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Team Teaching by Zainab Ahmed


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Topic = Team Teaching
presentation developer Zainab Ahmed
B.S final Year University Of Karachi(Pkistan)

Published in: Education
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Team Teaching by Zainab Ahmed

  1. 1. Team Members Zainab Ahmed (presenter, data collection, brainstorming, presentation developer ) Zahra Najmuddin (presenter, data collection) Tehseen Zehra (data collection , brainstorming) Tasneem Mazhar (data collection, brainstorming, prepared charts.) Zeeshan Hyder (data collection, brainstorming) Fariha Qasim (data collection, brainstorming)
  2. 2. Definition"a method of coordinated classroom teaching involving a team of teachers working together with a single group of students"
  3. 3. Background THE ORIGIN: plus the picture the concept of "team teaching" has its origin from America during the mid 1950 Harvard university is the first institution which has initiated an internship plan in 1955 Francis chase of the university of Chicago has developed the need of team teaching to use the best teacher more effectively
  4. 4. Characteristics1- it involve two or more teacher to teach a class2- it is an instructional strategy rather than training strategy3- a team or group teacher of the same subject work together to deal a significant content to same group of students jointly.4- it can be termed as co-operative teaching, in which individual teacher plans to pool resources, interests and their expertise for teaching a content for the same group or class of students.5- every individual teacher gets an appropriate instruction, space and length of time so as to use of special competencies of teaching a content to a group of students6- a group of teachers has shared reproducibility of planning organizing, learning, controlling and evaluating the teaching of same class of students.7- in team teaching the group teachers have to consider the needs of their pupils and they should teach jointly to satisfy their needs and remove the difficulties of their students.
  5. 5. Types of Team Teaching 1- A team of teachers from same department 2- a team of teachers from inter-department but from the same institutions 3- a team of teachers from inter-institution.
  6. 6. " coming together is a begining. keeping together is progress. working together is a success" Thomas Elva
  7. 7. Objectives of Team Teaching1- to make the best use of experts of teacher under team teaching2- to improve the quality of teaching. it involves two or more experts of the subject to teach same group simultaneously.3- to develop the feelings of co-operation or group work in teaching learning situation.4- to help the students, to satisfy the needs and difficulties relating to the special content.5- to develop the, sense of shared responsibility in teaching and evaluation of students learning outcome.6- to minimize the scope of teaching wrong things to the students.
  8. 8. Principles of Team Teaching Principle of size and composition Principle of level of instruction Principle of duties assigning to teachers of the team Principle of learning environment Principle of time factor Principle of supervision
  9. 9. Steps of Team Teaching Step 1 Step 2Planning Organizing Step 3 Evaluating
  10. 10. Advantages of Team Teaching Utilizes the competencies of the teachers Creates learning environment Opportunity for free discussion Development of social relationship Opportunity for teachers to develop professional status Learners are benefited by the special knowledge by various teachers It considers the need and difficulty of students Its an economical teaching device It utilizes the teaching aids and equipments of teaching in an appropriate manner Bring excellence in teaching.
  11. 11. Limitations of Team Teaching1- difficult to seek co-operation among teachers2- feasible in practice to assign powers.3- no mutual regard and respect among teachers every teacher consider himself as an expert of the subject4- generally they are of the opinion in western countries not here in Pakistan or India.
  12. 12. Suggestions The meaning and understanding of team teaching should be given to the school teachers favorable attitude should be developed among them towards team teaching The success of team teaching rests upon the cooperation and devotion of the teachers The teachers should not be assigned the duties but they should themselves should prefer the activities of teaching Teacher should demonstrate in dealing with the causes