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Pitch foundation TheFamily

  1. 1. The information contained in this document is being provided on a confidential basis to the recipient solely for the purpose of evaluating TheFamily (“TheFamily” or the “Company”). The document is intended for the exclusive use of the persons to whom it is given. By accepting a copy of this document, the recipient agrees, foritself and its related bodies corporate, and each of their directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives and advisers, to maintain the confidentiality of this information. Any reproduction or distribution of this document, in whole or in part, or any disclosure of its contents, or use of any information contained herein for anypurpose other than to evaluate an investment in the Association, is prohibited. The information contained in this document or subsequently provided to the recipient whether orally or in writing by, or on behalf of the Association, or any of its respective related bodies corporate, or any of their respective partners, owners, officers,employees, agents, representatives and advisers (the “Parties”) is provided to the recipient on the terms and conditions set out in this notice.TheFamily
  2. 2. TheFamily is an accelerator, whosemission is to support early stagestartups from [0] to [1] througheducation & unfair advantages.TheFamily
  3. 3. Alice Zagury, Cofounder & CEOFormer Le Camping Manager1st startup Accelerator in France• 36 startups created in 3 batches• Fundraised a € 1.2M budget (+75% from private partners)• 18 startups raised more than €5M (50% in USA)• 4 startups sent to the top 10 acceleratorsTechstars Boston, IO Ventures, WebFWD & Excelerate Labs• Partnerships with BNP-Paribas, Orange, Google & SNCF• They came to Le Camping:Eric Schmidt, David Drummond, Jacques-Antoine Granjon,Xavier Niel, Brad Feld, Bob DorfOussama Ammar, Cofounder &PartnerFormer Le Camping Entrepreneur In ResidenceSciences Po Teacher & former Founding-CEO of Hypios• 5 companies created with 2 exits• 3M$+ fundraised for Hypios• Lived in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Paris & Lebanon• 21 angels Investments (e.g. LocalMotion & Startup Genome)• Teaches entrepreneurship in Sciences Po Paris• Advised Brazilian officials on Ecosystem issues related to SV• Helped startups fundraise more than 10M $ in 2011-2012Nicolas Colin, CofounderPublished a report commissioned by the FrenchGovernment on the digital economyFormer Founder CEO of 1x1connect & co-founder of StandAlone Media• Co-author of “LAge de la multitude” with Henri Verdier.• Graduated from the ENA• Worked as an Inspecteur des finances• Teaches at Telecom Bretagne and at Sciences Po. Used towork as an expert for the Institut Montaigne and the Conseil desPrélèvements Obligatoires.• Member of think thanks Futurbulences and Club du 6 main, &of the steering committee of the Rules for Growth Institute andCap Digital.TheFamilyThey Met & the Magic Happens
  4. 4. Silicon Valley ParisStartup Output Index 1st 14thFunding Index 1st 13thCompany Performance Index 1st 4thTalent Index 1st 17thSupport Index 1st 6thMindset Index 1st 12thTrendsetter Index 1st 15thDifferentiation from SV Index 1st 6thSource: Startup Ecosystem Report 2012TheFamilyThe French Startup Ecosystem Is Toxic
  5. 5. A Startup Isn’t a Smaller Version of a Large CompanyStartup ˈstärt-ˌəp - noun1. A STARTUP IS A TEMPORARY ORGANIZATION IN SEARCH OF ASCALABLE, REPEATABLE AND PROFITABLE BUSINESS MODEL.See also:A scalable startup is designed by intent from day one to become a largecompany. Scalable startups aim to provide a tremendous return to theirfounders and investors.Applying rules of established companies to startups is irrelevant,distracting and clearly damaging while growing and managing a startup.TheFamily
  6. 6. TheFamilyFor the past 20 years, the French ecosystem has been focusing on SMEresulting in a nonproductive mechanism designed to enhance theemergence of massively successful startups. The Government implementstop-down policies and infrastructures that create too many walking deads.Bad Criteria Creates the Wrong FocusesP.I.A.
  7. 7. Education& UnfairAdvantagesScale+ = TheFamilyTheFamily
  8. 8. IndividualUnderstand emotionally what it takes to become an entrepreneurOur education shapes the transmission of informal rules at 3 levels:Education means learning by doing.There is no one good way to educate.But the means can be improved.{ }CommunityLearn the culture of the pay-forward and enforce its applicationDreamHave the right kind of high ambitionTheFamilyOne Is not Born but Rather Becomes an Entrepreneur
  9. 9. - Understanding Business Process- Formalizing Entrepreneurship Science- Targeting the recurrent problems- Testing solutions at scale- Building in-house software- Building great partnerships & strategic supportB2B Legal TrustBasically?3 examples of packages to startDesign?TheFamilyThe World Is Unfair, and so Are We
  10. 10. Pitch& ParticipateBankStartupsSales DaysFortune 500& CAC 40Procurement &InvoicingParticipate &SupportVolumeFactoringContractsExclusiveContractTheFamilyUpfrontPaymentsTheFamilyB2B A Revolutionary Process for Startup Sales
  11. 11. {CONSTITUTIONBylaws: French SAS + Delaware C-CorpFounders TermsINTELLECTUAL PROPERTYTemplate for IPTrademarkDomain NameNDAMISCELLANEOUSCNILSocial Templates (CDI, CDD, Consulting...)Term of UseConvertible NoteLegalPAID ONLYAFTERFUNDRAISINGTheFamilyStartups with the Right Legal Structure
  12. 12. TenacityStreet SmartsAbility to PivotResiliencyInspirationPerspirationWillingness to Accept RiskAttention to DetailCompetitivenessDecisiveness / Gets Things DoneDomain ExperienceIntegrity...- Investing in an early-stagecompany is about figuring outthe truth of the founders- We offer the guarantee thatwe will always tell the completestory about each startup- A community of trust forinvestors to make fast andefficient decisionsTrustTheFamily"Conseil de Classe"
  13. 13. No co-working spaceMaking hackers work in a noisy, distractingenvironment is inefficientNo batchA different ecosystem calls for differentadaptation, timelines and levels of supportTheFamilyThe Mechanism Design of Acceleration
  14. 14. Welcomes New [0] & Celebrates New [1]- Foster emulation through the group- Celebrate the right achievementsTheFamilyEvery 7 Weeks, the Countryside Weekend
  15. 15. A perfect time to stand back anddream. It would probably havebeen unproductive otherwise ;)TheFamilyEvery Thursday, Dinner with a Vibrant Entrepreneur
  16. 16. Collective Workshop on Common Issues to Level up- Not only a learning day - a valuable day- Optimization -  no wheel reinvented- Mobilization of the top experts around the worldTheFamilyEvery Saturday, the Startup School Day
  17. 17. - One of TheFamily Partners dedicatedto one on one work with the team- Tailored Education: Maieutic exercise- Assessment of the Startups currentstage by following up the relevant KPIs- Call with relevant TheFamilys expertsfor each specific issue.TheFamilyEvery Week, Office Hours to Keep on Track
  18. 18. Partying is a serious matter- Spreads the Startup Culture& Generates visibility- One day of conference, demosand party (+1000 guests)TheFamilyEvery Quarter, TheFamily Fair
  19. 19. - Organized & Planned immersion into theworld’s 1st startup ecosystem- A human bridge between the Valley & Paris- Get boosted with the right partnerships,investments or suggestionsTheFamilyEvery 6 Months, an Expedition to Silicon Valley
  20. 20. FACTSEntrepreneurship is trusted by Business Schools, which arentproduct driven. As a consequence, no scalable startup emerges.BELIEFS- Anyone can be a hacker- Diversity is king for creativity- The will to DO goes beyond academic mattersACTIONLeverage the Dark matter - all the hidden hackers - to transform itinto a new deal flow.TheFamilyFrom People-Flow to a Better Deal-Flow
  21. 21. TheFamilyIts the Right Time: "Startup is Swagger"TheFamily
  22. 22. TheFamilyThe Impact of TheFamily on the Ecosystem
  23. 23. Things are always breaking, and they willbreak at TheFamily. Our strategy is to createbottlenecks and then hitting them hard. Thatmay sound irresponsible, but in practice, itsthe way most complex systems get optimized.TheFamily
  24. 24. You are Welcome to Join the Adventurehey@thefamily.co