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No284 newslettr daily e-2-11_2013


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No284 newslettr daily e-2-11_2013

  1. 1. 2013/11/2 -NO. (284) The battles are raising in Sbainah…And an attack on checkpoints in Qunitra The leader of Free Army is between Asserting and denying PAGE 3 The smuggler of wounded people to the Israeli hospitals is arrested PAGE 3 An Ambush in the countryside of Idleb A Tunnel under the central prison… And ISIS burned the civil PAGE 4 registers in Aleppo Syria and the West… Relations again PAGE 2
  2. 2. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )284( Page NO .2 2013/11/2 The battles are raising in Sbainah…And an attack on checkpoints in Qunitra The fierce battles are raising between the Syrian Arab army and the gunmen of opposition in the southern countryside of Damascus ,where a military source stated that the forces of Syrian Arab army targeted hideouts of the gunmen in Gazallah , the large Sbainah and the small Sbainah, while the sources of the opposition said that the southern districts of Damascus were bombed by the Syrian Arab army who progressed in Sbainah ,where it targeted a gathering of gunmen’s leaders and it killed 27 gunmen, and it dominated many regions there. The fierce confrontations are still continued on the axis of Bour Saeed and toward Gazallah town ,the source added that the clashes are still continued in Beet Saham,Hujera , Almudameiah and Alhajar Alaswad. Also, a military source mentioned that units of the Syrian Arab army had killed 30 gunmen in Rima farms in Yabroud and it targeted the gunmen hideouts in Jobar,Zamalka,MarJ Alsultan and Almeliha and it killed “Loay Almarhom ,Yasser Habash and Radwan Rajeh”. While the correspondent of Almayadeen channel stated that an attack of the armed groups on the checkpoints of the Syrian Arab army in Qunitera and Alsalam highway led to cut the main way which connects Drwsha with Khan Alsheih . In Zabadani in the countryside of Damascus, four citizens had been killed as a result of firing on people by gunmen . A Tunnel under the central prison A military source in the countryside of Aleppo said that units of the Syrian Arab army found in Alsufeirah 6 factories for manufacturing the explosive devices and it dismantled 700 explosive devices were planted in the city and it seized 26 mortar guns and five field hospitals, three depots of ammunition and missile-launcher .The units destroyed 35 cars were provided with heavy machine guns and two cars were armed forces announced its complete control on Alsufeirah in the southern-eastern countryside of Aleppo.In other hand, informal sources said that the Syrian Arab army found a tunnel under the central prison of Aleppo which is a way for breaking into it .Also, six citizens had been killed and fourteen person were injured as a result provided with anti-air craft of falling mortars on Alfaid cannons. The general lead- and Alesmailiah districts in ership of the army and the Aleppo
  3. 3. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )284( 2013/11/2 Page NO .3 An Ambush in the counISIS burned the civil registers in Aleppo tryside of Idleb Opponents in Albab city said In the countryside of Idleb,a military source said that unit of the army in cooperation with the special missions battalion and depending on the information of the people made an ambush of “ Al-Sham eagles brigade” gunmen between Almastoumah and Qminass villages ,wher many gunmen were killed and it seized a car ,mortars and 50 shells ,wireless devices and RPG gun.While the leadership of “Jond Allah’ gathering announced in its statement the disappearance the leader of Yussef Alazma brigade “ Anas Abed Alhameed Alzeer ” during his attending a military meeting in Sarmeen in the countryside of Idleb yesterday.In Homs, many rocket shells had been fallen on Almishrafah town without injuring any one, while clashes happened between the Syrian Arab army and the opposition gunmen in Rastan,Talbisah and Alwaeer. In the countryside of Lattakia, the Syrian Arab army killed the Emir of ISIS “Mohamed Alyamani” in Salmah, Marg Kokha village that the gunmen of the Islamic state in Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) burned the civil registers and the documents in the city and they throw it in the rubbish In spite of the calls of the local elected council who rejected this action. The gunmen of ISIS announced that they confiscated weapons and guns were made in America during their entering the hideouts of “ Bader martyrs brigade” by the leader Khaled Haiani in Bani Zaied in Aleppo ,while the 16 battalion which is affiliated to the Free Army announced its standing with “Bader martyrs brigade” and it warned ISIS of aggravations in Aleppo.A website of the Muslims Brotherhood in Syria reported that the ISIS in Syria issued a memorandum for arresting the head of Aljmaa Shoura council “Hatem Altabshi” after warning him of Takfir ( refusing the believes of the other) in his speech yesterday. The smuggler of wounded people to the Israeli hospitals …is arrested peopleof the Free army to Israeli hospitals inside the Palestinian lands and this after arresting him by the general directorate of the Lebanese security after their A Syrian man admitted of doubts about smuggling smuggling the wounded goods by him The leader of Free Army is between Asserting and denying The leader of the Free Army Riad Alassaad denied what the media said about his killing with many other gunmen during a raid strike of the Syrian Arab army at Rabiaa village in the countryside of Latakia. He asserted that he is fine and he lives inside Syria and he will stay fight with the Free Army. Activists on the social communication pages published a photograph of Alasaad and he is injured
  4. 4. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )284( 2013/11/2 Page NO .4 Al-Ebrahemi “Warrior without weapon” The Syrian opponent Waleed Albouni considered that the UN and the Arab envoy to Syria Alakdar Al-Ebrahimi a “warrior without weapon” and he cannot afford to the Syrians what encourage them to attnd the Geneva conference 2, and Albouni said that Al-Ebrahimi and other countries that are concerned of the Syrian case could not implement any item of Geneva1 resolutions, for example, releasing thousands of the arrested people, breaking the blockade of civil in the Syrian provinces and entering the humanitarian aids to it Syria and the West… Relations again The Center for Strategic Conflicts Forum in its weekly report asserted that the western intelligence agencies, Germany, France and Britain restored its relations with the Syrian counterpart. And many western countries seek to reopen its embassies in Damascus, the report added that some countries of the Arabin Gulf made informal calls with Syrian officials and it expressed its discontent of the Gulf Cooperation Council resolution to cut ties with Syria.