Alfresco and Semantic Web & Semantic Technologies


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Presentation from Alfresco Dev DevCon Berlin 2012 on the use of Semantic Technologies within Alfresco, by Zaizi. The solution uses Apache Stanbol, Apache Solr within Alfresco.

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  • Presentation I like to work with Alfresco Semantic Web
  • Agenda presentation Ask who many people know Semantic Web and Semantic technologies. Introduce ECKM
  • Ask for Tim What is what he invented and the information revolution Go through the paragraph
  • What the graph means Semantic Web era has already started (Google, amazon, examples…)
  • Ask for the graph Explain the graph Give some examples
  • The same diagram 4 years later Information structured and free Nodes organisations
  • Why is so important to describe the data Give an example (Michael jordan). New instances. Ask if this is what people expect.
  • Explain the Semantic Web Explain Semantic Technologies. Mention to Natural-language (unstructured information) Tell people what are we using for ECKM (transition)
  • What is the IKS? Projects Zaizi and IKS
  • What is ECKM? What technologies we are using. What are the functionalities we have implemented
  • Alfresco and Semantic Web & Semantic Technologies

    1. 1. Alfresco and the Semantic * Web Ezequiel Foncubierta Head of Technology at Zaizi* se • man • tic adj.—Of or relating to meaning in language
    2. 2. Agenda • Introduction to Semantic Web and Semantic Technologies • ECKM - Enterprise Content and Knowledge Management • Language detection • Entities extraction • Semantic annotations • Intelligent search • Recommendations • Q&A
    3. 3. The Semantic Web Once upon a time... The Semantic Web isnt just about putting data on the web. It is about making links, so that a person or machine can explore the web of data. With linked data, when you have some of it, you can find other, related, data.
    4. 4. Evolution of World Wide Web Rule Interchange Personal Agents Semantic Web era Linked Data WWW Database Web 3.0Richness of data connections SPARQL 2010-2020 ATOM RDF/OWL Cloud computing & SaaS AJAX/JSON Social networks SOAP Blogs/Wikis WWW era Web 2.0 2000-2010 XML Portals OO/Java Intranet HTTP/HTML Groupware Web 1.0 1990-2000 PC era Gopher SQL Databases SGML File servers Desktop Computing 1980-1990 FTP File systems Email Richness of social connections
    5. 5. Linked Data Linked Data is about using the Web to connect related data that wasnt previously linked, or using the Web to lower the barriers to linking data currently linked using other methods
    6. 6. Linked Data: The World Wide Web database
    7. 7. Describe your data
    8. 8. Semantic Web vs Semantic TechnologiesSemantic Web Semantic TechnologiesSemantic Web Formats (RDF, OWL, etc.) Natural-language processingQuery language (SPARQL) Data mining/Machine learningRules language (RIF) Artificial intelligence/Expert systemsWeb pages marking language (RDFa) ClassificationTriple/Quad stores Semantic search
    9. 9. IKS Project 6.58M co-funding by the EU Collaboration between academia, industry and open-source developers Open Source licenses and best practices Compliant with latest semantic standards Zaizi represents Alfresco
    10. 10. ECKMUses Semantic Web and Semantic Technologies to add KnowledgeManagement capabilities to Alfresco, so richer interfaces can be builtupon it to improve the user experience in Content Management.•Language detection•Entities extraction•Semantic annotations•Intelligent search•Recommendations
    11. 11. ECKM: Demo
    12. 12. Future of ECKM• First beta version in Q1/2013• Backlog • Topic detection • Reasoning support in searches • Thesaurus Management • Classification of documents • Support for RDFa and Microformat in Alfresco WCM/Quick Start
    13. 13. Ezequiel FoncubiertaHead of Technologyemail: efoncubierta@zaizi.comtwitter: @efoncubiertalinkedin: efoncubiertaskype: efoncubiertaz Thank you!Rafael HaroHead of R&Demail: rharo@zaizi.comtwitter: @rafa_harolinkedin: rafaelharoskype: rafaharo