L.Plan Physics F4


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L.Plan Physics F4

  1. 1. LESSON PLAN Subject : Physics Topic : Force and Motion Subtopic : Acceleration and Deceleration Form : 4B Date : 16 February 2009 Time : 1.20 pm – 2.20 pm Duration : 60 minutes Number of students : 44 students Learning outcome : At the end of the lesson, students should be able to: i. Define acceleration and deceleration and state that a=v–u. t ii. Calculate speed and velocity. iii. Calculate acceleration and deceleration. iv. Solve problems on linear motion with uniform acceleration using • v = u + at. • s = ut + ½ at2. • v2 = u2 + 2as. Prior knowledge : In form 2, students already learnt the basics of force and motion on land. They also learn about speed in learning area of dynamic. Learning material : Microsoft Power Point, exercise handouts, marker pen, white board. Attitudes and values : Thinking rationally, being cooperative, being confident and independent, hardworking, and thinking skills and high self- esteem. Scientific skills : Observing, defining operationally, measuring and using numbers, inferring, relating and communicating.
  2. 2. Procedure/Time Content/Learning Outcomes Activity of student and teacher Material and Method From the previous lesson, students had learnt • Elicitation of Method Teacher greets the students with a very ideas about: - Questioning and good morning and seeks for students’ • ( 10 minutes ) answering Distance and displacement. readiness to learn. Teacher state about the previous lesson Material • • Speed and velocity. - Power Point to recall students’ prior knowledge. • v = s/t ; rate of change of distance of • Teacher shows some animations of car • v = s/t; rate of change in different situation to the students. displacement. • Students are given 1 minute to observe • The SI unit for speed and velocity. the animations shown. • Teacher asks the students about the situation happen to the car and what it is relate to. • Students answer the question based on the observation. The objectives of today’s lesson are: Define acceleration and deceleration • • Teacher state the objective of the lesson to the students. and state that a = v – u t • Calculate acceleration and deceleration.
  3. 3. • Step 2 What is the definition of acceleration and Teacher shows the animations of the Method Restructuring of deceleration? - Explanation car and a series of dots produced by the • ideas - Questioning and State the definition of acceleration car when it is accelerates. ( 20 minutes ) answering • and deceleration. Teacher asks the students about what ~ Acceleration is a measure of how quickly the series of dots refer to. Students are given 2 minutes to think Material velocity changes. • - Power Point ~ Acceleration is defined as the rate of and response to the question. Teacher asks the students what happen - Marker pen change of velocity with time. • - White board when • State the equation of acceleration: • Teacher asks the students about the a=v–u definition of acceleration or t deceleration based on what they • State that a negative value for a observed and answered before. deceleration. • Students are given 2 minutes to define acceleration and deceleration. • Teacher asks about the equation of acceleration and asks about the differences of acceleration and deceleration. • • Step 3 Students are given two questions Method Activity in group to solve problem by Application of - Explanation using the equation of acceleration. related with acceleration and
  4. 4. ideas deceleration. - Questioning and • ( 10 minutes ) answering. Students are given 3 minutes to think and solve the problem in front of the Material - Power Point class. Teacher discusses the solution of the - White board • - Marker pen problem with the students. • Step 5 Closure Teacher states the objectives achieved Method • Reflection - Explaining Pop quiz on that day. ( 10 minutes ) Students work in group and will be -Questioning and • • Motivation answering given a question at a time. Students are given 1 minute to answer Material • the question and each group will give - Power Point - Gifts the answer of their own. • Teacher will give 5 marks to group which give the correct answer and 0 marks for wrong answer. • Teachers will discuss the answer if the students give wrong answer. • The group that collects the greater marks will receive a gift from teacher.
  5. 5. • Step 6 Conclusion Teacher gives a question paper to Method • ( 10 minutes ) students to solve it at home and will - Explanation Homework Material discuss the question on the next class. the - Question paper • Teacher gives motivation to students to make more exercise and revision in order to get A in Physics lesson.