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2 rest-elevator-pitch


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2 rest-elevator-pitch

  1. 1. Why use REST for web services? Zafar Gilani
  2. 2. • Representational State Transfer – URL = object – HTTP GET to query an object – HTTP POST, PUT or DELETE to modify object• Goals: – Scalability of component interactions – Generality of interfaces – Independent deployment of components What is REST?
  3. 3. • REST is platform and language independent• REST is light-weight – Not a lot of XML markup. 10x less amount of data. – SOAP wraps each request and response. – Concise, no need for additional messaging layer.• Human readable results• No toolkits required, easy to work with• REST reads are cache-able, SOAP’s aren’t REST vs SOAP
  4. 4. • If need be, functionality can be formally and properly defined – Outline input parameters and output data.• Otherwise a simple human readable definition would do! WSDL compatible
  5. 5. • SOAP sending RPC calls through HTTP ports is a major security loophole – Admins and firewalls should be able to discern intent of HTTP messages.• REST follows philosophy of the WWW – Hypertext documents linked together and accessible via the Internet. Security
  6. 6. So, what do you think?