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Ban on Gutka


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Ban on Gutka

  1. 1. Presented by: Group : A (BBA)Presented to : Sir Abdul AllahTeam Members: Zaib Mirza Owais Khan Amir Ali Faheem Shams
  2. 2. Gutka is a powdery, granular light brownish to white substance.Within moments, the gutka begins to dissolve and turn deep red in color.It is sold in small aluminum foil sachets.The only known use of this product is that it is put in the mouth and then chewed and sucked.
  3. 3. Betel NutsLimestoneKathaTobaccoChaliyaCrushed glassLime used for flavoring
  4. 4.  Mouth Cancer Stomach cancer Tongue Cancer Heart diseases Eyesight Problem Blood Pressure Psychological problem
  5. 5. CancerMouth CancerTongue CancerThroat cancer
  6. 6. Lead to loss of appetite, promote unusual sleep patterns, and loss of concentration. Prominently stained teeth ranging from dirty yellowish-orange to reddish-black.Generally spat onto a wall or at the ground, causing an unsightly red stain that is quite resistant to the elements.More than 2,500 people in our country die every day due to diseases caused by tobacco and its related products. Cancer to a person devastates his family as all savings are spent on the treatment of the disease.
  7. 7. Gutkha use can begin at a very young age. Due to its often Social custom does notpermit children to eat gutka flavourful taste, easy so eventually becomes availability andanother habit tough to quit. cheapness Exhibit Symptoms of precancerous cancer appear by lesions at a high school or very early age college age. as a result.
  8. 8. Guthka Industry• The consumer base of tobacco in India stands at 34.6% of all adults . while 75% of Indian tobacco consumers use non‐smoking tobacco products such as gutkha and paan masala.• The gutkha market in India is worth INR150bn ‐ INR 200bn. Sachets of several brands are sold through paan shops thus easily accessible to everyone.
  9. 9. Why the BAN?? A Supreme Court ruling states that since pan masala, gutkha Gutkha is proved to and supari are eaten contain carcinogens for taste and nourishment, they are all considered food. Rule 2.3.4 of the Food Safety and Standards Subsequently various (Prohibition and states have banned Restrictions on Sales) the sale, manufacture Regulations, 2011. and distribution of under centrally gutkha enacted FSR act 2011
  10. 10. What we have observed is that there are so manychildren having habit of gutkha.Children of our society start this habbit at veryearly age. Because guthkha’s cost is very much affordable forthem. Gutkha is available from Rs 5 /- in the market.
  11. 11. Parent even avoid to oppose them because most ofthe time they don’t understand that there childrenare having gutkha. And most of the children start their habit with thisand they may go up to drugs, and it is even costly, forgetting this they start stoling things from home &neighbored.After some time we find them becoming bigcriminals
  12. 12. The injurious substance is being sold at thousandsof ‘paan shops’ in the city uninterruptedly. A private TV channel reported that 30 percent ofmen, women and children in Karachi are habitualand addicted to the use of the substance.They said that 18 town and cantonment areas ofthe city are selling Gutka at liberty and without fearof any intervention from any authority.
  13. 13. E.g. Monthly Income: Rs/=12000Cost of gutka per Packet: 10Consumption of gutka per day: 10*10=100 packetTotal money spent on gutka: 3000
  14. 14. Suppose one person is eating 25 pouches in aday and is taking pouch of rs.8/- Then he is wasting his Rs.200/- on it. In this Rs.200/- he can buy around ½ kgalmonds or Kajus.
  15. 15. We will try to help people from leaving their thisbad habit.If they wish we would even use their money insome useful things like saving children from thishabit.To stop child labor.To feed needed people.To provide educational kits to poor & needypeople.
  16. 16. To stop habit of gutka eater, We will try to stop people from gutka eating. Gutkha may cause cancer to eater but it is Spoilingour society, this is a slow poison.
  17. 17.  If we consider cost of Gutkha Pouch @ 1/- oneperson spend 1x25x365=9125/-per year, and @ 4/-per pouch the cost goes to 4x25x365=36500/- ,and@ 8/- the cost goes to 8x25x365=73000/-. So gutkha eater stops his habit and try to helppeople he can feed 6 persons twice a day in his costof purchasing gutkha pouches.
  18. 18. Government should take steps to completely banuse of the substance.Gutka seriously affects environment in whichpeople breathe, but those taking it do not refrainfrom the habit.The news report stresses the need to takeemergent steps to practically disallow anddiscourage use of Gutka and safe people fromindulging in the habit.