) which undermines the whole theory. I should be grateful for a review copy. I shall in any case have to purchase two or three more copies for friends. I have for example a friend living in Cairo, an English Muslim of my age who nominally accepted Islam many years ago, but who told me recently in a letter that he cannot really "believe" because he ac- cepts totally the theory of evolution and cannot reconcile this with the faith of Islam. It has seemed almost like a small miracle that "The Evolution Deceit" has turned up at this very moment. I congratulate you warmly on having published the book. In fact I feel that I owe you a debt of thanks for doing so. Ga› Eaton, Former Br›t›sh D›plomat Pres›dent of The London Central Mosque Trust & The Islam›c Cultural Centre 55
  49. 49. USA, Ali-Salaam Mahmoud "YOUR PUBLICATIONS SHOULD BE AN INTEGRAL PART OF ISLAMIC CURRICULUMS AT ALL LEVELS OF EDUCATION" M ay Allah subhana wata ala continue to bless you with good health, long life and wisdom so that you may continue the very important work that He, the Almighty, Sublime has commissioned in your heart. Your scholarly approach and excellent writings are beneficial for our or- ganizations outreach work. They are also most enjoyed by children of all ages. Please, let us know whenever new material becomes available of if you have prepared any deen intensives on your work. One of the most wonderful aspects to the material produced by your organization is its presentation of scientific facts of the Qur’an; and the historical contributions of Islamic personalities. I sincerely believe that your publications should be an integral part of Islamic curriculums at all levels of education. May ALLAH, Al Hadi continue to guide you and bless you. Al›-Salaam Mahmoud Execut›ve D›rector The Inst›tute of Serv›ce Leadersh›p and Management 56
  50. 50. Malaysia, Hajjah Liza Angela Milo Abdullah "HARUN YAHYA BOOKS SHOULD BE READ BY ALL" I find that Harun Yahya writes very intelligently. An idea is brought forward, researched, explained, then the master- stroke of combining it all with the Qur’an. The book Perished Nations carries forward a torch full of light; we are shown our past so that we do not make the same mistakes in the future. Everybody seeks knowledge, irrespective of his religious back- ground. Due to this, Harun Yahya books should be read by all. Hajjah L›za Angela M›lo Abdullah Manag›ng D›rector Mal›ta Jaya Publ›sh›ng House 57
  51. 51. USA, Yusuf Estes "HARUN YAHYA HAS PROVIDED THE WORLD WITH THE WINDOW INTO THE REALITY OF EXISTENCE, LIFE AND OUR PURPOSE FOR BEING IN THIS UNIVERSE." A fter reading many of the books produced by Harun Yah- ya, I have been encouraging my students and the scho- lars of Islam around the world to take a closer look at these remarkable works. There is no doubt in my mind that these are the very tools ne- eded to bring the people at large around to the correct way of thinking. If anyone could read the material presented in such a clear and concise manner and then reflect upon it seriously, they would have to conclude that the evidences provided leave no room for dispute of any kind. I use many of the evidences provi- ded by Harun Yah- ya’s books within my lectures, semi- nars and classes around the world. Everywhere I tra- vel throughout the world, the pe- ople who have discovered and enjoyed his bo- oks have exp- ressed the very same senti- ments. By far 58
  52. 52. we can say that this work is for all humans on this planet and a very much needed source of information in these most trying times. There should be a concerted force to bring about a world wide distribution of these books in all languages, particularly English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Korean and Japanese. Harun Yahya has provided the world with the window into the re- ality of existence, life and our purpose for being in this universe. I highly applaud his efforts and the efforts of those who are working so hard to publish and distribute his works. May Allah grant guidance to all those who read these books and may Allah grant mercy to all those who as- sist in sharing it with other, ameen. Yusuf Estes Nat›onal Musl›m Chapla›n Wash›ngton DC, USA 59
  53. 53. South Africa, Ali Adam "FOR A YOUNG PERSON, READING THE WORKS OF HARUN YAHYA OPENS SEEMINGLY CLOSED DOORS" T he works of Harun Yahya are indeed a great contribution to the reshaping of thinking and understanding of the world around us. Our belief in Allah and His Oneness becomes that much more power- ful, relevant and invigorating when it is the product of a vigorous mental ex- ercise in which logic and reasoning are applied. This kind of mental effort is in compliance with exhortations found in the Holy Quraan. Man is required to think, ponder and deliberate the universe and his own existence within the universe. Islam is distinguished by the fact that we must not only be at peace with others but also with ourselves. This is the necessary effect of a Muslim’s total submission to the Will of Allah. For a young person reading the works of Harun Yahya opens seem- ingly closed doors showing that there is hope and many wonders ahead by understanding and appre- ciating the wonders of Allah’s cre- ation within and around us. Al› Adam Islam›a College Cape Town, South Afr›ca 60
  54. 54. USA, Dr. Habibuddin Ahmed "MANY OF THE WORKS OF HARUN YAHYA BRING OUT THE HIDDEN CONCEPTS OF SCIENCE IN QUR'AN" H arun Yahya has done a monumental task of conducting analy- sis of numerous Qur’anic concepts while challenging western philosophies that appear to confront them. In many instances comes out bold to challenge western writers through his logical arguments on the basis of Qur’anic concepts. The selected examples of his facing such chal- lenges are the concepts of evolution, relativity, and timelessness. In relativity and timelessness he builds numerous examples, based on Qur’anic concepts, in explaining the concepts of relativity through exam- ples of the differentiated operation periods of the entire system of material existence. He then goes on to explain that the concept of time depends on the perception of a given instance or an event. He thus goes on to accept the challange of the Qur’an to all its readers to constantly think and attempt to understand the various signs of Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala). Many of the works of Harun Yahya bring out the hidden concepts of science in Qur’an through criti- cally review signs of Allah through direct references to various cre- ations in Nature. This is what is ex- actly needed to convince the young mind in particular about the depth in which the Qur’an is brought to them. Dr. Hab›budd›n Ahmed The Islam›c Thought and Sc›ence Inst›tute Ded›cated to Academ›c Research, USA
  55. 55. Indonesia, Dr. Taufikurahman "HARUN YAHYA'S WORK IS INSPIRING OUR MIND, AWAKENING OUR SOUL." A ll praise be to Allah, the Creator of the Universe. I would like to express my sincere respect and admiration to the great work of Harun Yahya in the form of his various publications dedicated to show the Truth, not only to the Muslim world but to all people in the world. His work is inspiring our mind, awakening our soul. Harun Yahya brought scientific facts as Signs of Allah’s creation for men of under- standing. May Allah give Harun Yahya the best awards. Dr. Tauf›kurahman The Head of the Department of B›ology Inst›tut Teknolog› Bandung Indones›a 62
  56. 56. Pakistan, Wali Raazi "HARUN YAHYA IS A DIFFERENT AUTHOR WHO CAN EXERT LASTING IMPACT ON THE MINDS OF THOSE WHO ARE IN SEARCH OF TRUTH" H arun Yahya is exceptionally a great advocate of ALLAH’s signs in the Universe. His scholarly works in this area have made great im- pact in the world of science and reason. His main focus is to show that the con- cept of materialism is not only repugnant to human logic but also have no scientific grounds. Haroon Yahya, thoroughly examines the universe and what exists therein, from logical and scientific point of view and presents his argu- ments based on current scientific knowledge and irrefutably proves that the Universe has a beginning and therefore is created by ALLAH. He examines all elements of the subject and tests all possibilities with logic and science and draws highly convincing conclusions. All his works I have read are the treasure of information and an example of his powerful but simple style without any prejudices. Being a humble student of the Qur’an, I was enlightened by his writings a great deal. I have the honour of reading some of his books like "Evolution Deceit; The Creation of the Universe; Allah is Known Through Reason; For Men of Understanding." I will advise every conscientious Muslim to read his books to find that Harun Yahya is a different author who can exert lasting impact on the minds of those who are in search of truth. Muhammad Wal› Raaz› M›n›ster For Rel›g›ous Affa›rs, M›nor›t›es Affa›rs, Auqaf, Zakat and Ushr Government of S›ndh, Pak›stan 63
  57. 57. Brasil, Saidul Rahman Mahomed "READING HARUN YAHYA IS A TRAVEL UNDER ISLAMIC GUIDANCE" R eading Harun Yahya is a travel under Islamic guidance. His thoughts are very clear and concise, which make the reading delightful. We are excited to put his thoughts into Portuguese lan- guage insha’Allah. Sa›dul Rahman Mahomed Excelênc›a em Educação Empresar›al 64
  58. 58. Pakistan, Idris A. Siddiqui "HARUN YAHYA'S BOOKS CLEARLY PORTRAY THE TRUE MEANING OF ISLAM AND HOW THE ONE 'GOD' IS OUR ONLY CREATOR" S ince quite some time Islam has been facing a tremendous nega- tive impulse from all over the world. Throughout this time there had been no strong voice against all of this.. until brother Harun Yahya came. Islam needed a powerful subliminal voice to speak for itself amids all this nonsense. Harun Yahya’s works have progressed over time, his word reaches out to the rest of the world be it for Muslims or people in general. His books and vide clearly portray the true meaning of Islam and how the one "God" is our only creator. His work is balanced and speaks with a lot of proof. Harun Yahya puts a lot of research into his materials and justi- fies it with the logical presence of "God" and his miracles in our exis- tence. We wish him all the best of luck and pray for him to write and produce more successful projects so that the entire world will know that real Islam is. Idr›s A. S›dd›qu› Manag›ng D›rector Mutual Cable-TV Network 65
  59. 59. Ecuador, Juan Suquillo "THESE PUBLICATIONS HAD A GREAT IMPACT FOR THEIR IMFORMATIVE SCIENTIFIC CONTENT WRITTEN IN A CLEAR WAY FOR EVERYBODY TO UNDERSTAND" C ongratulations for the publications written under the pen of Harun Yahya. They have had a great impact for its informative scientific content written in a clear way for everybody to understand. In my opinion, the very same scenery of the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador that captivated thousands by its nature and the unique species, will Inshallah help him out to have the same recoil effect for disclaiming the Charles Darwin theory of the Evolution. This will be by the Grace of ALLAH, a step forward to establish the au- thenticity of the Qur’an and Islam. Juan Suqu›llo D›rector, Islam›c Centre OF Ecuador 66
  60. 60. Bahrain, Habib Toumi "READING THE BOOKS OF HARUN YAHYA HAS ALWAYS BEEN A SOURCE OF IMMENSE PLEASURE" R eading the books of Harun Yahya has always been a source of immense pleasure thanks to the invaluable insights he artfully and cleverly gave us into authentic Islamic values, rational thinking and gen- uine teachings. Thousands of books have been written about Islam, but few could claim to have made the impact of his books on the ideologies and thinking of thousands of people. One of the greatest merits of Harun Yahya is that he builds up his argu- ments carefully and logically, with [taking] the average reader always into consideration. He provides background information when needed, and avoids repetition and pompous expressions to keep the reader in focus. He never looses sight of the main idea and always steers away from emo- tional traps. It is the ability to generate in- terest and the keenness to respect the reader’s intelligence that help make him one of the most out- standing writers about genuine Islam and relevant Islamic themes. Please find in this missive my deep gratitude for all the highly significant books and ar- ticles. Hab›b Toum› Ass›stant Ed›tor Bahra›n Tr›bune 67
  61. 61. Pakistan, Dr. Najib-ul-Haq HARUN YAHYA HAS ADDED A NEW CHAPTER TO THE ISLAMIC LITERATURE M any people had been observing an apple falling down from a tree to the ground, however it was only Newton who had the capacity to think, discover and define the laws of gravity as result of this ob- servation. In Quraan it has been said time and again to "think" on various as- pects of His creations. However it is only few who have thought about Allah’s creations and could find His "miracles" and the proof of His exis- tence. There had been some efforts by scholars particularly the Muslim scholars in this direction but Harun Yahya has given it a new direction. I can confidently say that he has added a new chapter to the Islamic literature. Religion has always been considered in opposition to science. Even today there are many schools of thought who consider religion and science not in congruence with each other. Unfortunately some Muslim "scholars" have also fallen victim of this propaganda. However Islam is the only religion, which has considered science as part and parcel of its belief. Religion has been ex- pressed, propagated and advocated by Muslim scholars in different ways. However there had been little effort in explaining religion in light of the cre-
  62. 62. ations of Allah, be it living or non-living. In Quraan it has been said time and again to "think" and "ponder" on various aspects of the universe. When I read and study various writings of Harun Yahya the basis ap- pears to be one word of the Holy Quraan i.e. "Yathafakkaroon" which has been repeated more than a dozen times and means -- "think". His writings are so appealing thought provoking that one is compelled to start thinking about his creator and the creator of the universe. It also makes you think about the reason of creation of human beings and the universe. It clarifies that scien- tific discoveries are revealing more and more "proofs" of the Truth of Islam. There is nothing in science which is contradictory to Islam. In fact every new scientific understanding is revealing the secrets of the "creations" of Allah and thus is a source of strength for our "belief". The books of Harun Yahya cover a wide variety of subjects. On one hand it makes you ponder on the miracles in human body (like "miracles in Immune system" and "miracles in the eye") while the other he makes you think about the harmony and secrets in Universe (like "creation of the uni- verse" and "miracles in the atom"). He has very effectively challenged all aspects of "Darwinism" and has undoubtedly thrashed his theory of evolution with reasons and facts, also ex- posing the forgery committed by the "scholars" propagating Darwinism. He is a writer, who has looked at Islam from a new angle and expressed it very effectively based on scientific evidence and reasons. In medical liter- ature we have "evidence based medicine". Harun Yahya has exactly done the same and produced "evidence based Islam". The evidence has been gathered and produced from "nature" and the everlasting laws, which are operating in nature since Allah created it. May Allah give him the reward of his efforts on "The Day After". Our duty is, to at least study and strengthening his thoughts by propagating and supporting this new addition to the Muslim literature. Naj›b ul Haq Professor of Med›c›ne Khyber Med›cal College Peshawar Pak›stan 69
  63. 63. Malaysia, Dr. Mohammad Arif Kasmo "HARON YAHYA'S WORKS ARE WELL-READ THROUGH THE WORLD AND MANY PEOPLE ARE MOVED AND HAVE 'SURRENDERED TO THE WILL OF GOD'" T he world is in the midst of crisis. Human beings are facing multitude of crisis because of their rejection of God and His system. The world- wide socio-economic and environment problems, moral degradation and spiri- tual crisis are some of the manifestations of the rejection. Ever since science detached itself from the Islamic root and follow the agnostic and atheistic sys- tem of the West, it created more problems than benefit. Science with the west- ern perspectives strengthened the ancient Greek doctrine of materialism which led to the formulation of various atheistic philosophies. Human beings were misled into following these philosophies such as utilitarianism, hedonism, indi- vidualism, fascism and many others which trapped the people into the endless problems and miseries. Is there any glimpse of hope that humanity could be saved from the oblivion? Yes if human being accepts God and His system. Haron Yahya’s works have contributed to this glimpse of hope for the sal- vation of humanity. Haron’s works are well-read through the world and many people are moved and have "surrendered to the will of God". The books on sci- ence and the Quran and other related topics written by Haron have demolished the notion that empiricism is the only trustworthy and believable source of knowledge. The Qur’an which ever since its revelation has "mesmerized" multi- tude of people, such as al-Walid bin Mughairah, the Arabian noble laureate, and Omar Khattab, for its language, eloquence, and yet again at this modern age, the Qur’an has shown its miracles in terms of science. Haron’s work in this topic is very much commendable and should be read by those who aspire to know Islam and its teaching. Dr. Mohamad Ar›f Kasmo The Center for General Study, Un›vers›ty Kebangsaan Malays›a 70
  64. 64. Russia, Dr. Maksut Sadikov "HARUN YAHYA'S BOOKS MAKE UP A RICH AND BENEFICIAL INFORMATION SOURCE FOR UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS" H arun Yahya, the well known scientific writer from Turkey, is the scholar who has waged the most effective scientific war against the lie of evolution over the last decade. With scientific facts and sound evi- dence, the author clearly exposes the lie of evolution, which lacks any scien- tific proof, and shows the clear signs and might of God the Almighty, the Lord of all the worlds, known and unknown to man. With their easygoing and fluent style, Harun Yahya’s books that have been translated into Russian are easily understandable by both scholars and lay readers. They are therefore very popular among Russian people. These books further constitute a rich and beneficial source of information for university and high school students. It will be a great success for the fu- ture if these books are included in the educational curricula of schools and academic institu- tions. Maksut Sad›kov Consultant to the Min›ster Doctor of Ph›losoph›cal Sc›ences Moscow Un›vers›ty of Eng›neer›ng 71
  65. 65. omplimentary letters to the books of C Harun Yahya Hellen›c Republ›c, The Pr›me M›n›ster Thank you very much for your kind gesture to send me a copy of the book "The Evolution Deceit by Harun Yahya". Jul›an Braz›er, House of Commons, UK Many thanks for the collection of books that you sent me. They look most interesting and I look forward to reading them. Lord W›ll›amson of Horton, House of Lords, UK Thank you for your letter of March 11th and for sending me the book by Harun Yahya. I shall study these with interest. 72
  66. 66. Mrs. A.M. Leendertse, Pr›vate Secretary to Her Majesty the Queen and H›s Royal H›ghness Pr›nce Claus of the Netherlands Thank you for your kind letter to Her Majesty the Queen, introducing her to the books Mr. Harun Yahya has written on the Islamic culture. Your thoughtful gesture is appreciated! Manuel J›ménez de Parga y Cabrera, Cha›rman of the Const›tut›onal Court, Spa›n I thank you very much for sending me the book "The Evolution Deceit" by Harun Yahya. D›d›er Reynders, F›nance M›n›ster, Belg›um I have well received your recent mail and I have given my best attention to your remarks on terrorism. I would also like to thank you for send- ing me the book of Harun Yahya entitled "Matter: The Other Name for Illusion." 73
  67. 67. Ms Margaret Stagg, Personal Ass›stant to Prof. Crewe, The V›ce-Chancellor of the Un›vers›ty of Essex, UK The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Essex has safely received your kind gift of three books by Harun Yahya. Professor Crewe has asked me to thank you for this gift to the University and to tell you that the books will be do- nated to the University Library. H›llary Rodham Cl›nton, Un›ted States Senator Thank you for remembering me with your generous gift. The good wishes it conveys are espe- cially meaningful to me, and I ap- preciate your thoughtfulness. Charlton Heston, Academy Awards W›nner Actor I appreciate the effort you took to have the two copies of your book delivered to me: I’ve put THE EVOLUTION DE- CEIT on my reading stack and look forward to it. 74
  68. 68. Mar›o Andrea Vattan›, on behalf of G›ovann› Alemanno, M›n›ster of Agr›culture and Forests, Italy I wish to inform you that the Honourable Minister Giovanni Alemanno has received with great pleasure the books sent by you, and has had them forwarded to his closest assistants for reading and analysis. With my most cordial greetings. Fel›pe González, Former Pr›me M›n›ster of the K›ngdom of Spa›n I sincerely thank for the books by Harun Yahya that were sent to me. They allowed me to deepen my knowl- edge of different religions and cultures. E. Benjam›n Nelson, Un›ted States Senator I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for sending me a copy of "Islam Denounces Terrorism." It appears to be a very informative book about the teachings of Islam. I look forward to studying it more fully. 75
  69. 69. Dr. T›to Lucrez›o R›zzo, on behalf of the General Secretar›at of the Pres›dency of the Republ›c, Italy The President of the Republic offers his thanks for the publication "The Evolution Deceit" so courteously sent him as a gift. Heartfelt greetings and best wishes on behalf of the Head of State. Sue Paton, Personal Ass›stant (Internat›onal) to Pr›nce El Hassan, Jordan Majl›s El Hassan, Royal Palace, Amman, Jordan His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal has asked me to thank you very much for sending your book Islam Denounces Terrorism. Chr›stal Morehouse, on behalf of Prof. Dr. R›ta Süssmuth, Member of German Parl›ament Thank you for the forwarding of the books of Harun Yahya at Mrs. Professor Dr. Suessmuth, Mdb. 76
  70. 70. Tang Leq›, L›brar›an, Sun Yat-Sen Un›vers›ty School of Law, Ch›na On behalf of law school, I have the honor to express our thanks for you to donate four books. Our readers can read these books in our library. I think the books would be useful to our read- ers to understand some views in these books. Dan Burton, Member of Congress, USA Thank you for sending me a copy of, Matter: The Other Name for Illusion. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreci- ated. B›shop George D. McK›nney, Ph.D., D.D. Pastor, USA Thank you kindly for the complementary copy of the book, "The Evolution Deceit", a noteworthy, credible and effective argu- ment in favor of creation and the God to whom all acclaim appropriately belongs. I appreciated the candidness of the au- thor and the clarity in which the facts of creation were presented, for we are His creation and the work of His hands. Thank you again for the book. It will be treasured reading in my personal library. 77
  71. 71. Ronaldo Edgar Dunlop, on behalf of Jose Gregor›, M›n›ster of Just›ce, Bras›l With much interest have we received your kind gift, "The Evolution Deceit". Speaking in behalf of the Ministry of Justice, Mr. Jose Gregori, we would like to express our deepest appreciation for the book, which is a sign of the fostering of our good and sound cul- tural relations. Pavel F›scher, on behalf of Vaclav Havel, Pres›dent of the Czech Republ›c On behalf of President Vaclav Havel I would like to thank you for your letter dated 10 January 2000 as well as your thoughtful gift of the book "The Evolution Deceit" which we have forwarded to the President’s library. Dr. Ralph Sche›de, D›rector of the M›ddle East and Afr›ca Department, Federal M›n›stry for Fore›gn Affa›rs, Austr›a The Ministry of Foreign Affairs acknowl- edges receipt of your letter and books that you were so kind to bring to our attention. We appreciate the differentiation between Islam and fundamentalism you make in your letter and agree with your condemnation of the barbarism of 11 September 2002. 78
  72. 72. El›zabeth Cowdell, The Pr›vate Secretary to The Home Secretary, UK The Home Secretary has asked me to thank you for sending him copies of the books Matter, The Other Name for Illusion and Miracles of the Qur’an; it was very kind of you. Dr. Cornel›us Schley, on behalf of Mr. S›egmar Gabr›el, the Pr›me M›n›ster of Lower Saxony, Germany Prime Minister Gabriel has asked me to cordially thank you for sending the three books of the Muslim author Harun Yahya. Chr›st›an Lesk›, on behalf of Rudolf Scharp›ng, German M›n›ster of Defence Thank you very much for your letter dated 23 January 2001 you send to the German Minister of Defence, Rudolf Scharping. It was with great appreciation Mr. Scharping received your letter and the interesting book. "The Evolution Deceit". 79
  73. 73. Deanna Maher, on behalf of John Conyers, Member of Congress, USA Your wonderful books, written by Mr. Harun Yahya, that were sent to Congressman John Conyers are much appreciated... Thank you for taking the time to send them... their messages are critically needed at this point in our history. Feder›co Tr›llo-F›gueroa, Defense M›n›ster, Spa›n I appreciate you sending me the interesting scientific book en- titled "Evolution Deceit" Joe W›lson, Member of Congress, USA Thank you very much for your informative books on Islam and especially for your kind let- ter expressing condolences for our recent tragedies. 80
  74. 74. She›la Harter, on behalf of Lou›se Slaughter, Member of Congress, USA I am writing on behalf of Congresswoman Louise Slaughter to thank you for the wonderful books you sent to her office. These books will be of great help in providing additional information on terrorism and the Eastern world to the Congresswoman and her staff. Again, your thoughtfulness is much appreciated. Prof. Yur› Chernyshov, Head of the World H›story and Internat›onal Relat›ons Department, Alta› State Un›vers›ty, Russ›a Thanks for the books of Mr. Harun Yahya. We are ready to cooperate in scien- tific work. Colleen Carter, Personal Ass›stant to the V›ce- Chancellor of the Un›vers›ty of Buck›ngham, UK Thank you very much for sending copies of Mr Harun Yahya’s publications. We are very grateful. The books have been passed from Mr Robert Tomkinson to the Vice Chancellor of the University. 81
  75. 75. Josep Gall›fa Roca, Academ›c V›cerector and Secretary General, Un›vers›tat Ramon Llull, Barcelona, Spa›n Thank you for sending me the books Islam Denounces Terrorism, El engano del evolu- cionismo, Matter: the other name for illusion and Pueblos desaparecidos. As a christian catholic I value very much the Harun Yahya work and I share with the au- thor the vision of human being and his rela- tionship with the creator God. I think that materialist ideology as a problem for religion and for humanity. Congratulations for this work, thank you for the books. I will have arguments to communicate that Islam de- nounces terrorism with more grounds that I use to do. I think that this works presents the intellectual basis for helping to un- derstand faith to unbelievers. This is an important and not easy issue for western civilization. Nancy F M›ll›s, Emer›tus Professor, Chancellor, La Trobe Un›vers›ty, Austral›a I write to acknowledge receipt of the four volumes by Mr Harun Yahya for which I thank you. I have made them available to other members of the University who may find them of interest and instructive. I certainly share your sentiments that all wise people from all different religions and cultures should cooper- ate to eradicate terrorism. I wish you well in your endeavours. 82
  76. 76. Prof. Ir›na Karapet›ants, The Head of Department Internat›onal Relat›ons, Russ›an State Un›vers›ty for the Human›t›es Russian State University for the Humanities is grateful to you for send- ing us the books by Harun Yahya. These books are very interesting to us be- cause the problem of dialogue between different civilizations are very actually now all over the world. The dialogue be- tween different civilizations is one of base idea of our university. We are truly grateful for you. Dr. Kulman, Head of D›v›s›on, Bavar›an M›n›stry of State, for Sc›ence, Research and Arts, Germany Thank you for your letter of 1 March 2002 and for sending three books published by your publishing house. 83
  77. 77. Carlos Garc›a Revenga, on behalf of Pr›ncess Doña Elena and Doña Cr›st›na of Spa›n, Palac›o de la Zarzuela, Spa›n Her Royal Highness the Princess Infanta Doña Elena of Spain and Her Royal Highness the Princess Infanta Doña Cristina of Spain requested me to extend their kind greetings and appre- ciation for sending them the books Islam Denounces Terrorism and Matter: The Other for Name for Illusion by Harun Yahya. M›chael Ancram, House of Commons, UK Thank you for your letter of 11 March, and for the 4 volumes you kindly enclosed: "Islam Denounces Terrorism", "The Evolution Deceit", "Matter: The Other Name for Illusion", and "The Miracles of Qu’ran", all by Harun Yahya. It was kind of you to send them to me and I look forward to reading them. I agree with you that dialogue is more important than ever, and a greater understanding of other reli- gions and civilizations can bring great benefits. 84