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Willoughby designs packaging that sells.From initial concepts and product naming to branding, commercialization and merchandising, our design process is focused on engaging customers across every touch point of the shopping experience. We bring innovative ideas, heightened emotion and meaningful stories to consumer packaged goods. Let us take what makes your brand special and make it irresistible.

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Willoughby Packaging

  2. 2. designs packaging that sells.From initial concepts and product naming to branding,commercialization and merchandising, our design processis focused on engaging customers across every touch pointof the shopping experience. We bring innovative ideas,heightened emotion and meaningful stories to consumerpackaged goods. Let us take what makes your brand specialand make it irresistible.
  3. 3. Willoughby Design Barn, our creative retreat located in Platte County, Missouri.
  4. 4. Willoughby is recognized by industry peers as one of the leading flobal design firms.
  5. 5. Willoughby has helped clientsconnect with women for more than 30 years. Women make85% of consumer purchasing decisions for their families,businesses and themselves. As a woman-owned firm, weknow this audience well.We specialize in brand strategy and identities, consumerpackaged goods and retail experiences. With clients rangingfrom small entrepreneurial companies to international leaders,we have deep experience collaborating with in-house teams torefresh, invigorate and manage brands.
  6. 6. We designed the Dictionary of Brand from A to Z. These are some of the great brands we’ve worked with.
  8. 8. How do you design an organicskincare brand to feeleco-friendly &luxurious?
  9. 9. Organicare
  10. 10. How do you infuse the personality of abeloved style maven into a premium brand of artisan paints?
  11. 11. Mary Carol Artisan Paints
  12. 12. Lee Jeans
  13. 13. How do you design labeling toattract and differentiate on the retail floor?
  14. 14. Après Peau
  15. 15. How do you design a signature boutique product around living and giving that captures a flair for clean, modern style?
  16. 16. How do you promote the solution to a fashion emergency with a smile?
  17. 17. Playtex Stop the Slip
  18. 18. Osmia Organics
  19. 19. How do you create a feminine, eco–friendly brand that reflects the philosphy behind the products?
  20. 20. Feng
  21. 21. How do you design product for aretail boutique concept that fuses Asian influences with western style?
  22. 22. How do you re-imagine everyday chocolate as aready-to-give addition to any gift?
  23. 23. Hershey’s Kisses
  24. 24. Hershey’s Kisses
  25. 25. energetic retailHow do you bottle an experience for the grocery aisle? Nestle: Jamba Juice
  26. 26. simpleHow do you refresh a product asas sliced bread for today’s mom?
  27. 27. create an How do you partner with a cause toemotional connection with a brand? Wonder Bread Promotions
  28. 28. How do you reintroduce a legacy brand to engage today’s consumers?Retro Wonder Bread
  29. 29. Retro Hostess Twinkies
  30. 30. How do you inspire people to treat their furry friends withnutritious and whimsical doggie delights?
  31. 31. Three Dog Bakery
  32. 32. How do you package craftingmaterials to feel likeluxury jewels?
  33. 33. EK Success Brands
  34. 34. How do you design an eco-friendly paper line that bringsstyle and sustainability to the mass market?
  35. 35. New Leaf Paper
  36. 36. New Leaf Paper
  37. 37. How do you transform a child’s crafting brand into an exciting toy that moms and kids love? Perler Beads Funfusion
  38. 38. How do you create new products for an iconic brand thatconnect emotionally with each new generation?
  39. 39. Hallmark Cards
  40. 40. NEW! HA How do you fix a tomato? HA With tomato paste!!! HA What kind of bug comes out at night?LAUGHS A nightling bug!!! What is a bees favorite dance? The Bee Bop!!! Who writes ghost stories? PUT IT A ghost writer!!! HERE! NET WT 28OZ Did you hear the peach Joke?? (1LB 12OZ) 794g It was pityful!!! How do you turn everyday groceries into inspirational packages of hope, compassion, optimism and love?
  41. 41. Willoughby tablescape for DIFFA’s Dining by Design Showcase
  42. 42. How do you create a product style, that has it all:convenience and sustainability?
  43. 43. Willobag
  44. 44. Willoughby Design headquarters, located in Kansas City, Missouri.A N N W I L L O U G H B Y | president and chief creative officerGuided by her ongoing mission to make a difference in the worldthrough design, Ann’s creative oversight is always set on the bigpicture. A passionate designer, Ann has built Willoughby Designinto one of the most respected branding firms in the U.S.
  45. 45. M E G A N S T E P H E N S | principal, brand voiceMegan specializes in people-centered design thinking.She guides the creative process by defining what makes eachbrand special to consumers and then bringing emotion to thestory. Megan has been responsible for strategic developmentand client satisfaction for more than 14 years at Willoughby.K A T Y B R I G G S | principal, brand strategyKaty brings nearly 20 years of retail advertising/marketingexperience to Willoughby with an emphasis on strategy andbrand development. She is a strategic thinker with a drivingcuriosity to uncover insights. Katy has both agency andclient-side experience.Z A C K S H U B K A G E L | principal, brand experienceZack, bringing over ten years of design experience, specializesin the creation of innovative, branded environments that engageaudiences at every touchpoint. Zack is also a champion forsustainability and encouraging considered design choices.
  46. 46. INTRIGUED? WE HOPE SO. C o n t act M e g an St e p h e n s Prin cip al, Bran d V o ice mstephens@willoughbydesign.com 816.979.3016est. 1978 | staff of 15 creatives | affiliations: aiga, aaf, designer’s accord