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Zaizi TV: The Alfresco and Zaizi Synergy


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How long have you known Zaizi?

We’ve known Zaizi for a long time, in fact we’ve known Zaizi from before it was Zaizi. We’ve known Ainga work on some great Alfresco projects and then Ainga had the vision to start Zaizi back in 2008. And we’ve been working with him since that conception.

How has the recession affect Alfresco partners?

So the recession has been interesting for Alfresco partners because I think its opened more opportunities to them because companies had to really try and pay back a lot of their spending in their budget, but they still have to do the projects and the applications that Alfresco is used for.

Content management isn’t going away. It’s a bigger and bigger problem as we store more stuff about our everyday lives on the web, in our company systems and Zaizi have been really well positioned to take advantage of that opportunity because the message that content management is a MUST.

But with Alfresco you can solve that problem for a tenth of the price, it’s 10 times faster, and its easier and more appealing to use. It’s very compelling message, for anyone wanting to implement content management.

So how does an Alfresco partner become a Platinum Partner?

So we’re very rigorous in our selection of Platinum partners. Alfresco has around 250 partners worldwide but we just have a handful Platinum Partners. And it’s the Platinum Partners that we are really looking at, from those partners who are able to give the best advise, and they have the best instinct for the long term interest of the customer.

Because with Alfresco’s business model, we’re an open source model and we need a long relationship with the customer for us to have any mutual profit in that relationship. So customer can benefit but Alfresco needs to benefit long-term, multi-year relationships. It’s critical to us for a partner like Zaizi, can implement a rock solid system and keep that running and keep the customer happy for years and years.

What are your thoughts on Zaizi becoming as a platinum partner?

Zaizi have become a platinum partner I think at just the right time in the UK market. The UK has been very very difficult market for an open source software company because people in the UK have tended to want to buy their software in enterprises from Microsoft or SAP or Oracle. One of those really big global brands but their now beginning to understand that just like in other lines of business, they seem to be charged a premium for being in the UK.

They’re looking for alternatives. I think a lot of CIOs in the UK now are waking up to the opportunities that open source software gives them, and particularly high quality open source software like Alfresco, which is unmatched in terms of enterprise content management. Gives them real lever against the traditional stuff they’ve been buying like Oracle, SAP or Opentext.

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