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Evaluation radio jingles


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Evaluation radio jingles

  1. 1. Evaluation radio jinglesAfter finishing all the tasks, have to create the survey to find out the results of the two jingles. I haveused the survey monkey to obtain results. Now I have got the result of the people and below I willgive each question with detail.The two jingles that I selected for the survey, they are the good jingles. The two finished jingles; Imade it in reaper and used good sound effect to make sure that people like it. After listen all of myjingles, i finalized these two jingles. To compare with the original intention of making good jinglesthese two jingles are the best because these two jingles comprises all the qualities that i wanted to.The two jingles that I selected of course; think they are good and used good recording and soundeffects but always need improvement so if i talking about the weaknesses of the two jingles that’swhy i created the survey to obtain the results what people think what about the jingle. As far i knowthat weakness in jingles for e.g. Recording issues should have used better effects and more goodquality. what is the key part that you like about the jingle. music recording quality
  2. 2. As above, people like the recording and the quality the most. The least part that people like is themusic. The people listened to the jingles and after heard both jingles they came up to decision thatthe recording and quality are the best. If I talk about the music; the music is not very good so this isthe weakness of the two jingles. The music in the jingles are created by me so this is the originalmusic I didn’t get it from the internet this is the own created music. Sales yes no sometimesAs above is showing that I asked do you like to listen jingles. Nobody said yes and most of them saidsometimes and 40% said no they don’t like jingles. So altogether they don’t like to hear jingles everyday.
  3. 3. Sales best good badThe next question was how you would rate the jingles. Half of the amount of people said they aregood and best; only 20% said they are bad. So again it’s a weak point. Sales good work could be better average
  4. 4. Furthermore this question is what is your opinion on the jingles? Most people said it is good workand could be better and at last, people said its average work so this is the people views on thejingles.This question is (as you can see above) the more improvement need in music then sound, editingand recording.As you can the most people vote for more music should have been added. Moreover more soundeffects need in both of the jingles better editing more better quality need it in both of the jinglesFinally the summary
  5. 5. The production is where I have to record the words and write the words for the jingles and record inthe sound studio and then convert it in to computer. I have recorded different type of sound tomake it in side effects for the jingles. I have recorded small effects for the jingles. Additionally I wentto sound studio to record the words for jingles and make it in a proper jingle. Also I have used soundsoftware called reaper. In reaper I have made about total five jingles at the best standard so I haveused sound effects, different volume checks. Also width and pan in the reaperThe things that I have learnt during the assignment are more than I thought so. There are many tomention. Firstly sound effects that I have used during making my jingles. I have check differenteffects for my each jingles so make it good to listen also I have created my own music using reaper.There are many sound effects I have used during make my jingles. There is an fx button in reaperwhere you can choose for your recording or for your music the effects