Graham Taylor from OpenForum Europe at Zaizi's Open Gov Summit 2012


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Graham Taylor from OpenForum Europe at Zaizi's Open Gov Summit 2012

  1. 1. OPEN GOV SUMMITTHE PANEL DEBATE Graham TaylorCEO, OpenForum Europe
  2. 2. OFE and Government, some experiences● European, not just UK Focus● In UK jointly chair with Cabinet Office the UK Public Sector Group – Informal catalyst to enable the SIP for Open standards, Open source – A bridge between UKG and the industry and community – Reality check, review and monitor, identify blockers and opportunities – Initiate – Provide external advice and guidance
  3. 3. Where are the issues?● The first action by UKG on Open standards and Open source was announced in 2004 – 8 years ago!● Past lock-in to single supplier solutions● The oligopoly of Systems Integrators● Skills● LSE research
  4. 4. LSE Research Conclusions● Pragmatism needs to guide open source adoption and not ideology ● Open source is not just or only or always about ‘cheap’. But it can bring a number of distinct and enduring benefits when contrasted to strategies based around proprietary software● Migrating to open source is more likely to be successful if it is done when there is a real and present need for change, rather than simply on the basis of finding open source attractive on infrastructure cost arguments ● Adoption and development of open source can support the sharing of both expertise and expense between government bodies, for example among local authorities forming a flexible route to collaboration
  5. 5. The Panel Debate● What good news/bad news for the UK Public Sector have we heard today?● Is the UK experience different to that in other EC countries? Why?● Are there any real differences between the Public Sector and Private Sector?● Is there really a link between Open standards and Open source?● How hard is it to be an SME in this market?● Does changing policy change practice?● Policy versus Implementation – the next steps?