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Considerations for AWS in Government - Carlos Miguens


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From the Alfresco Meetup for Government event 3rd February.

Join Carlos Miguens, Head of Consultancy at Zaizi as he takes us through the major considerations for government in using Amazon Web Services (AWS), and what moving to this service would entail.

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Considerations for AWS in Government - Carlos Miguens

  1. 1. Work Together Effectively Alfresco Government User Meetup AWS Presentation
  2. 2. Work Together Effectively A true utility compute model
  3. 3. Work Together Effectively
  4. 4. Work Together Effectively
  5. 5. Work Together Effectively Workloads on AWS
  6. 6. Work Together Effectively Making use of AWS now •  Move development and test workloads •  External collaboration with other agencies
  7. 7. Work Together Effectively AWS Services for Alfresco Amazon S3 Elastic Beanstalk
  8. 8. Work Together Effectively Amazon RDS Database Oracle 12c ✅ MySQL 5.6.19a ✅ PostgreSQL9.3.5 ✅ SQL Server11.00.2100.60.v1 ✅ Aurora DB ✅ MariaDB 🚫
  9. 9. Work Together Effectively How costs play out 4% 83% 13% Chart Title Content and Transfers Compute Database and Audit
  10. 10. Work Together Effectively Moving to AWS approaches •  Lift and shift •  Re-architect from scratch
  11. 11. Work Together Effectively Application Server Application Server Indexing Searcher Alfresco Cluster TransformaEon Service Transformation Server Transformation Server Administration Server Aurora Database ServerIndexing Tracker Load balancerLoad balancer Content S3 EC 2 RDS S3 ELB Elastic Load Balancer Elastic Compute Relational Database Service Simple Storage Service Amazon Web Services Possible Architecture
  12. 12. Work Together Effectively Advantages •  Great management interface, tools and reporting •  No commitment pay only for what you use •  Scale up/down when required •  Use AWS services for better bang for your buck •  AWS services can auto-update
  13. 13. Work Together Effectively Disadvantages •  Price model
  14. 14. Work Together Effectively Migration •  Export and upload using standard tools •  Use SnowBall (when available) You should never underesEmate the bandwidth of a Fed- Ex truck, rolling down the motorway. Amazon Web Services SVP Andy Jassy
  15. 15. Work Together Effectively Next steps •  There is a free-tier, but its not enough to run Alfresco on •
  16. 16. Work Together Effectively Alfresco User Meeting AWS