Visual Studio Tips and Tricks


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Most of us use Visual Studio but do we really know how to USE it? This session looks at the top tips and tricks that can jet propel your use of the IDE. Marvel as we move from simple editor features that you never think about all the way to arcane command prompt tricks that you can use to improve your programming experience.

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  • DataTips are now like a Super Quick Watch. They can be pinned to source, have comments, and tell you values.

    NOTE: See the demo doc (Pin a DataTip to source.docx) for a sample demo.
  • Visual Studio Tips and Tricks

    1. 1. Microsoft/dp/0735649928/
    2. 2. Agenda Why? Visual Studio 2010 Productivity Productivity for Any Version Final Thoughts
    3. 3. Why?
    4. 4. How I Got Involved… Sara Ford and I met at DevLink in 2009 to discuss how to continue the series After several months of conversations I agreed to carry on the series VS2010 Tips and Tricks went live on Jan 1, 2010
    5. 5. Why? Quick Test: Which product do you spend more time in: Visual Studio or (Word, Excel, Power Point)? Most of the content out there doesn’t really focus on Visual Studio as a product that you live in daily If I can shave just a little time off your coding efforts then you can go home, be with your family, play video games, or whatever you want to do -- earlier
    6. 6. Visual Studio 2010
    7. 7. Start Page Pin projects Close after load
    8. 8. New Project Dialog Recent Templates Online Templates Sort by Search
    9. 9. Zoom CTRL + Mouse Wheel New feature that enhances the size of your code Very useful for pair programming (or similar scenarios)
    10. 10. Reference Highlighting Automatic highlighting of a symbol Can be used with declarations and references, and many other symbols CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN ARROW (forward) CTRL+SHIFT+UP ARROW (reverse)
    11. 11. Box Selection SHIFT + ALT + [ARROW] AKA “Vertical Selection” Two new features: Zero-length selection Copy single / Paste multiple
    12. 12. Improved IntelliSense Changed from “begins with” to “includes” Sensitive to Pascal Case
    13. 13. Tools
    14. 14. Document Tabs to the Right Tools -> Options -> Documents Puts new tabs to the right of existing ones
    15. 15. Multi-Monitor Support Can now drag document windows out of the IDE Each window is independent
    16. 16. Call Hierarchy (C++, C# Only) CTRL + ALT + K Available in C# Used to see calls to and from a method Great way to see calls at design time
    17. 17. Searching the Toolbox / = Collapse All * = Expand All Type any text to search NOTE: “begins with” TAB = Find Next
    18. 18. Debugging
    19. 19. Breakpoint Labels
    20. 20. Searching Breakpoints
    21. 21. Import / Export Breakpoints
    22. 22. Data Tips
    23. 23. Tips for Almost Any Version
    24. 24. Move or Select Between Matching Braces CTRL + ] CTRL + SHIFT + ] Quickly move between matching braces C++, C# Only
    25. 25. Don’t Copy a Blank Line
    26. 26. Errors in the Output Window Navigates errors in the Output Window F8 (forward) SHIFT + F8 (reverse)
    27. 27. File Tab
    28. 28. Command Prompt History F7 Show the list of commands used during any command line session Allows for quick access to commands