Field Trip to Chateau de Chine, Kaohsiung


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Field Trip to Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung, LDH

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Field Trip to Chateau de Chine, Kaohsiung

  1. 1. 4991C015 Zack / Finance Report / JCN 2013 National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism International Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Culinary Arts Report on Field Trip to Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung Food & Beverage Financial Management Tutor: Ms. Jennifer Chen Name: Zack Fong Student ID: 4991C015 Project Venue: Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung Date: 23th December, 2013
  2. 2. 4991C015 Zack / Finance Report / JCN 2013 Written Report On 23th of December, 2013, our class of 13 members visited the facility with the motion to understanding the concept of financial with industrial operations. The class is tutored by Ms Jennifer Chen which is also the General Manager of the facility. We gathered at the hotel lobby at 10am sharp. The class is greeted by Director of Administration Department Ms Nora Liu for briefing. Director Liu spent 60 minutes on briefing how financial concept is used in daily operations. She also showed us certain classified financial report for demonstration purpose. Hospitality operations are so complicated comparing to our lessons. Director Liu also asked questions to the class and those who managed to answer correctly received souvenirs as gift. For the next 30 minutes, Director Liu introduced the base concept of L’Hotel de CHINE Group (referred as ‘LDC’ for the rest of the passage). The founder of LDC wished to combine artistic and hospitality together so each of the hotels is uniquely designed. Next, Ms Chen took us for a tour around the facility. The place where we had the briefing is their conference hall mainly used for meetings which located in Basement 1st Floor. The Recreation Center also located at the same level. The tour is followed by VIP lounge in the 7th Floor. I was astonished by the creativity design that found all over the lounge, especially the ‘airport conveyor’ bar design. There are many others artistic hardware such as silverwares, drawings and paintings. We were also introduced to some guest rooms at different category. Interior design for the guest room is pretty amazing since the hotel was just relaunched after mass renovation. The amenities are well equipped with latest fashion and technology yet the ADR still falls around the overall average of Kaohsiung hotel’s rate. It is lunch time so we stop by at the hotel’s best selling F&B restaurant, the Cantonese Restaurant which located at 3rd Floor. The restaurant is popular for its Cantonese Dim Sum which sold through trolley carts. The overall food is good and service is fine. The Head Chef of the restaurant and Head Chef of Japanese restaurant greeted us during the service. We had tasted most of the Dim Sum and some of their signature dishes. After the lunch break, we resume with the second half of the touring. Ms Chen took us around the banquet halls. The banquet halls are setup for wedding banquets with capacity up to 20 tables (200 pax) per hall. The reception of the ballroom is sat with romantic backdrops for photo shooting. Ms Chen also impressed us with the Sound and Lighting Show in one of the Banquet Halls.
  3. 3. 4991C015 Zack / Finance Report / JCN 2013 We visited one of the luxurious VIP Dining rooms which can accommodate up to 32 pax in a round table. There are many other artistic displays throughout the entire hotel including the dining areas. Finally we’re back to the hotel lobby. The Eagle Statues in the lobby symbolism the guardian of the hotel. Regular guest’s dining area for breakfast also located in the 1st floor, next to the luxurious Japanese Restaurant. You can notice that even the staircase is fashionably designed. The last port of the trip is the Ice Cream Coffee Shop. It is less formal but still decorated with lots of beauty designs. Feedback Every transaction has to be documented into accounts. Documenting in hospitality industry is a big scale operation and requires high precision. All accounts need to be precise and one single error leads to inaccurate result. By combining technology into the system, accounting is done in much convenient way today. However, essential knowledge to financial is significant in order to understand accounting. Being in management level, you must capable of understanding financial reports. Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung is a rebranded hotel with latest fashion and technology besides from artistic theme. The hotel employs over hundred employees and thousands of guest walks-in daily. Every single transaction took place has to be documented in order to finalise the actual expenses and revenue of the company. Executive decisions are made based on these reports in order to plan for long term profit.