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Best chetech analysis

  1. 1. 1PORTFOLİO ANALYZFirst we want to explain who are we? why we decide to establish technological company..Who are we?We are technological market which founded in last quarter of 2012.Our logotype?Our mission?Selling best products with appropriate price to be near customers high qualitytechnological products and quality services.Our vision?Being first place people’s consider when they want to buy technological equipmentsWhy we decide to establish technological company in turkey?In June 2012, year revenue growth of organized retail is %7 in Turkey. Year revenue growthof food retail is %3. The annual revenue growth in non-food retail ( technological gods,clothes) is %14-,and 16.8% of the young population in the total population . Nationalincome increased by 3 times in last 10 years .ıt means that Turkey is changing and adaptingto the new world country.It seems very charming fort he investors.We can understand thatthis market has got the biggest paste of this consume.. It became our reasons to choose thisindustry.As the Panel Survey of Retail Technology,size of the consumer electronics market 9.4 billionTL. Market grew by 20% compared to the same period last year. However, when you look atthe results of the first 8 months of (Bimeks, Darty, Electroworld, Gold Computer, MediaMarkt-Saturn, Vatan,) consumer market share in electronics is 32%.
  2. 2. 2As the all istatistic we can see that this paste of consume is growing by day by..ıt becomevery charming for our establisment decision.What the aim of this analyz1)Evaluation according to the various dimensions of business investments2)Estimate the benefits and oppurtinities of these3)An analytical technique fort he purpose of guiding the use of resourcesPortfolio analyz allows the development of strategic objectives.COMPANY STRATEGİC BUSINESS UNIT1)Each strategıc business unit is a differnet unit2) Each strategıc business unit has the ıts own staff3) Each strategıc business unit has ıts own general manager4) Each strategıc business unit has ıts own competitors and their market shares5) Each strategıc business unit has got production,marketing,finance plans6) Each strategıc business unit has the task of holding7) Each strategıc business unit represents the companys unit of production
  3. 3. 3For example:Our company’s name is BESTCHETECH.We produce technological gods inTurkey.Our stretegic business unit is under..BESTCHETECH ORGANIZATION CHARTBOSTON CONSULTİNG GROUP PORTFOLİO ANALYSISDeveloped by the famous Boston consulting group.This analyz divides the business unit to 4groups.BDG starts with establishment of marketing share and marketing growth matrix.Eachsales is divided into the biggest competitor,then we can find growth of sales and marketgrowth rate..Board of directorsQuality unit Head of securityAssistant generalmanegerMarketing salesunitData procossingunitHuman resaurces Finance unitLaw Depertmant Media unitExecutive committeeGeneral maneger
  4. 4. 4Market growth rate is shown on the vertical axis.The middle area is seperated to 4 groups asthe amount of sales we can put business unit,gods to this groups..Stars: These are the units which has got a high market share.(high growth,high share)For example: Nowadays,The highest market share industry in Turkey is lcd televisions andplasma tvies. We have reserved a wide rayon for these products.We must do it because ıthas got high market share and high growth.We shouldnt afraid for this investments.Weknow that this situation will be change,Then ıt will change tobe cash cows.Our companysestimate that ıt will continue 3 continue..Cash cow: Express us a profitable investment.Provide us much more cash.Products arefeaturing a high market share and low market growth.For example: If you look at the product range of BestCheTech,we can see the cashcow groupwhich includes cell phones(following agreement with gsm operator),usbmemories,cdies,albums and household appliances,but these hods is not strictly in cashcowgroup.If we want to maket hem in cashcow group we should be the old company or maturein this market,but we are young company and didnt strickly developed.We was establishedin last quarter of 2012Dogs: It doesnt bring us important cash.As low market shares,and market growth.productsneed to invest additional capitol in order to maintain ıts market share.For example: We (BestCheTech )sell newspapers, magazines also. We have reserved a smallunit for these units, because market share of these are decreased by day by. If we reserve alarger rayon our marketing volume will be reduced .Question Marks: It has the high growth rate but low market share.Its maintain marketshare but also to gain new market shares for showing a need for a lot of cash.
  5. 5. 5For example: We (BestCheTech )do not get involved in this sector. These sectors are usuallypublic ownership sectors. We are not a public company. We will not interest with interestpayments on foreign debt of government.Because we are private company.If there is a waror something different we will take our investments where we have invested in thecountry.We will invest diffrent country.As these rules: our company’s strategy will be like under.For starsWe will make activities for developing productWe will sales generation activitiesWe will reduce the cost of productionIt will be reflected as indirect price reductionsFor cash cowsWe will protect paste of marketWe will reflect every development in these productsWe will avoid decisions which that will reduce its market share.GENERAL ELECTRİC ANALYSIS (GE)This matrix was developed by GE with assistance of the consulting firm MCKinseycompany.This matrix identifies the market position and profitability of different businessunits.
  6. 6. 6The aims of this model:We will analyz portfolio of business units and position with this analyzWe will develope our strategies for each business unitsWe will decide for business with investmentThere are some factors affecting market attractivenessMarket sizeMarket profitabilityCompetetionMarket predictabilityNew oppurtinitiesMacro enviromental and economic factorsAnd there are some factors affecting business unit strenghtAssets and market under the business unitMarket share and growth in market shareRelative brand strenght compared to othersBrand loyaltyDistribution network and population reachMore investment and Access to capitalWe made analysıs for situation of technological markets in turkey as based on ge analysıs..asthis analys we look the sales,,we look the demands,which companies sell more,,etc..forexample there are some well known technological markets in turkey(teknosa,mediamarkt,teknolojix,saturn,,gold,).we release that lcd tvies is the most taking demands.lcd tvhas got the biggest the competitive situation and attractiveness of competing.then we seethat minibooks has got middle situation of rivalry..what else..phones are going to topnowadays..but they are in situation of rivalry yet.We decided to make enough investment and protect to existing investmnet for lcd withusing ge analyz..and for minibooks we should determine the weaknesses for minibooksbecause this class in the middle of rivalry.we should growth with using advanced features for
  7. 7. 7phones..we sould be carefull for photograph machines,and we sholud make selectiveinvestment because as ge analyz the company should maket his instructions..the lowestmarket attractiveness is dvd sales..and dvd sales is the lowest in situation of rivalry..for thiswe should we protect all situation and we should protect all situation and provide the cashincreasing..the lowset situation of rivalry and attractiveness is games cdies for nowadays..forthis class we should makes low investmnet..we shouldnt spend Money fort his muchmore..we can follow the other companies strategy..ıf we can not sell this materials fort hisenough..we can close fort his rayon but we think that ıt ıs not possible for nowadays..ıf ourcampaign becomes usefull..we can decrease investments..HOFER ANALYZIt is a improved management matrix of bdg business units.this analyz makes company’sstrategic analyz,their competetive conditions and product this analyz the verticalaxis shows stage of business life.the horizantal axis indicates the status of the marketcompetition in the sector.The model consists of several basic steps:(1) goal formulation,(2) strategic control(3) strategy formulation(4) strategy evaluation(5) strategy implementation(6) environmental analysisIf we want to make his analyz for our company (bestchetech) we cannot take enoughperformance.because our company is new established.because this analyz withstand aopinion (not for new established company).we didnt maket his analyz for BestCheTech.butwe made this analyz bor our rival companies.We make a extensive research for our situation in this market.we want to confront oursituation with them..In Turkey there are so many technological company.they are ourrival..but they are mature company in this market..we can not stringly compare us withthem..
  8. 8. 8Mediamarkt is a like a star which developing,so ıt will do enough investments more forprotecting ıts stars.Teknosa is a bit same with A company.So we can make same comment fort his company.butdespite the big rivalry,ıts market share is not enough,Teknolojix has got weak market shareBimeks and Vatan computer are like a cash store,also these two companies situation ofrivalry close to strong,Darty’s market is started to decrease.It’s paste decreased by day by.This company has gotweak rivalry.This situation shows us it is in zone which has got problems.the best solution isselling the company.