Evaluation for last project


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Evaluation for last project

  1. 1. EvaluationMy last project was to design an action movie poster. I used the proposal to give my ideas and whatthe poster is going to be about; it helped me to decide. I have used Photoshop for my posterdevelopment. I also did logos for the production companies that I have used in my poster. First of allI did the mind map for my ideas then the final idea, then proposal form to write down my final ideafor the last project.. I ruminated a lot then came to the final idea; the final idea was the action movieposter. The idea is that I really like action movies. I chose the raging fire for my background becauseit builds conflictI have designed two logos for the action movie poster and some effects of fire using Photoshop.Additionally I have used universal picture and Dolby digital logo too and removed the background.I planned all my pictures; which picture will place where also. I wentlots of places in Manchester and look contrasting places and whichplace will look perfect with my action movie poster. Additionally I did the special effects as well forthe pictures especially for fire, the background picture.This is my layout plan for my action movie poster according to this I havefinished my poster.The actor picture is in the middle with the wounded face and bloodedface because it builds strong action packed movie for the audience.I also planned the rip to town in Piccadilly to look at the buildings andtake photos for my poster. I came with lots of different pictures and it was hard to finalise whichpicture will match perfect with my poster. I sued Photoshop skills to complete every bit at the beststandard. I also did poster research, for different movies and thought about it. The reason was thatto look at different poster think about It., look at the background of the picture and the brightness,contrast. What expression the poster got. I also did the production diary was part of my work. It wasthat I have to write the dates of each work that when it finished. For every work it should be done.The actor got wounded face and blooded to create a conflict in the poster and the expression thatwin the audiences heart. Also the actor holding the gun aiming at some unknown guy in fierceexpression, the blood stains is on the gun as well to show truly action and thriller scene.I also used the different font, I used dafont’s font, it called shrapnel font because I want to use someunique font for my poster here is the example
  2. 2. here is the title of the film the lastencounterStrengthMy idea that I chose to make an action movie I managed well, and I did all the work that was in thebrief. I was not familiar with Photoshop but I did all the work own my own. I took the pictures ofdifferent road, buildings, and other things that can be used for my poster. I got this idea by searchingdifferent action movie poster and one day I can make my own, an action movie poster. I always likean action movie that’s why I was more familiar with this genre.In Photoshop I used the image adjustments level to show special effects on the image. The imageadjustments include: levels, auto levels, auto contrasts, auto colour, colour balance and brightnessand contrasts. I did the experiments using all these things on the images and finalised it anddesigned the words for the productions in the Photoshop. I took the pictures of the damaged roadtoo to create some nice scene but it didn’t worked. There is another thing to be covered is that theclothes will also be covered with blood stains on the poster, because the actor had a violent fight.Weak pointMy poster didn’t finish on time so this is the weak point. Also that I deleted my pictures byaccidently and I took them again so also the Photoshop was hard to use but I managed. Additionally Icouldn’t decide which photo to use which not so it took time.ImproveI could be improve that I may want to research on the thing and do more practically. Also use moresoftware’s to create more realistic poster. Create a list of wide range of fonts. Promote well and getpeople views on it. Draw a sketch first and then do on the software. Think about the theme andstory of the poster. Use more colour and do more research relating to the poster. Take pictures as aprofessionalIf I make next time I will present more developed idea and make a plan and go with a plan.
  3. 3. this is my finished action movie poster, I had to do exploring for this because to take range ofpictures. Also now it finished.