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Jobs in creative_media 3


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Jobs in creative_media 3

  1. 1. Jobs in Creative MediaJob Title Costumes This job is for fashion designer to sew clothes for actor and actress and junior artists. They are in charge of designing, creating, acquiring and hiring all costumes for Actors and extras. creative,Professional working practices codes of practice, eg BBC guidelines, web accessibility guidelines (W3C), press codes of conduct, advertising standards; legal restrictions, eg libel law, Misuse of Computers Act, Race Discrimination ActContracts, conditions and pay They get contract of costumes by only for one film and they get pay after completion of work they get fixed term contract, they work own their own and they charge per out fit. contracts, eg full-time permanent, part-time permanent, fixed-term, freelance; work patterns, eg shift work, office hours, irregular and anti-social hours; pay, eg salaried, hourly, on completionSkills and qualifications To become a costume designer, candidates will need to demonstrate a high level of design skills and practical sewing ability. Many costume designers have a HND, degree or post- graduate qualification in a related subject such as, costume design, fashion, theatre design or performing arts (production). Practical garment production skills can be also be gained via qualifications such as ABC Level 1, 2 or 3 Awards, Certificate or Diploma in Fashion and Textiles City & Guilds Level 1, 2 or 3 Award, Certificate or Diploma in Creative Techniques in Textiles ABC Level 3 Certificate in Apparel Manufacturing Technology ABC Level 3 Diploma in Handcraft Tailoring
  2. 2. NOCN Level 1,2 and 3 Awards, Certificate and Diploma in Skills for the Fashion Industries and Making it in fashion SQA Level 3 SVQ in Kilt Making (SCQF Level 6) education and training, eg full-time and part-time education, training on the job, continuing professional development, self-training, Level 2, Level 3, graduate, post-graduate; sources of information, eg Sector Skills Councils (Skillset, Creative and Cultural Skills, e-Skills), unions, careers services, trade and other publicationsTransferable Skills It would be useful for someone considering a career as a costume designer to have some of the following skills and interests: creativity, imagination and excellent design skills good communication and organisation skills good research skills and knowledge of costume history and modern fashion good stamina and the ability to work under pressure to strict deadlines highly organised and the confidence to motivate a team able to put others at ease (when working closely with actors in a physical sense) able to break down scripts in terms of costume plots, and have knowledge of story structure and character arcs personal attributes, eg knowledge and skills, commitment, efficiency, reliability, punctuality, self-presentation; key skills, eg number, communication, working with others, improving own performanceMethods of recruitment They get jobs by The role of Costume Designer is not an entry-level position, and practitioners need considerable knowledge and experience in order to design for feature films. national press; trade press; internet; word of mouth; personal contacts; internal
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