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Gamify Classroom Learning with the C2S2C Method!


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Presentation Slides for my talk and workshop (17 May) at the 5th National Dental Students’ Scientific Conference May 17-19th, 2013 (organized by the International Medical University).
Description: What if learning could be as engaging and addictive as Angry Birds? In this presentation, I explore how we can use game mechanics to facilitate more engaging and inspiring learning experiences for our students.

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Gamify Classroom Learning with the C2S2C Method!

  1. Zaid Ali AlsagoffC2S2CGamify Classroom Learning
  2. Do You Play at WORK….FeelingGuilty?Million minutes a day!300
  3. Why?Everyone needs a break during work!
  4. at least 4 MINUTES every hour!
  5. LET’S EXPLORE!Gamifying Classroom LearningChallenges?GamificationExamplesC2S2C MethodTools12345Moving Forward6
  7. What are the CHALLENGES withteaching/engaging today’sY-Z Generation?
  8. Let’s Visualize Today’s Students… NameWinner!4:00 Min1234
  9. STUDENTSToday’s Students?Always on Facebook!Disengaged!Demotivated!Sleeping in Class!No Time to Study!No Patience!Expects us to Reply in a Nanosecond!Googling is Thinking!
  10. Diagram:
  12. 10,000 Hour Rule!
  13. We spendhours a week as a planetplaying videogames.Did You Know? McGonigal3 Billion
  14. Gaming Hours a week into New Experts!Imagine Transforming 3 BILLION...(3 Billion / 10,000 Hours)300,000
  16. Gamification?“The process of using game thinkingand game mechanics to solveproblems and engage users.”- Gabe ZichermannSource (Slide 11):
  17. In Learning Terms, “Gamifying Means…Turning the class content and the way studentslearn into a game with a rewards system, quests,experience levels, and healthy competition…”!
  18. Game Mechanics? Constructs of rules andfeedback loops intended toproduce enjoyable gameplay. Building blocks that can beapplied and combined togamify any non-game context.
  19. Chopped out from this Infographic: BlocksBadges: Rewarded a badgefor completing a task/level.
  20. Chopped out from this Infographic: Blocks (2)
  22. FanelliMathLand (20 Levels):1. Lesson2. Practice3. Mastery Test (can redo)Gamification? Points (for completing tests) Levels Avatar Board
  23. Uses Existing Games to Amplify Learning! PaiMr. Pai featuresscalable, gamebased curriculumusing Flower Powerof,Timez Attack,,Nintendo DS, BrainAge 2, Raz-Kids, etc.
  24. A hands-on political simulation thatgives players the opportunity to explorethe connectedness of the globalcommunity through the lens of theeconomic, social, and environmentalcrises and the imminent threat of war.The goal of the game is to extricateeach country from dangerouscircumstances and achieve globalprosperity with the least amount ofmilitary intervention. As nation teams,students will gain greater understandingof the critical impact of information andhow it is used.Teaching with the World Peace Game! HunterTED Talk:
  25. LEARN WHAT? How to collaborate and communicate witheach other as they work to resolve theGames conflicts. How to compromise while accommodatingdifferent perspectives and interests. Discover that they share a deep and abidinginterest in taking care of each other.The World Peace Game?
  26. Map & Badges!Khan AcademyTED Talk: Khan
  27. BozemanScience: Moodle & Google Docs!Paul AndersenHis Method: elements of gamedesign to improve his APBiology class. The entireclass revolves aroundMoodle. Students completelevels to acquire experiencepoints and move up theleader board.
  28. Badges for Completing Tasks!Western Oklahoma State College
  29. C2S2CMethod
  30. How to Flip Students in a….
  31. GAMIFY IT! C2S2C Method to…1 Challenge2 Compete3 ShowCOURSELearningOutcome(LO)LOLOLO LOLOLOLEARNINGACTIVITY4 Score5 Celebrate!
  32. Gamification can be applied to sequential or non-sequential learning tasks/activities.o Level 3o Points (100)o Advancedo Badge (3)o Map (100%)o Ao 100%o Destinctiono Rubrico Peer-Assesso Level 2o Points (80)o Noviceo Badge (2)o Map (80%)o Bo 80%o Credito Rubrico Peer-AssessExamples:o Level 1o Points (40)o Beginnero Badge (1)o Map (40%)Examples:o Co 40%o Passo Rubrico Peer-Assess1. CHALLENGETASK/ACTIVITY1. A2. A-B3. A-B-C4. A-B-C-D5. A-B-C-D-E6. A-B-C-D-E-F7. A-B-C-D-E-F-G8. A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H9. A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I10.A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J11.A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-KGAMIFICATIONGRADING
  33. Example? 3 Hours to do this…Group Activity
  34. Consider using Rubrics as a Tool for…RubiStar (rubric creation tool):, FEEDBACK & ASSESSMENTDatabase of Rubrics:
  35. 2. COMPETE or Group
  36.  Competition Group size: 4-7 Communication Collaboration Leadership Strategy Planning IT Savvy divided Only assist if asked! Group Work
  38. 4. SCORE by Self, Peer, Teacher and/or Computer Assessment.Select Your Game Mechanics Flavor!RankSurveyBonusesCountdownRewardsRewardsStatusAvatars
  39.“All Participants vote for the best group work. If they all vote for theirown group work, my vote will decide the winner!”– Zaid AlsagoffExample: Vote for the Winner!
  40. 5. CELEBRATE“It’s NOT reallyabout winning,but using gamemechanics toengage andinspire realeffort.”- Zaid Alsagoff
  41. OER Workshop at USM (27 – 28 June, 2012)Gamifying to engage USM ACADEMICS to develop OER!
  42. 2nd OER Workshop at USM (27 – 28 August, 2012) Classroom Learning Works!
  43. TOOLS
  44. Gamify Learning via Mobile Devices! Response Systems (SRS) thatempower teachers to engage their studentsvia smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
  45. Poll EverywhereAsk aQuestionEasily create polls for your gamified activities or classes: Multiple Choice Free TextResults live inPowerPoint!Studentsanswer usingmobile devices,Twitter, or WebBrowser.23
  46. Socrative RACETeams of students answerquestions in this fast-paced rocketrace game. The team(s) that gettheir rocket the furthest across thescreen wins!
  47. Infuse Learning your students to visualizetheir creativity and ideas in acompetitive mode.InfuseDraw Guide:
  48. Classtools Create free games, quizzes, activities anddiagrams in seconds! Host them on your own blog, website orintranet! No signup, no passwords, no charge! for Classroom Learning: video:
  49. Raptivity
  50. Knowledge Guru
  51. 102 Free EduGames to Spice Up Your…Learning Environment!
  52. “Don’t gamify everything, but at least considergamifying the ‘BORING’ stuff!”– Zaid AlsagoffImage source:
  54. FUN IS THE FUTURE!! Zichermann
  55. Seven Tips!1. Gamify grading with levels besides alphabets orpercentages.2. Award students with badges for completed tasks.3. Integrate educational video games into yourcurriculum.4. Stir up a little competition.5. Implement a class-wide rewards system toencourage top students to help weaker students.6. Gamify homework to inspire more effort.7. Use social media tools to gamify social interactionand provide continuous feedback.Adapted from:
  58. Gamification Course?
  59. Gamification Books? gamification books:
  60. Site?
  61. Dr. Mohamed Amin Embi
  62. aZaidLearn!Finally, You Might Want To…
  63. Zaid Ali AlsagoffE-Learning ManagerE-mail : zaid.alsagoff@gmail.comBlog : : : +603-2731 7327Ext. : 3115