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My Name Is Taylor Hays


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Published in: Sports, Education
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My Name Is Taylor Hays

  1. 1. I live near…
  2. 2. Hays leads team to Taylor Hays led the Lady Hatters Soccer Team to a victory againstNorth Penn with a score of …Taylor Hays raises five thousand for local charitywww.helpinghandscommunity/localhelper -taylor+hays -­‐  Feb 14, 2021 We were amazed with the work biology teacher, Taylor Hays,did in her spare time as she raised near over …Biology Teacher. Taylor Hays, wins High School would like to congratulate Miss. Taylor Hays onwinning the National Young Educator Award …Player Bio: Taylor Hays WEST CHESTER RAMS Official Athletic 2013-2016 , Taylor Hays. West Chester Women’s Soccer Team. WCSU Inc.
  3. 3. I  hope  to  become   A  Biology  Teacher     (Secondary  Educa:on)  
  4. 4. This  is  a  good  fit  for  me  because…  1.  I  enjoy  biology  2.  I  work  well  with   others  3.  I  love  helping   others  and  hope   to  make  a   posi:ve   difference  
  5. 5. Raise  three  thousand  dollars  for  the  Make-­‐A-­‐Wish  Foundation  
  6. 6. This  dream  fits  me  because…   1.  I  am  a  hard  worker   2.  I  care  about  others   3.  I  am  crea:ve,  so  I   will  be  able  to  think   crea:ve  ways  to   raise  money  
  7. 7. Some of my strongest traits are… Kindness Determination Creativity
  8. 8. Running track Drawing Working with others Playing soccerGetting  good  grades  in  school  
  9. 9. Things I would like to do again Be a good friend Be a positive person Help others Be responsible Be a leader
  10. 10. Things I would like to NOT do  Get down on myself  Treat others badly  Not do my best  Lie to others  Be selfish
  11. 11. Other  info  about  me    Personality  Type:  ISFJ      I  am  determined  to  be   successful  by  working  hard  and  never   giving  up.  I  know  I  can  accomplish  my   dreams  if  I  stay  focused.  No  matter   what  anyone  says  I  will  always  stay   true  to  myself.  I  will  stay  strong  and   find  ways  to  still  enjoy  myself  when   things  get  hard.  I  have  a  great  family   and  group  of  friends  who  I  know  will   support  me.  I  am  so  grateful  for  all  I   have  and  can  not  wait  to  see  what  my   future  holds  for  me.  Contact:    
  12. 12. I    hope  you  got  a  better  understanding  of  who  I  am