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Adverbs&adjectives ready lecture


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Adverbs&adjectives ready lecture

  1. 1. Adjectives and Adverbs .The modifiers
  2. 2. DefinitionsAdjectives: Adverbs: An Adjective is a  An Adverb is a word word that modifies a that modifies a verb, noun or a pronoun. an adjective, and It may point out, another adverb by describe, add or limit making its meaning the meaning of a more specific. noun or a pronoun by making it more specific.
  3. 3. Examples: Saucer slipped to  Drive carefully. landing. The huge, shiny,  Some drivers are silvery saucer very careful. slipped slowly, silently to a soft landing.  Drive especially carefully on wet roads.
  4. 4. :FunctionsAdjectives: Adverbs: An Adjective usually  Adverb modifies a answers one of verb. these questions:  Adverb modifies an What kind of? adjectives. Which?  Adverb modifies How many? another adverb. How?
  5. 5. Examples: The huge, shiny, silvery  Drive carefully. saucer slipped slowly, silently to a soft landing.  Some drivers are very What kind of___ the careful. huge, shiny Which____ slivery  Drive especially How many___ one carefully on wet roads. How_____ slowly, silently and softly.
  6. 6. :Types of Adjectives Articles--- a, an, the. Demonstrative adjectives--- this, that, these, those. Distributive adjective--- each, every, either.
  7. 7. :Types of Adjectives Interrogative adjective--- whose, what, which. Possessive Adjective--- my, our, his, her. Numerical Adjective--- six, sixth / twenty-four, twenty-fourth.
  8. 8. :Types of Adjectives Adjective of Quality--- honest, rich, new. Adjective of Quantity--- some, much, few. Proper Adjective---- Pakistani Dress, English pen
  9. 9. Types of Adverbs Adverb of manner---quickly, happily etc Adverb of place---here, there, up, down Adverb of time---late, ago, now, soon Adverb of frequency---often, twice, always
  10. 10. Types of Adverbs Adverb of certainty---surely, definitely, certainly Adverb of degree---very, fairly, rather Interrogative Adverb---When, Why, where Relative Adverb--- where-as, where-by
  11. 11. Degrees of ComparisonAdjectives Adverb Positive  PositiveClever GoodWeak Little Comparative  ComparativeCleverer BetterWeaker Less Superlative  SuperlativeCleverest Bestweakest Least
  12. 12. Adjective vs Adverb Generally adverbs differ from adjective in APPEARANCE. For example, patient and patiently. Adverbs usually end in -ly But NOT ALWAYS. For example, fast, well.
  13. 13. Formation of Adverbs from:Adjective By adding –ly to adjective Adjective ending in –y (pretty, merry) Adjective ending in –e (fortunate, simple) Adjective ending in –ic and –ical (basic, geographical ) Adjective ending in –able (terrible, impossible)
  14. 14. !I think its enough