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Uk film industry_worksheet


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Uk film industry_worksheet

  1. 1. UK Film Industry Worksheet 1. When we talk about the film industry, were referring to its five different component parts: What are they?Development, Production, Facilities, Distribution, Exhibition and Export 2. Of the companies existing today, what percentage are? Of the companies existing today, we can say approximately 43% are production, 13% are distribution and the remaining 44% are exhibition companies 3. In 2006, the UK film industry contributed how much to the UK economy, up from £3.1 billion in 2004.In 2006, the UK film industry contributed £4.3 billion to the UK economy, up from £3.1 billion in2004. 4. In 2007, How much was spent on production activity?In 2007, UK production activity was £747 million, making it the fourth highest production year onrecord. Inward investment productions including Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince andChronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and indigenous productions such as Brideshead Revisited andHow To Lose Friends and Alienate People were just some of the productions made in the UK 5. How many filmswere released across the UK in 2007, a 58% increase over the decade. 516 films were released across the UK in 2007, a 58% increase over the decade. UK films, including co-productions, accounted for 21% of releases and 29% of the market by value 6. In 2007 how many digital screens are in the UK?In 2007 the UK had the largest number of digital screens in Europe at 296 screens, double thenumber in 2006. 7. The film industry divides itself into five sectors, give a brief overview of what they do?Development - the writing, packaging and financing of film ideas and scripts.Production - the process of setting up and shooting every scene in a film.Post Production - where all these shots are assembled, treated and mixed into a finished product.Distribution - the process of selling this product to audiences, via the cinemas, retailers and rentalfirms.Exhibition - the cinemas which screen the film for the general public