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Market research (contents)

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Market research (contents)

  1. 1. Market Research
  2. 2. Hip Hop magazines Hip HopMagazines
  3. 3. VibeThe purpose of the bare and There is a clear theme of black andplain background is to make white, which gives the magazine athe model stand out from classy and pure look. The only colourthe rest of the magazine and used is the heart on kanye’s jacketmake It the main attraction which makes the stands out on the page and looks strong and vibrant.Vibe magazine looks atfashion and music and the The use of the V in the backgroundimage of Kanyes west fits brands the magazine and tells youinto both categories. that it is Vibe even though it is not on the front cover.The Font and style of thewords ‘features’ and The boldness of the word ‘contents’‘Fashion’ makes them stand stands out from the grey dull coloursout so the reader can easily of the rest of the page and makes itidentify the types of articles highly the magazine the fontalso makes the magazinelooks classy.
  4. 4. Hip HopPage has three main colours Articles are written in boldprobably sticking to the capitals with a little infotheme set on the front page. beneath them in lower case this again makes the articles stand out from the rest ofThe lack of bright colours the magazine and makeand clutter makes it so the them easily distinguishable.image is the main focus onthe page as the article aboutthe image is also the mainfocus in the magazines Page numbers are displayed in red with the articles written in black clearlyOnly having three main distinguishing between thecolours makes the page have two.a minimalistic look to it.
  5. 5. ConclusionsIn both contents pages there is a very dominant image which is linked to the mainarticle in the magazine. All articles are shown down the right hand side of themagazine suggesting this is where it would be best for me to feature them should Idecide to make a hip hop magazine.
  6. 6. Indie/ AlternativeMagazines
  7. 7. NMEArticles are categorised into The placing of the magazineNews, Radar, Reviews, live!, title ‘NME’ on the page givesFeatures making the page the page an identity andorganised and well laid out. tells you that it is from that magazine even though you are at looking at the frontMain image on the page is page.linked to the main article inthe magazine and also the Articles are written in boldmain image on the front capitals with a info beneathpage. them in lower case this makes the articles stand out from the rest of thePage numbers are displayed magazine and make themin red with the articles easily distinguishable.written in black clearlydistinguishing between the An offer is shown at thetwo. bottom of the page to try and draw readers into subscribing to there magazine.
  8. 8. QHaving Q in the top left hand Articles are written in boldcorner gives the page an capitals with a info beneathidentity and tells you it is them in lower case thisfrom that magazine even makes the articles stand outthough you are not on the from the rest of thefront cover. magazine and make them easily distinguishable.Articles are displayed on theleft hand side of themagazine this breaks Page numbers are displayedconventions from all the in red with the articlesother magazine front covers written in black clearlyI have looked at. distinguishing between the two.Main image on the page islinked to the main article in Articles are categorised intothe magazine and also the Features, Every Month andmain image on the front Review making the pagepage. organised and well laid out.
  9. 9. ConclusionIn indie/alternative magazines the page is magazines title is always shown on thetop left this means if I was to do this genre of music for my magazine i would haveto feature this. Also the main and sometimes only image on the page is always ofthe featured article .