5 state-of-cloud-applications-and-platforms


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5 state-of-cloud-applications-and-platforms

  1. 1. State of Cloud Applications andPlatforms: The Cloud Adopter’s View B. Narasimhan, Ryan Nichols Presented by: Group 5 Zafar Gilani <zafargilani@gmail.com> Hui Shang <shanghui89@gmail.com> Malik Adnan Khan <malikadnan78@gmail.com>
  2. 2. What this survey is about?• Dated: March 2011.• Difference of opinion among adopters and evaluators/starters.
  3. 3. Background• Previous surveys: overall market, theory, infrastructure.• New perspective: Cloud adopters.• Difference? Stark!
  4. 4. Survey methodology• Goal – Reason, results, problems, plans.• Methodology – Tool: itrack online market research – Period: two weeks – Test-set: 155 companies with 500+ employees, deployed at least one of the leading cloud applications.
  5. 5. Important key findings.
  6. 6. Key findings• Adopters view things differently: – More bullish on the technology, – More aggressive in their adoption plans.• 60 % believe cloud services better than on- premises in terms of Total Cost of Ownership and Time to Value.• 68 % to migrate to cloud within 3 years.
  7. 7. Key findings• IT skeptics have become advocates.• 36 % believe IT leadership source of past misperceptions about the cloud.• 70 % agree that cloud has changed role of IT within their business.• 79 % expect to drive future cloud decisions.
  8. 8. Key findings• Cloud computing impacts the business, not just IT costs.• 59 % say business agility a primary reason for adoption.• 47 % say adoption for TCO reduction.• 83 % agree that cloud solutions helps them respond faster to business needs.
  9. 9. Key findings• New challenges are emerging for cloud adopters.• 75 % agree that cloud-to-cloud integration and better mobile access are important.• 80 % are focused on security and manageability.• Only 4 % had fully integrated cloud apps.
  10. 10. Characteristics Cloud adopters perception
  11. 11. A few detailed stats.
  12. 12. Adopters• Adopters are bullish on technology.• 28 % identified security concerns as number one misconception.• 50 % expect their company’s IT to be in the cloud within 12 months.• 68 % expect to reach that milestone within the next 3 years.
  13. 13. From a foe to a friend?• Skeptics become advocates.• 36 % identify themselves or their IT management as a source of misconception.• 17 % blame the media, analysts and IT vendors.• 70 % agree IT was a driver in decision making process.
  14. 14. Business agility• Business agility is a bigger driver towards cloud adoption than TCO reduction.• 25 % agree that business agility drove the adoption.• 18 % believe it is TCO reduction.
  15. 15. Business agility• 81 % believe cloud solutions are quicker and easier to deploy.• 77 % believe cloud changed the way they run their business.• 77 % agree that cloud helped lower IT spending.
  16. 16. Emerging challenges• 65 % say that enhancing their cloud applications was a priority.• 75 % agree that integrated cloud applications is important. – Though only 4 % have fully integrated cloud apps.• 50 % plan to integrated data, process and user experience within next 12 months.
  17. 17. Emerging challenges
  18. 18. Conclusion• Who better to ask than those who’ve used it?• Adopters have overcome common market misperceptions about cloud solutions,• But they continue seeking improvements to: – Security, – Manageability, – Integration, – Data quality of cloud solutions.• These are fundamental requirements.
  19. 19. State of Cloud Applications andPlatforms: The Cloud Adopter’s View B. Narasimhan, Ryan Nichols Presented by: Group 5 Zafar Gilani <zafargilani@gmail.com> Hui Shang <shanghui89@gmail.com> Malik Adnan Khan <malikadnan78@gmail.com>