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  1. 1. Home Vacuum Cleaners By Type Vacuum Cleaners By Use Vacuum Cleaners By Characteristic Vacuum Cleaners By BrandHome Vacuum Cleaners By Type Vacuum Cleaners By Use Vacuum Cleaners By Characteristic Vacuum Cleaners By Brand Cox® Communications in AZ Cox Bundles. Order Exclusive Web Offer Today! www.c o xvalue .c o m/ariz o na Shark Lift-Around® Vacuum Only $104. Light Weight- Portable. Plus Get A Free Steam Mop! BuySharkLift-Aro und .c o m BISSELL® - Official Site Get A Variety Of Bagless Vacuums. Order Today and Get Free Shipping! www.Bis s e ll.c o m Buy Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Clean Messes Big & Small in 1 Smart Step, Easy Cleaning from Swiffer® ! Buy.Swiffe r.c o m/b ag le s s -vac uumC A T E G O R I E SAf f ordable Vacuum CleanersBest Rated Vacuum CleanersBest Suction Vacuum CleanersBest Vacuum CleanersBuy Vacuum Cleaners
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  6. 6. Vacuum Cleaners DealsVacuum Cleaners For SaleVacuum Cleaners RatingsVacuum Cleaners RepairVacuum Cleaners ReviewsPet Vacuum Cleaner is the right choice for your pets Cage Cleaning Service Birds, reptiles, and mammal cages Flexible cleaning ho urs www.s p arkys p layho us e .c o mVacuum cleaners have become invaluable tools f or your home’s cleaning needs especially if you have pets at home. Homes with pets requireregular cleaning, but removing pet hair can be a challenge using normal means. T heref ore, many brands in the market are designing cleaners whichspecialize in pet hair pick up.Why choose pet vacuum cleaners?Pet hair and dander lower the quality of air in your home and lead to allergic reactions. Using cleaners not designed with pet hair can be inef f ectiveand can even damage the cleaner.Cats and dogs of ten shed hair and dander. Pet hair in your carpet and upholstery not only looks dirty, butit worsens the quality of air in your home as well making breathing dif f icult. It can also lead to increasedallergic reactions.
  7. 7. It is extremely hard to remove pet hair and dander f rom carpets and upholstery. T hese pet shedding areusually trapped among the weaving of your carpets which require extra ef f ort to take out. Also, pet haircan clog in your cleaner’s brush and tubing, which can make it more troublesome to clean and the cleanerwill require more f requent maintenance. Regular cleaners may not be durable enough f or these elements,so they do not last long enough. Specially designed pet vacuum cleaners solve these issues. Bissell Pet Hair Handheld Vacuum CleanerMust Have Features for Pet Vacuum CleanersVacuum cleaners f or homes with pets must have better suction power, special tubing, ef f icient f iltration, additional attachments and greaterdurability.Pet hairs are tangled deep into carpets. Also, they tend to wrap around brush roll and they may also stop within your vacuum’s tubing. Pet vacuumcleaners have greater suction power to pull out the hair f rom the carpets and upholstery with less ef f ort, and to carry the hair into the collectioncontainer.If a vacuum’s suction tubing is located on one side of the head, instead of being sucked in the pet hair will wrap around the brush roller and evenreturn to the carpet as you clean. Also, if the tubing is narrow it is more likely that it will become clogged with pet hair making the cleaner inef f icientand louder. For homes with pets, the suction tube must be located at the middle of the head and it must also be wide.Pet dander, urine, f eces and saliva can cause allergic reactions. Moreover, pet hairs encourage growth of mold and bacteria. T hese particles aresmaller, and can be returned back into the air with the vacuum exhaust if adequate f ilters are not used. Pet vacuum cleaners must have HEPAf ilters that can trap particles as small as 0.3 microns. Also, consider cleaners with UV sterilization against these contaminants.For vacuum cleaners f or pet hair, the openings of the attachments must be wider to prevent clogging. T hese tools must provide better f lexibilityand reach to remove pet dander f rom tighter spaces. Also, upholstery and stair tools with motorized bristle brushes are essential to pull pet hairout.Pet vacuum cleaners need to do more heavy work due to larger amount of debris and allergens in homes with pets. T heref ore, these appliancesshould be tougher and durable f or increased lif etime. Dog Hair Remover
  8. 8. Dog Hair Remover www.Sc o tc h-Brite .c o m/Cle an-Flo o r Clean Dog Hair Of f Your Floor! Find Scot ch- Brit e™ Sweepers & Mops. Vacuum Cleaner Pet Hair www.SharkCle an.c o m/SharkNavig ato r Order t he Shark® Lif t -Away™ Vacuum Cleaner & Receive a Free St eam Mop! T he Best in Wood Floors www.Califo rniaClas s ic s Flo o rs .c o m High Qualit y, Af f ordable Floors Made by Hand. Learn More. Kenmore Vacuum Parts s e ars p arts d ire c t.c o m/Ke nmo re Fix It Wit h Kenmore Part s. Sears Part sDirect ™ Has You Covered! ← Dif f erent types of Vacuum Cleaners and their best use T he top Vacuum Cleaners Brand choices f or you →Leave a ReplyName *Email *WebsiteComment
  9. 9. Po st C o mme nt Vacuum Cleaners By Type Vacuum Cleaners By Use Vacuum Cleaners By Characteristic Vacuum Cleaners By BrandCopyright © 2012 Vacuum Cleaner Reviews Privacy Policy Disclaimer