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The Loom of Dispute between Two Asian Giants Sparking Concern on SENKAKU Islands (Japan), Diaoyu Islands (China)

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Senkaku ppt

  1. 1.   The Loom of Dispute between Two Asian Giants Sparking Concern onSENKAKU Islands (Japan), Diaoyu Islands (China)Prepared by Raizza Corpuz
  2. 2. SENKAKU Islands Japan, Diaoyu Islands China:eight uninhabited islands and rocks inquestion lie in the East China Seatotal area of about 7 sq km and lie northeastof Taiwan, east of the Chinese mainlandand southwest of Japans southern-mostprefecture, Okinawa
  3. 3. GeographyThe Senkaku Islands consist of thoseislands such as the Uotsuri Island,Kitakojima Island, and MinamikojimaIsland, Kubajima Island, Taisyojima Island,Okinokitaiwa, Okinominamiiwa andTobise.
  4. 4. Historical Background(TIMELINE)Records of these islands date back to as early as the 15th century1796: The first published description of theislands in Europe was in a book imported byIsaac Titsingh His small library of Japanesebooks included Sangoku Tsūran Zusetsu ( AnIllustrated Description of Three Countries?)by Hayashi Shihei1785: text established in JAPAN , describedthe Ryūkyū Kingdom
  5. 5. 1832: theOriental Translation Fund of Great Britain and Iresupported the posthumous abridgedpublication of Titsinghs French translation.1789-1791 : The name, "Pinnacle Isles" wasapparently first applied to them byJames Colnett, who charted them this year,voyage in the Argonaut.November1797: William Robert Broughtonsailed past them, during his voyage ofdiscovery to the North Pacific inHMS Providence, and referred to UotsuriIsland as "Peaks Island"
  6. 6. 1870s and 1880’s: the English namePinnacle Islands was used by the Britishnavy for the rocks adjacent to the largestisland Uotsuri-shima /Diaoyu Dao (thencalled Hoa-pin-su, "Peace Island"); Kuba-shima /Huangwei Yu (then called Ti-a-usu);and Taishō-tō/Chiwei Yu. The name"Pinnacle Islands" is used by some as anEnglish-language equivalent to "Senkaku"or "Diaoyu".
  7. 7. 14 January 1895: The Japanese centralgovernment formally annexed the islands ,naming them Senkaku, or “PinnacledPavilions1900: Japanese entrepreneur KogaTatsushirō constructed a bonito processingplant on the islands with 200 workers
  8. 8. Japanese workers at a bonito fishery processingplant on Uotsuri-shima sometime around 1910
  9. 9. The business failed in 1940 and the islandshave remained deserted ever since.1970s: Tatsushirōs son Zenji Koga andZenjis wife Hanako sold four islets to theKurihara family of Saitama Prefecture,Kunioki Kurihara owned Uotsuri, Kita-Kojima, and Minami-Kojima. Kuniokissister owns Kuba.
  10. 10. 1945 : The islands came under USgovernment occupation , after the surrenderof Japan ended World War II1969: the United Nations EconomicCommission for Asia and the FarEast (ECAFE) identified potential oil andgas reserves in the vicinity of the SenkakuIslands1971: the Okinawa Reversion Treaty passedthe U.S. Senate, returning the islands toJapanese control
  11. 11. 1972: the Okinawa Reversion Treaty passedthe U.S. Senate, returning the islands toJapanese control, the Taiwanese andChinese governments officially began todeclare ownership of the islands. the mayor of Ishigaki has been given civicauthority over the territory, The Japanesecentral government, however, hasprohibited Ishigaki from surveying ordeveloping the islands
  12. 12. 1979 : an official delegation from theJapanese government composed of 50academics, government officials from theForeign and Transport ministries, officialsfrom the now-defunct OkinawaDevelopment Agency, and HiroyukiKurihara, visited the islands and camped onUotsuri for about four weeks. The delegation surveyed the local ecosystem, findingmoles and sheep, studied the local marine life, andexamined whether the islands would support humanhabitation.
  13. 13. 2002 to 2012: the Ministry of InternalAffairs and Communications paid theKurihara family ¥25 million a year torent Uotsuri, Minami-Kojima and Kita-Kojima. Japans Ministry of Defense rents Kuba island for anundisclosed amount. Kuba is used by the U.S. military as apractice aircraft bombing range. Japans centralgovernment completely owns Taisho island.
  14. 14. 17 December 2010: declared January 14 as"Pioneering Day" to commemorate Japans1895 annexation of the Senkaku Islands2012: both the Tokyo Metropolitan andJapanese central governments announcedplans to negotiate purchase of Uotsuri, Kita-Kojima, and Minami-Kojima from theKurihara family.
  15. 15. 11 September 2012: the Japanesegovernment nationalized its control overMinami-kojima, Kita-kojima, and Uotsuriislands by purchasing them from theKurihara family for ¥2.05 billionChinas Foreign Ministry objected saying Beijingwould not "sit back and watch its territorialsovereignty violated."
  16. 16. Substantive claim• This entails the substantive evidence toPROVE that it is part of theirTERRITORY:
  17. 17. Why Are China and JapanSparring Over Eight Tiny,Uninhabited Islands?• Because of :1.natural island chains
  18. 18. For JAPAN:
  19. 19. For CHINA:
  20. 20. Japan-China Relations:Current Situation of Senkaku IslandsLocation of Senkaku Islands
  21. 21. NEWS UPDATE