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  • Current projects: Briefing System – rolled out to 8,000 personnel. Provides timely updating of information and draws data from other systems eg. RMS / Altaris / Holmes Crime Reporting - self-service for public to log calls with ingestion into internal system. H.R. Document Management (in pilot) Fire Arms Document Management (on roadmap) Intranet (in development)The Briefing System we have developed uses as one of its components an installation of Alfresco Version 3.4.7 as a document store in which we are able to hold content for our dynamic Briefing Slideshows (these Web Based slideshows replace what were previously manually assembled PowerPoint presentations). All interactions with Alfresco are done via our own custom Alfresco WebScripts using CMIS. We store text based documents and image files. We are utilising the Alfresco Image Rendition engine to automatically create copies of our images to different sizes so we can then select the most size appropriate file when passing images back out to a calling application. The information that is stored in Alfresco can then be accessed in an efficient manner by our user base across multiple sites connected by our WAN. Ultimately our user base will run into the thousands as it encompasses all Police Officers and operational staff of all levels. In this delivery Alfresco has been used as a content store for information that does not naturally fit into any of our other systems. It has given us a secure reliable way of storing/retrieving content whilst also offering other nice gems such as the automatic image renditions. 
  • Give you back control of your content and where its locatedWe’re initially hosting in the US, will follow up with EU, but with this solution, it won’t really matter, you can store your content anywhere
  • Cloud should be there to enable you to open up your content securely for B2B collaboration across the firewall.Cloud should be there to enable you to quickly share your content across mobile devicesAnd Cloud should enable you to use other Cloud services without losing control of your contentWe understand that 80-90% of your content is going to stay behind the firewall, that you need to have that System of Record that you control, that complies with your rules and regulations, but for the other 10-20% of content that is being sent across the firewall, perhaps right as an email attachment, or through the backdoor via DropBox, that's where Cloud fits into your architecture. And at Alfresco we're in a unique position to provide and bridge both sides of your firewall securely.
  • And you, and your users can sign up to be part of our Beta launch right nowWe are looking for customers with teams that need a solution like this right now to participate in our Beta Program
  • Numerous content-centric projects in process and on roadmap:Housing Management Office  project – private landlords submit their applications and supporting documents online Housing Maintenance - staff performing repairs on council properties can upload images such as certificates of gas inspections captured on smartphones
  • Alfresco

    1. 1. Open Government Summit
    2. 2. “The only way to be trulysatisfied is to do what you believe is great work.” - Steve Jobs
    3. 3. Alfresco Mission• We believe that Alfresco is a platform that enables our customers, our partners and our community to do great work.
    4. 4. 2005Alfresco aimed todisrupt the ECMindustry throughthe power ofopensource &openstandards
    5. 5. Alfresco : a new way of working• No restriction on licencing / freedom for both internal & external users• Customer developments contributed back to Alfresco for the benefit of others (eg HMG and Caveats).• No Licence charge / no Capital Outlay.• Ready and free access to the software / “unlimited try before you buy”• Value based software maintenance and support agreement based on how much the software is used.
    6. 6. Alfresco: The Open Source Alternative to Sharepointas well as Opentext, Filenet, Documentum et aliaAlfresco: Fast Secure Manageable Open Standards
    7. 7. Alfresco is now the largest open sourcecontent management company in theworld. • 10 month average payback period • $1.3 million in IT & training cost savings • 53% ROI in three years • Flexibility and Open Standards praised
    8. 8. Alfresco Powers the Worlds Content6.6m Active Users3 Billion Documents●175,000 Live Installations (157k community)●1,500,000 Developers●4.5M Server Downloads●260 Forge Applications Alfresco Proprietary and Confidential
    9. 9. Alfresco is a UK Success From Startup to Market leader in 6 years What UK wants for its future 250 Employees, 150 High value UK 95% of Revenue is EXPORT based Customers in 70 Countries Growing 50% per Year
    10. 10. SAP deploy Alfresco to 50,000 employees“Alfresco provides us with a robust and scalable content management anddocument collaboration platform,” Ran Cliff, Vice President, IT, SAP AG."Alfresco Enterprise gives us enormous flexibility in our future choices of softwaredue to the ease with which it can be integrated with other tools. It provides theultimate mix of power, flexiblity and openness, making it a perfect foundation fora company like SAP."Markus Riedinger, IT Director, SAP AG 10
    11. 11. Case Study – UK:Hampshire ConstabularyChallenge: To improve efficiency for front-line services by providing a dynamicBriefing Solution via the Web to 8,000 personnel.Solution: Selected Alfresco as the Content Platform as it enabled them to meettheir business drivers of: - Single point of truth for all Information / Content - Integrate Data Access i.e. store data once and using it many times. - Recoverability – ability to get to the Info without Lock-in - Location and Accessibility - auto create copies of images to different sizes so the most appropriate is used for the device or calling application
    12. 12. Case Study – US: Freedom of Information (FOIR) The Department of Housing and Urban DevelopmentChallenge: The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) neededsoftware that could help them with large imaging, document management and long-term records management requirements for FOI requests. Solution: Alfresco was the right fit in the long-term because of cost, platform, integration, performance, ease of use and continued innovation. By leveraging the Alfresco platform, HUD increases future productivity and range of capabilities. HUD chose open source to be able to customize the platform to certain specifications.
    13. 13. Case Study – US: Freedom of Information (FOIR) The Department of Housing and Urban DevelopmentResults• Centralized Case Management• Digitized over 3 Million pages• Improved document searchacross all HUD divisions• Reduced physical storagespace• Improved response time forFOIA• Improved agency collaboration• Support for telecommuting• Highly scalable environment
    14. 14. Case Study – Government Security ServicesUK: Cross DepartmentalContent CollaborationProject ManagesContent to IL6 US Federal: Numerous Agencies Collaboration, Sharing and Content Management
    15. 15. Case Study – Alfresco in Local Government: Spain 100+ deployments from 14 out of 17 autonomous governments Govt Departments - Health Authorities - Emergency Services - eAdministration - Regional Parliaments - Provincial Governments - Town Halls / City Halls - Port Authorities - Museums
    16. 16. Case Study – Leading Educational Institutions30 Universities GloballyCurriculum ManagementDocument ManagementArchive/ RecordsCollaboration England, Scotland, Finland, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Spain, France, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, USA
    17. 17. The Story so Far…1980’s30 years ago Enterprises needed a way tomanage all the electronic content they werecreating
    18. 18. The Story so Far….1990’sSo a whole industry grew up that becameknown as Enterprise Content Management
    19. 19. Then in 2005 Alfresco was bornThe last 10 years saw the industry maturewith consolidation, open-source…
    20. 20. And we should not forget…and SharePoint. Enterprise 2.0 & Collaboration technologybecame the flavor of the day as CIOs realized end users wantedto collaborate, not manage content
    21. 21. But then….2010’sHowever before these new technologies couldchange the world, something else happened…
    22. 22. 2010’s The consumerisation of ITConsumer technology, Mobile, The Cloud &Freemium handed over the power to choose toend users
    23. 23. But New Cloud tools bring challengesInternet bullies impersonatedead teenager onFacebook to message hisgrieving mother "Im not really dead" Dropbox under fire for security concerns Megaupload Shut Down by FBI (Who are now reading your content)
    24. 24. The Story so Far….2010’s Your Content is somewhere here: So now CIOs face a new problem…how to control their content in a Cloud world where end users can decide which tools they use
    25. 25. 2012Alfresco aims to disrupt the industryagain, with the power of the cloud
    26. 26. What is Cloud Connected Content?• Accessible from any device – phone, tablet, PC• Integrated & even synced with other cloud services• Easily published to social media channels• Collaborated on inside or outside the firewall• Yet, still controlled and administered by the Enterprise
    27. 27. Hybrid Cloud: Enterprise ControlPrivate Cloud Public CloudAllow Enterprises to control what content they open up tothe Cloud, where the content is located and keep an on- premise backup of content from their cloud applications
    28. 28. On-Premise & Cloud Sync Customers PartnersInternal Agencies Synchronized Browser Firewall Mobile & WebDAV Tablet 29
    29. 29. Cloud Freedom GuaranteedPrivate CloudAWS, Rackspace… Alfresco Public CloudOn Premise Rhel,Windows Let Organisations control where the application and data sits in the Cloud and choice of £
    30. 30. SummaryThe Cloud Mobile End User ApplicationsBusiness Users to Businesses to Open Source to Buildsign up and use the access content Apps on Alfresco.product by where they want it on Open Standardsthemselves any device Cloud API Mobile SDK
    31. 31. A final quote from a great British exportOne Ring to rule them all, One Ring tofind them,One Ring to bring them all and in thedarkness bind them One ECM to rule them all, One Community to find them, One Cloud to bring them all and on the Tablets bind them
    32. 32. Thank you for listening
    33. 33. Case Study – France:French Government, Ministry for the BudgetChallenge: The Ministry for the Budget needed to automate all processes toproduce, store and secure formal documents & files for the Members of the FrenchCabinet (producing no less than 2,000 files per year.)Solution: The customized Alfresco Enterprise 3.3.4 solution deployed hasenabled a better management of the document workflow, increasing the efficiencyof the French Government. The Ministry for the Budget moved from severalsolutions using multiple applications (intranet, directory share, storage solution,document management) to a unique Alfresco solution with a unique database. Moreefficient. More secure. Faster. 34
    34. 34. Case Study – UK:Bristol City CouncilChallenge: Bristol City Council aimed to implement £42 million savings throughefficiency, thereby reducing the impact of cuts on essential front-line services.Solution: Alfresco was chosen as the EDRM (electronic document and recordsmanagement) platform:- Low development costs, flexibility and scalability associated with an open source platform- Allowing remote access to essential information via mobile devices- Providing a virtual collaborative workspace