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Holiday Retreat in the Heart of Caribbean: Puerto Rico


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Set out for an amazing holiday in the beautiful Caribbean wonderland of Puerto Rico. Have a look at some of the attractions that will be awaiting you there.

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Holiday Retreat in the Heart of Caribbean: Puerto Rico

  1. 1. A Perfect Holiday Retreat in the Heart of Caribbean: Puerto Rico! Are you looking for a perfect holiday location for honeymoon or a family holiday? If yes then let us take you to an amazing Caribbean paradise which will leave you all awe inspired with its mesmerizing scenic beauty. Book your cheap flights to the wonderful holiday destination of Puerto Rico which is nothing less than tourist’s paradise. This wonderful country is an unincorporated territory of United States. It is situated in the northeastern Caribbean and is lying towards the east of Dominican Republic. Let us guide you through the most amazing things that you can see when in this magical country! Isla Verde, Puerto Rico: This is a beautiful beach which is ideal place for sunbathing and water sports. If you are a beach lover then this is your home in this country. Enjoy the golden sand beach and the open sea. You will love sun bathing at this stunning place and along with that you will feel all relaxed absorbing the awe inspiring views that surround this exotic place. You can swim, surf and dive. Stay there for sunset and enjoy the sun spreading its beautiful pallet of color across the horizon.
  2. 2. Camuy River Cave Park: This is a wonderful park in Puerto Rico. Here you can enjoy several natural formations like caves. Along with that the place is rich in natural vegetation and tall trees. You will love being there and you will also love admiring the wild and birds that are plenty in that park. Go bird watching with locals and explore the picturesque locales inside the park. This place is ideal for some nature photography.
  3. 3. Museum of Art of Puerto Rico: This is the place to go to enjoy the native at and culture of the region. Here you will be able to find artifacts from history dating back from hundreds of years ago. Along with that you will be able to find works of local artists. You will also be able to buy some wonderful souvenirs from the souvenirs shop inside the museum. This museum will provide you a great insight about the struggles and development of people in this country.
  4. 4. Cathedral of San Juan Bautista: This is one of the most famous cathedrals in Puerto Rico and tourists from around the world visit this cathedral. You can attend a service there or you can just go there to see the place.
  5. 5. Pinones State Forest: This is a densely forested area with amazing bird habitats. You can go there to enjoy a jungle safari experience. You can go for a day trip exploring the place or you can go with a group on camping in the forest. Both experiences are amazing in their own ways.
  6. 6. Crash Boat Beach: This is a wonderful beach and is very lively with tourist and local crowds making the place full of life always. If you are a beach lover then visiting this beach is a must and it has every facility that you can think of.
  7. 7. Las Cascadas Water Park: This wonderful water park facility is with lots of rides, slides and pools. It is a perfect place for a fun filled family day out. To enjoy these and many other wonderful holiday attractions and picturesque locales, book your cheap flights to Puerto Rico now.