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Live Stock and Dairy opportunity in Punjab

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  1. 1. Overview of Livestock Sector
  2. 2. Livestock Sector - Pakistan Key Facts & Trends• Livestock sector contributes 11.3% to the national GDP• Accounts for 52% of agricultural value addition• Total investment base in livestock is valued at PKR 1 trillion• ~35 million people depend on the Livestock sector for their livelihood• Pakistan has the 3rd largest herd size in the world Source: Punjab Economic Report 2008-09
  3. 3. Herd Size - Pakistan Livestock Pop. 2000 2006 Growth (millions)Cattle 8.6 14.4 68%Buffaloes 13.2 17.8 35%Sheep 4.1 6.4 54%Goats 13.7 19.8 45%Poultry 25.0 25.9 ~4% Source: Punjab Development Statistics
  4. 4. Livestock Sector - Punjab Key Facts & Trends• Almost 75% of Punjabs rural-population is either directly or indirectly employed by the livestock sector• Sector generates approximately USD 35 billion annually• Livestock sector in Punjab is fragmented ▫ 86% of farmers have holdings of less than 5 animals• Punjab possesses the 2nd largest buffalo population in the world Source: Punjab Economic Report 2008-09 and FAOSTAT
  5. 5. Punjab’s Meat Industry Key Facts & Trends• Pakistan produced 3 million tons of meat in 2008• Demand for meat in Punjab is estimated to be growing at 6% per annum ▫ Demand/supply gap is widening at 4.2% per annum• The meat industry is fragmented and lacks formal channels ▫ A vast majority of production and distribution is primarily limited to the informal channels• There is need for investment in integrated meat processing and value-addition Source: FAOSTAT and Punjab Development Statistics
  6. 6. Punjab’s Meat Industry Key Facts & Trends (Cont’d)• Besides growing domestic demand, meat industry has enormous export potential ▫ To both traditional and non-traditional (“Halal”) markets ▫ Punjab is considered the most cost-effective region for the production of beef in South-Asia Source: FAOSTAT, Punjab Development Stats and US Dept. of Agriculture (2004)
  7. 7. Overview of Dairy Sector
  8. 8. Dairy Sector - Pakistan Key Facts & Trends• Pakistan is amongst the world’s 5 largest milk producing nations• Produces~42 billion liters annually ▫ However, only 34 billion liters becomes available for consumption due to wastage• Milk industry is under-developed and unorganized; lacks infrastructure ▫ Annual milk yield is 1000 Kg per animal per year which is roughly half of the world average• Informal channels service 97% of domestic dairy consumption while remaining 3% is serviced by formal/organized channels Source: SMEDA Reports
  9. 9. Dairy Sector - Punjab Key Facts & Trends• Punjab is the 3rd largest milk producer in the world (IFCN 2009)• Punjab’s contribution to Pakistan’s total milk production is approximately ~67% ▫ This equates to 28 billion liters annually• Milk available for consumption in Punjab falls short of demand by 15%-20 % each year ▫ Deficit is met by importing milk powder• Furthermore, demand for milk in Punjab is expected to grow 3.2% annually• Only 2%-3% of total milk produced is processed and distributed through formal, organized channels Source: Punjab Economic Report 2008-09 and FAOSTAT
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