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NOOCify the MOOC!


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Presentation slides for my Keynote on 13 September at IMETC 2015. It explores MOOC challenges, and how NOOCs (Nano Open Online Courses), NLE (Nano Learning Experience/s) and LH (Learning Hour/s) can transform how we design learning in higher education and beyond.

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NOOCify the MOOC!

  1. Zaid Ali Alsagoff
  2. How to Rescue the World of Learning? MOOC
  4. MOOC
  5. History of Online Education: History of Distance Education (Infographic): History of Online Education DISTANCE EDUCTION
  6. Educational Delivery Models
  7. What is a MOOC? A type of online course aimed at large-scale interactive participation and open access. Extracted from an infographic:
  8. 2007  David Wiley: Open Wiki-Based Course  Alec Couros: Social Media and Open Education 2008  ‘CCK08’ and other open courses  ‘MOOC’ term coined 2011  Stanford University’s Fall Class attracts 160,000+ enrolments 2012  Professor leaves Stanford to cofound UDACITY  MIT launch MITx  2 Stanford Professors launch COURSERA  MIT and Harvard launch edX 2013  The world is MOOCified! Adapted from (Slide 9): MOOC History: Milestones
  9. Source:
  10. Various MOOC Types… MOOC Infographic: Foreign Language Open Online Course (FLOOC) for developing and supporting the foreign languages (especially in non-native learners’ context). 8 FLOOC FLOOC: Nurkhamimi Zainuddin
  11. The ‘ELITIST’ MOOC Providers Unless YOU are ‘World Class’ … Forget it!
  12. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) MOOC Options?
  15. How Much Time Do WE Have? Gartner Hype Cycle Image (Jonathan Tapson, September 2013):
  16. Challenges
  18. MOOC Completion Rates 6.8% Average MOOC COMPLETION RATE is just....
  19. Source MOOC Completion Rates Average completion rates can approach 40% (and occasionally exceed it), the current average completion rate for MOOCs is approximately 15%. 15% Average MOOC COMPLETION RATE is just....
  20. Source: HarvardX findings… …of students who INTENDED TO COMPLETE a course earned a certificate. 22%
  21. Interesting to Note that for… Students who submit the first assignment (on Coursera), the completion rate leaps to… For students who are paying $50 (new Signature Track program) the pass rates… Source: Daphne Koller 45% 70%
  22. 10 Reasons Why MOOC Students Quit… 1. Takes too Much Time 2. Assumes Too Much Knowledge 3. Too Basic (Not Stanford, Oxford and MIT Level) 4. Lecture Fatigue 5. Poor Course Design 6. Clunky Community/Communication Tools 7. Bad Peer Review & Trolls 8. Surprised by Hidden Costs 9. You’re Just Shopping Around 10. You’re There to Learn (Not for Credits/Badges) Dan Colman The MOOC is free, but you have to buy my book…
  23. Four Barriers That MOOCs Must - Phil Hill Overcome To Build a Sustainable Model
  24. More About MOOCs? Start Here…
  25. NOOC
  26. “The minute I dropped out I could stop taking the required classes that didn’t interest me, and begin DROPPING IN on the ones that looked interesting.” – Steve Jobs*MOOC: Massive Open Online Course *NOOC: Nano Open Online Course
  27. Originally it was code-named... Nano-MOOC (N-MOOC) NO PRESSURE to be MASSIVE! MOOC
  28. Nano Open Online Courses (NOOCs)? NOOCs empowers learners to explore, learn and be assessed (certified) on the essentials of one competency, skill or area of knowledge at a time within 12 learning hours or less.
  29. "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein
  31. *LH: (Learner’s) Learning Hours *NLE: Nano Learning Experience *NOOC: Nano Open Online Course
  32. Why NOOC? LEARNERS FACILITATORS DESIGN  Focused  Digestible  Motivated  Time  Expertise  Resources  Manpower  Granular  Flexible MOOC
  33. Nano Learning Experience (NLE) The nucleus of a NOOC is a Nano Learning Experience (NLE) F2F Blended Online
  34. Learning Hours Vs Credit Hours LH *CH: 1 Credit Hour = 40 LH CH 2 4 3 *LH: Learning Hour =
  35. Whether LH or CH, FOCUS on…  Quality  Granularity  Engagement  Scalability  Free
  36. Discover More? Explore the Blueprint… JOIN US!
  37. FUTURE
  38. NOOC Wisdom! “Whatever can be NOOCified, should be NOOCified.”
  39. Join the NOOC Adventure?
  40. COMING SOON… September 2015 28 SUPER MEMORY 101
  42. Have a ZaidLearn! Finally, You Might Want To…
  43. Zaid Ali Alsagoff Principal Lead, e-Learning & Innovation E-mail : Blog : Slides : Twitter: IMU : DID : +603-2731 7327 Ext. : 3115