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Game forum presentation


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Design
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Game forum presentation

  1. 1. The name of the company isobservation gaming
  2. 2. Idea of the game forum• The game forum that I will going tomake is for people who like to playgames and share with people allover the world. The name of thegame forum is observation gamingcause’ this name is morecorrelated with what peopleobserve during the game anddescribe on the game forum.Additionally people can also
  3. 3. Research• I did the secondary research toobtain the people views, whetherthey use game forum or not. So theresearch is now finished and theresults telling that 35% don’t likegame forum and 65% like todescribe their observing withpeople.
  4. 4. This is a suitable colour and will attract people.the font is not too big, it just a medium fontThis is the logo because people will say what they observe duringPlay.
  5. 5. Target audienceThe target will be mostly male agebetween 16-20 not much females.The unique selling point is that thegame forum will be talk aboutaction and adventure games.
  6. 6. Game forumThe game forum will be advertise onsocial networking sites because 16to 20 people go on Facebook mostly.Advertise on newspaper to attractpeople more people.
  7. 7. conclusion• The game forum will get familiarslowly as more people will get toknow about it and people woulddiscuss new games with theirfriends.