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Movie posters


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Movie posters

  1. 1. Google search: action and adventure violent poster,r:1,s:0,i:82&tx=67&ty=117This poster gives me the good idea because I want to make an action poster which will be similar tothis, the violent face of the actor and explosion at the back and showing aggressive impression.I also like the background because it’s a raging fire behind the protagonist. The raging fireThis poster inspire me because the actor got a fierce face and got blood on his face and also he iswounded and the background is that he is standing on the middle of the road and the car is behindhim.
  2. 2.,xcitefun-jack-reacher-poster-1.jpg&w=1024&h=1471&ei=8PxvUaSFBNOR7Abn5YHIAg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=500&vpy=482&dur=3900&hovh=269&hovw=187&tx=168&ty=259&page=2&tbnh=143&tbnw=98&ndsp=89&ved=1t:429,r:54,s:100,i:166,r:30,s:200,i:94This is another example of the fierce face of an actor; showing his angriness and the buildings behindare collapsing- this a background
  3. 3.,r:64,s:400,i:196This is the poster from casino royale. In this poster the actor walking away with his 007 gun withaggressive face.,r:51,s:0,i:245&tx=44&ty=60
  4. 4. This is another example of my idea that I will make, it will be similar to this one. This is the perfectexample because the person in a poster has a fierce face, blood on his face and wounded too.Holding a knife too