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ICAP Food Fest 2011 Poster Complete


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ICAP Food Fest 2011 Poster Complete

  1. 1. H NG KONGHong Kong Special Administrative Region香港Hong Kong cuisine is influenced by Cantonese cuisine and parts of non-Cantonese-speakingChina, Western world, Japan, and Southeast Asia, due to Hong Kongs past as a British colonyand long history of being an international city of commerce. From the roadside stalls to the mostupscale restaurants, Hong Kong provides an unlimited variety of food in every class. Complexcombinations and international gourmet expertise have given Hong Kong the reputable labels of"Gourmet Paradise" and "Worlds Fair of Food".香港飲食文化為東方文化及西方文化的交匯所在,發展出了一套揉合中國菜(主要為粵菜)和西餐的飲食習慣。在香港的文化發展中,飲食佔有重要而有趣的一環。以往的大牌檔、大笪地等街頭食檔,老字號的酒樓食肆以及各類地道醬油、餅食及特色食品,都成為香港人的集體回憶並繼續傳世。過去百多年經濟及社會急速發展為香港人的飲食文化帶來新的風貌。時至今日,飲食已由過去的簡單果腹,發展到對色香味美的追求;食肆亦由樸實簡陋,以至講求裝潢華麗;菜式由地道口味,到世界各地美食共冶一爐,足以反映香港人飲食態度及生活質素的轉變。各式不同的燒臘更是港式飲食的一大特色!香雞飯 Chicken Rice with Pandan LeavesChicken rice ala Hainanese. The rice was cook with chicken stock to enrich the natural flavor of chicken. The rise is commonlyserved together with chicken dishes or Cantonese roasted dishes.使用雞高湯烹煮而成的淋汁, 鹹香的滋味下還藏有天然的雞鮮味. 一般搭配雞或燒臘類為主食.烤鴨 Roasted Duck ala CantoneseThe Cantonese roast duck uses traditional way of roasting. Inflation plays a major rule in giving the duck a flavorful yet crispyskin. Marinating ingredients are stuffed into the duck’s stomach, including 5-spice powder, anise, ginger, garlic, spring onionand wines.廣式傳統烤鴨. 填氣是烤鴨很重要過程之一, 使得鴨皮烤的又脆又酥. 醃製食料包含五香粉, 蔥, 蒜, 薑及酒類等.外表的金黃色澤讓外酥內軟的烤鴨囊括了視覺與味覺的雙重享受!玫瑰油雞 Chicken with Soy Sauce & Rose EssenceCantonese simmering chicken with soy-sauce based broth. Broth is added with anise, tangerine peel, cinnamon and otherChinese herbs & spices, in additional of rose wine giving the chicken its delicate flavor and smooth texture.這道料理是以八角、陳皮、草果等香料一起加入熬煮成的一道雞的料理,什麼是好吃的玫瑰油雞評量標準呢?那就是所謂的皮爽肉滑,骨透芳香。蜜汁叉燒 Honey BBQ PorkThe Cantonese way of roasting pork uses ingredients such as garlic, maltose, 5 spice powder and Chinese wines, producingsweet and salty yet flavorful meat. Delicate BBQ Pork should be juicy and tender, while having crispy outer layer.叉燒是中國廣東燒味的一種,將豬肉以叉子放在火上燒熟而成,故名。燒烤叉燒時會在表面塗上紅色的叉燒醬,故叉燒是紅色的。叉燒醬的其他主要材料尚有生抽、蒜蓉、麥芽糖、南乳、五香粉、酒等。好的叉燒應該肉質軟嫩多汁、色澤鮮明、香味四溢。蜜汁叉燒,用五香粉,糖,鹽及多種調味醬醃漬而成,透過 250 度大火烘烤約一小時而成,半肥瘦叉燒搭配微焦部位,則是叉燒最完美的搭配了!Int’l Culinary Arts Program
  2. 2. 馬來西亞MalaysiaInt’l Culinary Arts ProgramMalaysian cuisine is exotic with an exciting range of flavours and culinary stylesoffering the uninitiated an endless gastronomic adventure. It comprises three maingroups - Malay, Chinese and Indian with each having its own distinct style ofcooking. Malaysian food mainly based with rice or noodles, served with vegetablesas side dishes. Food dishes often cook with fresh chilli, dried anchovy and thefamous ‘Sambal Sauce’.馬來西亞料理一向以它風味獨特而多元化聞名於世。馬來西亞料理以米或麵條作主食,通常以不同風味烹調的肉或魚作主菜,再配上蒸熟的蔬菜伴碟,非常健康。食物蘸上由新鮮的辣椒、鳳尾魚和酸豆制成的參巴蝦醬,非常夠味。馬来料理的辣是以香辣为主,其特點是:香、辣、……。配料有咖哩、香茅葉、洋葱、大蒜、黄薑、八角等等。Coconut Milk Rice 椰漿飯The signature dish of Malaysian food. Rice is steamed with coconut milk andpandan leaf, served with dried anchovy and fried peanuts, and mostimportantly the ‘Sambal Sauce’. Coconut milk rice is often eats with currychicken, fried chicken or just anything with spice.椰漿飯是馬來西亞代表作。蒸飯時加入鮮椰奶,搭配鯷魚乾與炸花生,以及其關鍵醬汁"參巴辣椒醬"。椰漿飯一般搭配主菜為咖哩雞,炸雞,或辣子類等。Squid in Red Chili Sauce 辣子小卷A simple dish made of ‘Sambal Chili’ sauce in addition with shrimp pasteand tamarind juice. Delicate sauce makes the squid more refreshing andappetizing.馬來小吃。參巴辣椒醬加入蝦膏與酸果,使魷魚添上一層鮮甜的滋味更達到了開胃的效果。Fried Chicken ala Turmeric 黃薑炸雞Another Malay’s classic dish, marinating chicken with nothing else butturmeric. Simple ingredient but provides unique flavor comparing toconventional frying. Dining while hot is the best!這道小吃是馬來傳統菜,醃製食材只使用黃薑。一道很簡單的菜但比起一般炸法帶來不同風格味道。趁熱吃為最佳。
  3. 3. Thai 泰國Int’l Culinary Arts ProgramBlending elements of several Southeast Asian traditions, Thai cooking places emphasis on lightlyprepared dishes with strong aromatic components. The spiciness of Thai cuisine is well known, and featuredinternationally in Thai restaurants. As with other Asian cuisines, balance, detail and variety are of greatsignificance to Thai chefs. Thai food is known for its balance of three to four fundamental taste senses in eachdish or the overall meal: sour, sweet, salty, and sometimes bitter.泰國菜,泛指泰國民族的飲食。泰國菜的特點為酸、辣、鹹、甜、苦五種味覺的平衡。泰國菜有四大菜系,分別為泰北菜、泰東北菜、泰中菜、與泰南菜,反映泰國四方不同的地理和文化,而各地使用的食材往往跟鄰近國家的一樣。例如泰南菜,和馬來菜一樣多用椰奶、鮮黃薑,而泰東北菜則與寮國菜一樣善用青檸汁。此外,泰國現有的菜式,不少受到多年定居泰國的華僑影響,其中潮州菜的影響最為顯著,例如粥,粿條,和海南雞飯…等。泰國菜多使用魚露和新鮮的香料,較少使用乾料。鳳梨炒飯 Fried Rice with PineappleFried rice ala Thai, featuring pineapple and prawn, seasoned with fish sauce,shrimp paste, turmeric powder and black pepper. Contain very minimum ofspiciness, suitable for those who are in favor of light food.鳳梨炒飯裡包含鳳梨和蝦球,使用蝦醬、魚露、薑黃粉、黑胡椒調味。而鳳梨增加了酸甜的風味,使得炒飯更加順口不油膩。檸檬炸雞 Fried Chicken with Spicy Lemon SauceAppetizing fried chicken spicy lemon sauce. The sauce is sweet, sour and a little ofspicy, refreshed with raw onion julienne.甜中帶有酸辣的檸檬醬不僅僅增添了炸雞的味道與香氣,更大大降低了炸雞的油膩感,還帶有開胃的作用。搭配生洋蔥絲, 為口感添上大自然之清新感!海鮮酸辣湯 Seafood Tom YamTom yam is the name for a spicy clear soup typical in Thailand. It is characterizedby its distinct hot and sour flavours, with fragrant herbs generously used in thebroth. The basic broth is made of stock and fresh ingredients such as lemon grass,lime leaves, lime juice, fish sauce and crushed chili pepers.海鮮酸辣湯是一道經典的泰式湯品. 它的特點是擁有獨特的酸辣口味並且使用許多香料調味。 湯頭中使用香茅、檸檬葉、檸檬汁、魚露和切碎的辣椒等新鮮的食材達到提味的作用,酸辣中又帶有香茅與檸檬葉的香味,豐富了海鮮酸辣湯的風味。