Manuel quezon philosophy


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Manuel quezon philosophy

  2. 2. MANUELQUEZON’S PHILOSOPHY OFPHILIPPINE EDUCATION  Quezon’sphilosophy of PhilippineEducation is basically local or Philippinein orientation, a reflection of theneed of colonial peopleto upgradethemselves  Intellectually  Morally  Economically trough education
  3. 3. QUEZON’S EDUCATIONALVIEWS BEGAN: Aims of Philippine Education 2 Objectives for better citizenship Asameansof livelihood
  4. 4. EDUCATION FORBETTER CITIZENSHIP  Thestateisthereforeduty bound to mould spirit of theyouth in patriotism and self sacrificewith can bedonethrough education.  Public or even privateschoolsmust constantly instil in themindsand heartsof their students their duty to defend thenation in timeof war and to beuseful and law –abiding citizensin timeof peace.
  5. 5. EDUCATION FORBETTER CITIZENSHIP  freepublic primary education and citizenship training for adults  develop their talentssincethegovernment could createfor them alargenumber of scholarships  “thetrueworth of aman ismeasured not only by adiplomabut by hisproficiency in hischosen lineof work” - Quezon
  6. 6. EDUCATION FORBETTER CITIZENSHIP  Poor – should besatisfied with vocational education.  Intellectually-gifted – should haveambition to follow acollegeor universities.  For Quezon, thediplomaissimply astepping stone towardsvariouspathsof progress.  Philippinesoldiersshould also begiven vocational training to makethem economically self-sufficient.
  7. 7. DUTIES OFCITIZENSHIP  A worthy citizen first learnshisdutiesbefore speaking hisdemandsthecitizen must bea defender of itsstateand beamodel of oneself be abiding thelaw  Thecitizen and government workstogether to maintain peaceand order in thecountry  A women isnot aslaveand granted theright to vote, for it wastheir duty also to choosealeader that would lead their country well.
  8. 8. A NATIONALSOUL  A nation’ssoul wasitslanguagebecausea genuinenational prideisanchored on one’s nativelanguage.  Theadoption of Tagalog asthebasisfor the Philippinenational languagesinceit wasthe most developed of all existing languagein the country and most widely spoken languagein his time.  Tagalog, let subculturesunderstand each other
  9. 9. BUILDING THEFILIPINO CHARACTER  “A nation isnothing morenor lessthan its citenry” Quezon  A nation strength isnot wealth but thehappiness or welfareof thecommon man.  A nation isstrong “when every citizen recognizestherightsof hisfellowmen, and in turn makesin fellowmen recognizehisown rights”
  10. 10. EASY GOING PARASITISM  Filipino deservespersonal gain, personal interest and they don’t valueperseveranceand other attitudesthat would help them build thecharacter and to improvetheir selves.  Self Inefficiency (Quezon)  Filipinosrely on government, that thegovernment will givethem everything, but not theFilipinos didn’t realizethat they must work for their self and not to defend on government, work hard and be dignified on what ever field of career you have.
  11. 11. NATIONALSPIRITUAL RECONSTRUCTION  To meet thesesocietal weaknessesand remedy thedeterioration of therace, Quezon felt the need for thenational spiritual reconstruction.  Makeasocial code, acodefor ethics, personal conduct that should beadopted.  Thecodemust besomekind of awritten Bushido that “can beexplained in theschools, preached from thepulpits, and taught in the streetsand plazas, and in theremotest cornersof our land”
  12. 12. NATIONALSPIRITUAL RECONSTRUCTION  And hiscodeisincorporated in ExecutiveOrder No. 217 1. Havefaith I God who guidesthedestiniesof men and nations 2. Love, defend and beready to sacrificeyourself for your country 3. Respect theconstitution and thegovernment which established for your safety and welfare, and obey itslaws 4. Pay your taxeswillingly and promptly 5. Safeguard thesanctity of ballot and abideby theruleof majority 6. Loveand respect your parents
  13. 13. 7. Valueyour honor asyou valueyour life 8. Betruthful, honest, just, charitable, courteousand dignified on your actions 9. Lead aclean and frugal life 10. Liveup to thenobletraditionsof our heroes 11. Beindustriousand valuethedignity of labor 12. Beself-reliant and preseverein pursuing your legitimate ambitions 13. Loveyou work and do not do for tomorrow what you can do today 14. Promotesocial justice 15. PatronizePhilippine-madeproducts 16. Useand develop wisely our natural resourcesand do not allow your citizenship to beexploited by others