Homeshop18 Samsung S3


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Homeshop18 Samsung S3

  1. 1. HomeShop18Samsung Galaxy SIII Campaign Social Media Partners:
  2. 2. Campaign Objective Leverage and Samsung Mobiles’ association via Social Media Increase traction on Create plenty of buzz and outreach via Twitter
  3. 3. Campaign Result7899 Entries 8871 Mentions66422 Shares15602 Impressions 10,60,58211994 Fans Increase Total Outreach1 Winner
  4. 4. What we did on Facebook?• Asked users 5 questions, about SIII &• & a reason on ‘Why They Deserved an SIII’• Gave users 5 clues which lead to the Facebook Timeline or onto the website• The faster to answer & the wittiest reason to win was our Winner!
  5. 5. How we promoted the SIII
  6. 6. Interactions on Facebook
  7. 7. Winner’s Entry on Facebook Winner’s Name – Bhavyash Ag Time – 20 seconds Winner’s Reason to win–“1. My pets name is SAM. 2. A very grumpy uncle bought one off the store... need to show him that e-shopping is cool too ;) 3. This would be my eighth product off HomeShop18... Only this ones going to be FREE!!! :D”
  8. 8. Insights
  9. 9. What we achieved on Facebook? Excitement amongst Fans, Followers & Audiences across digital• 7,899 Entries with 66000+ viral Shares• Addition of 10000+ fans on Facebook (Organic)• 3000+ clicks on HomeShop18’s website via the Samsung Application• Brands working together on social media is the new wave. #MindShift• 2,00,000+ outreach on Facebook via Posts• About 9,00,000+ viral outreach via the application
  10. 10. #S3FromHomeShop1 8Twitter Campaign Social Media Partners:
  11. 11. What we did on Twitter?The Campaign was run over a period of 3 days & had 3 TasksTask 1 - Follow and RTTask 2 - Tag a friend who you think deserves to win the S3
  12. 12. Campaign FlowTask 3 – Share pictures of things you consider to be lucky for you
  13. 13. Insights Follower IncreaseTotal Buzz Created forTotal Buzz Created for @Homeshop18 @Homeshop18 The World Wanted to The World Wanted to Win Win
  14. 14. Trended for 3 days, across India Started Trending in India and a Started Trending in India and a few other cities in less than few other cities in less than 30minsof announcing the 30minsof announcing the contest contest
  15. 15. What got the Maximum RTs? Received +2500 ReTweets Received +2500 ReTweets
  16. 16. Online Sentiment
  17. 17. Total Outreach
  18. 18. Influencers Who Participated
  19. 19. How Popular was our Campaign?
  20. 20. What We Achieved via the Campaign• Buzz about & the campaign• Addition of organic fans & followers• 3000+ clicks on HomeShop18’s website via the Samsung Application on Facebook• About 20,00,000+ viral outreach via the campaign• Successful implementation of social media associations, which we believe is the future of social media success. #MindShift