IMU Twitter 101 Learning Workshop


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This presentation (workshop) explores the basics of Twitter and how it can be used for teaching and learning.

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    Thank you so much for sharing this presentation. It came at good time since I'm learning twitter and I'm creating a wiki to support my learning.

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IMU Twitter 101 Learning Workshop

  1. Zaid Ali Alsagoff
  2. Surgeons Tweet During Brain Surgery… Video:
  3. CONTENTS1. Twitter?2. Why Use?3. Twitter Etiquette4. Twitter Language5. Twitter Hands-on6. Twitter Apps7. Tweeting Forward!
  4. Twitter?More Twitter Cartoons:
  5. Twitter in Plain English? Video URL:
  6. WHAT is Twitter? Easy way to discover the LATEST NEWS related to subjects you care about.A free Web 2.0 social networking service that allows users to send and receive short messages (140 characters or less) known as TWEETS.
  7. WHAT is Twitter? User-created communication – Text Unlimited – Links to web pages, images, video Free – Trending topics SMS! AWESOME! Multi-directional – Simultaneous 1 to 1, 1 to many, many to 1 Time-independent – Features such as @replies and #hashtags enable asynchronous communicationSource:
  8. "Whereas people might spend a long time composing acomment to a blog post or engage in lengthy, in - depthconversation on a discussion board, Twitter invites morein-the-moment interactions. It provides an easy way tomaintain connections, share thoughts, or ask for advice." - Jane Bozarth
  9. IMPORTANT! “To fully appreciate Twitter, you should have a reason for using it!” So, What is your reason for using it?Adapted from here:
  10. Why Use?More Twitter Cartoons:
  11. Did You Know? 380+ Million Users300+ Million tweets are posted per Day! Or A BILLION TWEETS every 3-4 days!Source: (Nov 24, 2011)
  12. Twitter Stats!Source:
  13. Top Language on Twitter? Top Language shares on Twitter October 2011Source:
  14. Malaysia?Asian Countries, by % of Twitter Users and Total User (Jan 2010)Source:
  15. Did You Know? I am the KING Now! Change, the KING has…Source:
  16. MOST Celebrities USE to ENGAGE! The ROCK FOLLOWS NO ONE! 87% of the Billboard Top 100 Musicians of 2010 use Twitter.Source:
  17. Top 5 Most Influential Colleges September 30th, 2011 Is a standard for measuring online influence. Use it to discover your influence and compare with others you may know.
  18. Do College/University Presidents Use…18% Use at least Occasionally5% Use Daily!Source:
  19. WHY use Twitter? Professional Networking, Research, Teaching, Learning, Collaboration, News, Information, Sharing, Updates, etc. Personal Hobby, Charity, Family, Friends, Travel, etc. David HopkinsSource:
  20. Twitter in Medical Education? Who use it? Type Examples • Medical Schools Schools Harvard Med School - @harvardmed • Hospitals Duke - @dukemedicine Yale - @yalemedicine Ohio State Medical Center - @osumc • Health Organizations University of Michigan – @UMHealthSystems Dalhousie Medical School - @DalMedSchool Hospitals Mayo Clinic – @MayoClinic • Medical Libraries Aurora St Luke’s – @Aurora_Health Health World Health Organization – @WHONews • Medical Journals Organizations Medical National Institute of Health - @nih_gov Florida Int’l Univ Medical Library - @fiumedlib • Faculty Members Libraries Yale Medical Library - @ymedlib Commonweath Medical Library - @tcmclibrary Medical Chiang Mai Thailand University Library - @cmumedlib • Students Journals British Medical Journal - @bmj_latest American Journal of Nursing - @AmJNurs PubMed - @ncbi_pubmedSource:
  21. Doctors using Twitter? @holisticmd @drval @KevinMD @FredHowardMD @joannadolgoffmd @drmikesevilla @GarthFisherMD @hjluks @Leslie_SeppinniDr. Kevin Pho @StepAheadnj @harrygreenspun @tomheston @DrEvaSelhub @DrStevesBanjo @CesarLaraMD @DrWeil@DrKimMD@DrJAshtonSource:
  22. Twitter Doctors A directory of the most influential doctors on Twitter.
  23. But, HOW? That makes sense! “Twitter is a great way to learn about what it’s like to be a doctor and to share experiences with other medical students and physicians.” Learning Diary:Examples: 1. Gather and share real-time data about interesting cases and assignments.1. Keep a learning diary. 2. Study with word play and rapid review. 3. Summarize topics to study for the day as tweets – keep a log of study topics for2. Tweet about your day review while on rotation. 4. Tweet about research studies and current (doctors/students). events. Get doctors to share links about must-read research articles and review3. Follow mentors. topics. 5. Brainstorm about a case during morning report.4. Communicate with alumni. 6. Share mnemonics.Source:
  24. Real Examples?  UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson News about educational opportunities, such as exploring clinical research.  The University of Texas Medical School News about new learning tools, such as free on-line anatomy software.  The University of Michigan Medical School To find prospective students.  Duke Medical School New construction at the medical school and news articles for patients.  The University of Missouri School of Medicine New research and grant awards.  Ohio State University Medical Conference information with students and patients.Source:
  25. 140 Ways to Use Twitter for Healthcare Disaster alerting and response Patient care reminders Issuing alerts for missing nursing home residents Diabetes management (blood glucose tracking) Crowdsourcing for health care resources Tissue recruitment Patient consultations Epidemiological survey Clinical trial awarenessHospital reputation monitoring Posting daily nursing tips Maintaining a personal health diary Augmenting telemedicine Supportive care for patients and family members Tracking disease‐specific trends Mental health awareness Emergency response team management Comparing nursing home performance Biomedical device data capture and reportingPresentation URL:
  26. Twitter Can Be Awesome For… F2F Sessions  Classroom activity  Large lectures  Seminar discussions  Conferences  Etc. Information Sharing  Events  Course updates  Latest research (articles)  Deadlines  Reading lists  Latest items (library)Twitter in the Classroom: Twitter during Conference:
  27. The Twitter Classroom Experiment Video URL:
  28. Does Twitter Hurt Grades? Results? • Twitter allows for a constant ongoing discussion that goes beyond the one hour class session. • Students took full advantage of using Twitter as a forum for their questions, generating a wide range of questions that what would typically would occur in class.Source:
  29. Twitter Adoption Matrix dfSource:
  30. Twitter EtiquetteMore Twitter Cartoons:
  31. Twitter Etiquette Check out my 24 Twitter Manners Checklist! Remember that Twitter is PUBLIC… DON’T tweet CONFIDENTIAL stuff! Twitter is NOT an IM Client (Chat)! AVOID banal food/toilet updates! Tweet REALLY INTERESTING stuff!24 Twitter Etiquette Guidelines: Adapted from:
  32. Twitter BasicsMore Twitter Cartoons:
  33. Language of Twitter Tweet: An individual post. RT (Retweet): re-telling someone else’s tweet. @username (Reply): open message to specific person. Message: Direct message to a follower (private). #Hashtag: Use Hashtag to group & track discussions (conference, seminar, classroom activity, etc.).Source:
  34. Example Tweet:UploadImage Add Click to Location Tweet @ZaidLearn Number of characters Hashtag: remaining in current Tweet/Reply to Tweet content #IMUshare tweet (counts down ZaidLearn from 140).Adapted from:
  35. Twitter Glossary
  36. Twitter Hands-on
  37. 1. Create a Twitter Account1.Go to your Full Name3.Enter your e-mail4.Choose a password5.Enter Username6.Click on Create my accountAccess Twitter from your mobile phone by going to your mobile browser and typing in or using a twitter app (e.g. TweetDeck) on your smartphone.
  38. 2. Customize Your Twitter Profile 1.Click Settings. 2.Change Your Profile Picture (and update information). 3.Customize Your Twitter Design (can change background image and colors). 4.Click Account. Tick ‘Tweet Privacy’ to make you tweets only available to people whom you approve (to follow you).Adapted from:
  39. 3. Write Your First Tweet Click Home. Tweet your first tweet (Include #IMUshare).Remember your tweet can only be up to 140 characters long. The characters will count down as you type.
  40. 4. Find People to Follow Click Who to Follow. Paste workshop participants Twitter IDs in to the ‘Search’ box. Once found, click the Follow button. Following someone on Twitter means: TIP  You are subscribing to their Tweets as a Follower. A great way to find more interesting  Their updates will appear in your timeline. people is to see who  That person has permission to send you private Tweets, called those you know or admire are following. direct messages.Adapted from:
  41. 5. @Reply a Tweet 1. Find the Tweet you want to react to on Twitter. 2. Hover your mouse over their message and click the Reply icon. 3. Complete your Tweet in the pop-up box, and click Tweet to send it. Your reply will always begin with @username (insert username of the person you are replying to). Anyone Tweet that is a reply to you will show up in your @Mentions tab on your homepage.Adapted from:
  42. 6. Retweet a Tweet 1.Hover over a Tweet. 2.Click the Retweet link, highlighted below. 3.The Tweet will then be shared with all of your followers. Twitters Retweet (otherwise known as "RT") feature helps you and others quickly share that Tweet with all of your followers. You can undo a Retweet youve made by clicking the Undo Retweet link near the Tweets actions (shown below).Adapted from:
  43. 7. Send a Direct Message 1. Click Messages (top menu bar). 2. Click the New Message button. Click to send a new message. 3. In the pop-up box, type the name or username of the person you wish to send to. 4. Enter the message you wish to privately send, and click Send. You may only send a direct message to your followers. Send a message to one of your followers by using d followed by their username.Adapted from:
  44. 8. Share a Web Link (URL) Paste the URL into the Tweet and it will be automatically shortened (to 20 characters) when tweeted. You could also use a URL-shortening service like (, which also helps you keep track of hits on your links.Adapted from:
  45. 9. Upload a Picture Upload Video? Use… 1. Click on the camera icon to upload an image. 2. Once you’ve added your image you’ll see the character count to the left of the Tweet button update (A link to the image takes up some characters). 3. Then, simply enter any text you’d like and click the Tweet button. 4. Once you’ve successfully tweeted, click on the Tweet to view the image. Twitter allows users to upload one image per Tweet. You can delete an image by deleting the Tweet containing this image, or by clicking the “x” control in the thumbnail or next to the filename to delete the current image. Once a Tweet is deleted, the image will be made unavailable. Twitpic: from: TwitVid: Yfrog:
  46. 10. Create a List Twitter users can organize others into groups, or “lists”. When you click to view a list, youll see a stream of Tweets from all the users included in that group.1. Visit the profile of the first user you would like to add to your list.2. Click the person icon . This brings up a drop-down Actions menu.3. Select Add to list.4. Enter the credentials of your list and choose whether it is Public or Private.5. Check to see if the user you wanted to add was successfully included in that list (click the person icon and select Add to list. A checkmark will be added next to lists in which that user is included. Check the boxes of lists you want to include that person in. Uncheck the box if you want to remove them from the list (Note: It is currently not possible to add yourself to a list).Adapted from:
  47. 11. Save/Create a #Hashtag The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. Saving (Following) a #hashag: 1. Enter (or paste) the hashtag into Twitter Search. (Or click the hashtag) and then Search. 2. Then click Save this Search. 3. Click Home. 4. Select the hashtag from your Searches…Done!Clicking on a hashtagged word in any message shows you all other Tweets in that category. Hashtags canoccur anywhere in the Tweet. If you tweet with a hashtag on a public account, anyone who does a search forthat hashtag may find your Tweet. Use hashtags only on Tweets relevant to the topic.Adapted from:
  48. #HashtagsVideo URL:
  49. Twitter #Hashtags Examples #MedEd – Medical Education #edchat - Education ##edutech - Educational Technology #web20chat - Web 2.0 #DistEd – Distance education and e-learning #innochat – Innovation in education #Lrnchat – Learning issues for educators #ellchat – English Language Learners Article:
  50. Healthcare #Hashtags Let’s try: #MedEdURL:
  51. Creating a #Hashtag REMEMBERMake it Unique, Short & Simple! #MedEd – Medical Education #edchat - Education ##edutech - Educational Technology #DistEd – Distance education and e-learning #Lrnchat – Learning issues for educators #ellchat – English Language Learners
  52. More Tips on Using Twitter? Presentation URL:
  53. Twitter Apps
  54. Twitter App for My Mobile Device? Tweetdeck Hootsuite Tweetdeck: Hootsuite:
  55. Real-time Updates on Tweets & Hashtags? Tools to Explore: Monitter Twitterfall  TweetGrid TweetChat Great for Q&A sessions during lectures! Monitter: TweetGrid: Twitterfall: TweetChat:
  56. Document My Twitter Discussions/ Hashtags? A tweetdoc is a document that brings together all the tweets from a particular event or search term. It allows you to keep a record of an event through twitter. Tweetdoc:
  57. Embed Twitter (Stream) on a Blog/Website? Twitter Widgets Twitter Widgets:
  58. Share Pictures & Videos?Twitpic TwitVid Yfrog Twitpic: TwitVid: Yfrog:
  59. Get Feedback Using Polls?SAP WEB 2.0 TwTpoll Poll Everywhere TwTpoll: Poll Everywhere: SAP 2.0:
  60. Filtering out the Juiciest Tweets?Newspaper: Magazine: Flipboard Flipboard:
  61. Instant Screencasts for Twitter? SCREENR Screenr:
  62. Stream/Broadcast Live on Twitter? TwitCam TwitCam:
  63. Send Direct Messages to a Group? Grouptweet Grouptweet:
  64. Create My Own Class (Twibe)? Twibes Twibes:
  65. Backup My Tweets?TweetBackup Backupmytweets TweetBackup: Backupmytweets:
  66. Stats on User Participation? Archivist Archivist:
  67. Measuring Influence?Is a standard for measuring onlineinfluence. Use it to discover yourinfluence and compare with othersyou may know. Social Mention: KLOUT:
  68. NEED HELP?
  70. Tweeting Forward
  72. Challenges1. Tools overload2. Role of Twitter in LEARNING3. Firewall blocking4. Usability & ease-of-use5. Content ownership6. Not all use Twitter7. Learner confidence & support8. Out of the comfort zone9. Control Vs. Empowerment10. Testing & assessment
  73. University Strategy? Used For:  Latest Updates  Latest Events  News  Announcements Programmes Dept/Centers  PublicationsTwitter feed for every Twitter feed for:  Class Updates programme  Library  Quick Discussions  Teaching & Learning  Collaborations  E-Learning  Share Links (URLs)  Student Services  Course updates Twitter Feeds  Healthcare Services  Q&A Courses  Learning  Academic Affairs Student Batches  Etc.  Alumni… Communities Clubs…
  74. Individual Strategy?
  75. MAGIC Twitter Learning Portion?USE Twitter to: FOLLOW relevant experts, lists and #hashtags (learning streams) to keep yourself updated with the latest discoveries in your learning domains. SHARE your own interesting discoveries (resources, ideas and events) with your students and wider learning community. ENGAGE with your students in and beyond the classroom to explore, discover, question, discuss and collaborate. BUILD your own learning communities through lists, #hashtags, and Twitter Apps. REMEMBER Twitter is just a tool (enabler)…Explore it to find your own magic portion for learning and teaching.
  76. Twouble with Twitters: SuperNews! Video:
  77. CONTACT Location I Want to & Cost? attend the workshop! Let’s Discuss!LOVED IT!
  78. Zaid Ali Alsagoff E-Learning ManagerE-mail : : : : +603-2731 7327Ext. : 3115