Blending Quality Learning to Survive the MOOC Invasion


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The presentation slides for my talk at the 2nd Blended Learning Symposium on 28 November 2013 at UCSI University, Kuala Lumpur. The talk first focuses on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and how they will play a critical role in triggering Higher Education institutions around the world to accelerate the urgency to innovate their learning and teaching models. The second half of the talk will focus on how we can transform the students’ learning experiences using a blended approach infusing Flipped Classroom, Brain-Designed learning, Gamification, more authentic assessment methods, etc.

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  • Thanks for mentioning us at #22 We started a year before Coursera, Udcity, EdX ... We are Free to use and have no outside funding or advertising. 170 courses lead to University Credit Test Out options AP/CLEP/DSST/NYU-SCPS. WMA has 740 courses from primary through Graduate level lectures, syllabus, text, textbooks, forums, G+ hangouts & Tests.
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Blending Quality Learning to Survive the MOOC Invasion

  1. Blending Quality Learning to Survive the MOOC Invasion Zaid Ali Alsagoff
  2. Let’s First Do Some… SUPERBRAIN Yoga …To ENERGIZE and ACTIVATE the brain by synchronizing ALPHA brain waves. Video: Super Brain Yoga (research report: Super Brain Yoga (SlideShare): Instructions:
  3. How to Rescue the World of Learning? MOOCs
  4. “…The single BIGGEST CHANGE in education since the printing press.“ Anant Agarwal (President, edX)
  5. Agenda 1. MOOCs 2. Blended Learning 3. Learning Trends 4. Moving Forward
  6. 1 MOOCs
  8. History of Online Education DISTANCE EDUCTION History of Online Education: History of Distance Education (Infographic):
  9. What is a MOOC? Massive Open Online Course Extracted from an infographic: A type of online course aimed at large-scale interactive participation and open access.
  10. Source:
  11. MOOC History: Milestones 2007  David Wiley: open wiki-based course  Alec Couros: Social Media and Open Education 2008  ‘CCK08’ and other open courses  ‘MOOC’ term coined 2011  Stanford University’s Fall Class attracts 160,000+ enrolments 2012     Professor leaves Stanford to cofound UDACITY MIT launch MITx 2 Stanford Professors launch COURSERA MIT and Harvard launch edX 2013  The world is MOOCified! Adapted from (Slide 9):
  12. MOOC Example? STANFORD UNIVERSITY EXPERIMENT Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig offered a "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" course online to anyone, for free. A few weeks later, over 160,000 students in more than 190 countries enrolled in their first class.
  13. More Importantly… 23,000 students passed! (253 got perfect scores)  410 online students outperformed the top Stanford student!  Students were teaching students (Q&A online forum with voting system).  Students themselves translated the class for free from English into 44 languages. More: More:
  14. Then Sebastian Thrun Left Stanford University and co-founded Udacity…
  15. Is a for-profit educational organization founded by…
  16. Udacity’s Mission is to Bring accessible, affordable, engaging, and highly effective higher education to the world. Higher education is a basic human right!
  17. Udacity’s Learning Flavor? 4 1 5 3 2 6
  18. Use Meetup to Connect Students to Meet up and study together in the physical world!
  19. In-person tutorials for MOOCs? "We think humans and in-person interaction must be part of the future of education."
  20. MOOCs: Interaction, Feedback & Assessment? Approaches Examples 1. Crowd-sourced interaction & feedback • • • • • • • • Peer-review Assignments (peer-grading) Forums Group collaboration (Wikis) Blogs (assignments) Micro-blogging (Twitter) Facebook & Google+ (Discussion/Group Work) RSS feeds (aggregation) Other Social Media/Web 2.0 tools. 2. Automated feedback • • • • Quizzes Exams (Mid-term, final, etc.) Auto-corrected simulations Etc. Adapted from:
  21. The ‘ELITIST’ MOOC Providers Unless YOU are ‘World Class’ … Forget it!
  22. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) MOOC Options? World Mentoring Academy
  23. Largest MOOC Provider in Terms of Students? 5,5+ Million …Learning from 542 Courses, from Coursera 107 Partners. *As of 19/11/2103 Top 9 courses (Lifetime enrollment):
  24. The World’s Largest MOOC to Date? 320,000 *As of 19/11/2103 Enrolled Students
  25. Did You Know… 2012 MIT and Harvard have invested $60 million ($30 million each) to launch the collaboration. Anant Agarwal President, edX
  26. Top 10 MOOC-Providing Universities *As of 5 July, 2013 Source (p. 20):
  27. MOOCs Invading Europe? *As of 31/10/2013
  28. Worldwide Growth Since March 2013… *As of 31/10/2013
  29. World Distribution of MOOCs by Subject *As of 31/10/2013
  30. MOOCs for the Arab World? The Queen Rania Foundation is Partnering with edX to Create First MOOC Portal for the Arab World. 11/07/2013 Source:
  31. MOOCs for China? Tsinghua University launched its own platform partnering with
  32. First ‘Malaysia Boleh’ MOOCs?
  33. MOOC Platform for Malaysia? Partner with ?
  34. Challenges?
  36. Four Barriers That MOOCs Must Overcome To Build a Sustainable Model - Phil Hill
  37. The average MOOC completion rate is just.... 6.8%
  38. 10 Reasons Why MOOC Students Quit… 1. Takes too Much Time 2. Assumes Too Much Knowledge 3. Too Basic, Not Really at the Level of Stanford, Oxford and MIT The MOOC is free, 4. Lecture Fatigue but you have to buy 5. Poor Course Design my book… 6. Clunky Community/Communication Tools 7. Bad Peer Review & Trolls 8. Surprised by Hidden Costs 9. You’re Just Shopping Around 10. You’re There to Learn, Not for the Credential at the End Dan Colman
  39. Interesting to Note that for…  Students who submit the first assignment (on Coursera), the completion rate leaps to…  For students who are paying $50 (new Signature Track program) the pass rates… 45% 70% Source: Daphne Koller
  40. Potential MOOC Business Models? Source (page 10):
  41. MOOC Income Model Possibilities? Endowment Certification Employee Recruitment Institutional Government Donations Advertising Membership Applicant Screening Sponsorship
  42. Business Model Example: Coursera Earn a Verified Certificate with Signature Track 39
  43. Business Model Example: Coursera 1
  44. Business Model Example: Coursera 2
  45. From MOOC Courses to…. The Georgia Institute of Technology, Udacity and AT&T have teamed up to offer the first accredited Master of Science in Computer Science that students can earn exclusively through the MOOC delivery format for $6,600 (US Dollars).
  46. Image Source:
  47. Great for Learning, Bad for Business? “Students will only continue to pay real money for university degrees if they continue to add much more value than other cheaper and more convenient educational experiences and credentials.” - Sean Gallagher & Geoffrey Garrett Source:
  48. “Fifteen years from now more than half of the universities will be in bankruptcy, including the state schools” - Clayton Christensen
  50. How Much Time Do WE Have? Gartner Hype Cycle Image (Jonathan Tapson, September 2013): McMOOC image:
  51. Are you up for the Challenge? Curt Bonk Source:
  52. MOOCs WON’T KILL Campus Education! MOOCs are here to stay, so DEAL WITH IT! MOOCs will force us to rethink and TRANSFORM CAMPUS EDUCATION!
  53. More About MOOCs…Start Here?
  54. 2 Blended Learning
  55. Blended Learning? Online 1) At least in part through online learning, with some element of student control over time, place, path, and/or pace; + 2) At least in part in a supervised brick-andmortar location away from home; and F2F 3) The modalities along each student’s learning path within a course are connected to provide an integrated learning experience. *F2F: Face-to-Face Clayton Christensen Institute (Source): = Blended learning refers to a formal education program in which a student learns: Blended
  56. Blended Learning Matrix?
  57. Clayton Christensen Institute (Source):
  58. 3 Learning Trends
  59. How to TRANSFORM our Students’ Learning Experiences?
  60. 21st Century Educators Don’t Say… Hand It In! They say, Publish It!
  61. Brain-Designed Learning… John Medina …to stimulate the Brain and maximize Students’ potential. Brain Rules: Brain-Targeted Teaching:
  62. Rethink Classroom Learning! Infographic: Introduction Video:
  63. Jackie Gerstein
  64. Reuse/Remix OER & Repurpose MOOCs... For Course Content! dScribe: *OER: Open Educational Resources
  65. Build e-Learning Content Rapidly… Co-Create content with students? Chunked Juicily (1 - 10 min) for Mobile Learning!
  66. Use Interactive Web Tools to Spice Up… Classroom Learning!
  67. Students and Faculty using Interactive Web Tools…. Buzz me if you want to LEARN HOW… *Pictures taken by Hasnain Zafar Baloch (Senior Instructional Designer, IMU). Hasnain Zafar Baloch
  68. Construct Learning Spaces that… INSPIRE STUDENTS to Connect, Collaborate, Think and Learn!
  69. LMS Steve Wheeler, University of Plymouth, 2011 Empower Personal Learning Environments (PLEs)! “Rather than integrating different tools into a centralized system, the idea is to provide the learner with a myriad of tools and hand over control to her to select, combine and use the tools the way she deems fit.”. - Mohamed Amine Chatti Remixed version from:
  70. Social Media & Web 2.0/3.0/x.0 Social Connectivity diagram (slide 12):
  71. Bloom’s Digital Taxonomies! Web 2.0 iPad Google M O R E Android
  72. Interact & Collaborate Using… Various Web 2.0 Tools! IMU Webinar Series (example):
  73. Embrace Multi-Device Learning! Bring Your Own Devices (BYODs) Inspired by:
  74. Use Augmented Reality & Wearable Technologies… …To Transform Learning & Teaching Experiences! Google Glass in Education: Infographic:
  75. Empower Educators & Student with 3D Printers…  To Create 3D models that illustrate complex concepts or illuminate novel ideas, designs, and even chemical and organic molecules.  “Imagine Medical Students rapid prototyping and building artificial body parts.” Why Imagine only, when you can do it! Article:
  76. Gamify Student Learning Experiences!
  77. In Learning Terms, “Gamifying Means… Turning the class content and the way students learn into a game with a rewards system, quests, experience levels, and healthy competition…” Is NOTHING New!
  78. Example: Uses Moodle & Google Docs! Uses elements of game design to improve his AP Biology class. The entire class revolves around Moodle. Students complete levels to acquire experience points and move up the leader board. His Method: Paul Andersen BozemanScience:
  79. 2S 2C C Method
  80. Use C2S2C Method to… LO LO LO COURSE LO LO LO 5 Celebrate! 4 Score Learning Outcome (LO) 3 Show 2 Compete 1 LEARNING ACTIVITY Challenge GAMIFY IT!
  81. Discover the C2S2C Method Here…
  82. Infuse Creativity & STORIFY Learning! “BULLETS stick for exams, STORIES stick for life” – Zaid Ali Alsagoff!
  83. Use a Variety of Methods to Assess More… Rubrics E-Portfolio Peer-Assessment Learning Analytics AUTHENTIC Learning & Empower PERSONALIZED Learning!
  84. For Tracking Online/Offline Learning Experiences!
  85. 4 Moving Forward
  86. BIG Challenges Ahead!  Finding your NICHE among multiple educational delivery models.  The NEW LEGITIMACY of Online Education will lead to new pressures.  Online Education will INCREASE COMPETITION. Adapted from:
  87. Blending Quality Learning Environments? 1. Explore possibilities to discover the right blend of 2. Empower student-centered learning experiences that embrace higher order thinking skills and mastery learning. 3. Design collaborative and engaging learning experiences using social media, rapid e-learning tools and reusing/remixing OER/MOOC content (when possible). 4. Assess learning continuously (formative & summative) using a variety of methods to measure more authentic learning. Online + F2F = online and F2F learning to transform the courses. Blended
  88. Blending Quality Learning Environments? 5. Personalize learning using adaptive assessment Online 6. Encourage student ownership through negotiation and co-creation of learning targets and experiences. + 7. Transform ourselves to become better educators F2F proactively by always embracing change and exploring possibilities. = technologies and learning analytics. Blended Smart Sparrow (Adaptive e-Learning):
  89. One More Thing… LEARNING SHOULD BE FUN, TOO!
  90. Finally, You Might Want To… Have a ZaidLearn!
  91. Zaid Ali Alsagoff E-Learning Manager E-mail : Blog : Slides : Twitter: IMU : DID : +603-2731 7327 Ext. : 3115