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25 EduBlogs You Simply Don’t Want to Miss!


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25 EduBlogs that will assist you to keep track of the present and future of learning, teaching, content and technology.

Published in: Technology, Education
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25 EduBlogs You Simply Don’t Want to Miss!

  2. RSS Explore Learn Reflect
  3. To Keep track of your EduBlogs! favorite EduBlogs!
  5. My Learning Network! Who?
  6. Online Learning Connectivism E-Learning 2.0 Tags A Trends Goldmine! OER
  7. Connectivism Knowledge Technology Community Networks Learning
  9. Learning Tools!
  10. 60-Minute Masters in Instructional Design!
  12. Audio Books Music Free Online Courses & Lectures from Great Universities News Ideas & Culture Science
  16. One of the top technologists in e-Learning and Support. Performance Support.
  17. Dedicated to discussions and reflections on the use of Weblogs, wikis, RSS, audiocasts and other Read/Write Web related technologies. technologies.
  18. “The true educator is member of a sacred profession. profession. ends. Learning is a journey which never ends. Every day true teachers make positive differences in the lives actions. of other learners through their words and actions. This blog exists to document my own journey of personal growth, as well as facilitate collaborative growth, others… thinking with others…”
  19. Helps you communicate more effectively with New Media Technologies.
  20. Informal Learning, Web 2.0 and Learning, Thinking. Systems Thinking.
  21. Focuses on resources that are freely available on the Internet and which may education. be used in education.
  23. “If there is one fundamental about successful teaching that all teachers must adhere to is this simple maxim, “There is no teaching if there is no learning.” learning. This maxim shows that teaching and learning is simply two sides of the same other. coin and one cannot exist without the other.”
  24. Practical ideas that will help you create lively, powerful e-learning for adults in the world. business world.
  25. Explores how social media can be harnessed for public service and education management and learning. used to improve learning.
  26. Technogogy quot; is the convergence of technology, pedagogy and content in the transformative use of technology to learning. foster learning.quot;
  27. An excellent avenue “free for “free online professional development.” development.”
  28. “…Seek advice regarding Free and Open Source Software as well as Free and Open Resources for Education, or explore some of my ideas about concepts such as Education 3.0, eLearning, Enterprise 2.0, and other me. things that interest me.”
  30. A site dedicated to tracking the changes today. occurring in education today.
  32. Just RSS ZaidLearn! Too much LEARNING JUICE to leave!
  34. Free eBook! 69 Learning Adventures in 6 Galaxies!
  35. Have a ZaidLearn! ZaidLearn!