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13 Foods for Killer Fat Loss


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Learn about little-known foods that help you burn fat naturally and maintain good health. Figure out how you can finally reveal your abs with a simple diet change.

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13 Foods for Killer Fat Loss

  1. 1. www.SIXPACKABS-101.info13 Foods for Killer Fat Loss  Thispresentation outlines to top 3 Fat Burning Foods that no one knows about  Find all 13 foods by visiting:
  2. 2. www.SIXPACKABS-101.infoTop 3 Fat Burning Foods In all of my years as a professional Nutrition Specialist, Ive noticed that most people are shocked to hear some of my picks for the top fat burning foods. These aren’t the typical "healthy foods" that you hear about all of the time  They’re not fruits and veggies... everybody knows those  these are shockers not usually considered for fat loss
  3. 3. www.SIXPACKABS-101.infoEgg Yolks the cholesterol in egg yolks can be misleading it actually raises your GOOD cholesterol and helps balance proper ratios If you get cage-free eggs from free roaming hens:  the omega-3 content is higher with a more balanced fat profile
  4. 4. www.SIXPACKABS-101.infoEgg yolks also: are one of the most vitamin/mineral dense foods should NOT be avoided in favor of egg whites Even the protein is more bioavailable when you include the yolks!
  5. 5. www.SIXPACKABS-101.infoAvocados – Another “fatty food”! power-packed with healthy fats, fiber, and antioxidants full of vitamins and minerals helps control appetite + fat burning hormones in your body Avocados make everything creamier + delicious!
  6. 6. www.SIXPACKABS-101.infoTry adding avocado to: morning eggs salads sandwiches burgers!  I would definitely consider avocados one of the best healthy super foods, and feel free to use slices or guacamole – it’s all the same.
  7. 7. www.SIXPACKABS-101.infoGrass-fed beef most beef you see at the grocery store is grain fed lower nutrition values = lower omega-6 to omega-3 fat ratios unbalanced fat/protein content But, there is a better option... Grass-Fed Beef!
  8. 8. www.SIXPACKABS-101.infoGrass-fed beef has: higher levels of healthy omega-3 fatty acids lower omega-6, which people get too much of anyway higher levels of many vitamins and minerals high levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) CLA is a healthy fat known to help muscle building and fat burning.
  9. 9. www.SIXPACKABS-101.infoMore Fat Killing Foods! (13 ofthe best)  For the total 13 foods for killer fat loss visit: