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Zack's Internship Report 2013 on Chinese Kitchen
Crowne Plaza Kaohsiung, Taiwan

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Internship Report Chinese Kitchen

  1. 1. Zack’s Intern Report 20131Nationao Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and TourismBachelor’s Degree in Chinese Culinary ArtsInternship Written Report(Second-Half Year)Candidate:Zack Fong4991C015Instructor:Mr. Paul HsiehAssignment Due:Jun, 2013
  2. 2. Zack’s Intern Report 20132IntroductionI was assigned to the Crowne Palace Chinese Kitchen (CK) for the second-half of the internship year.Crowne Palace Restaurant is a Cantonese based Restaurant. 6 out of 4 Sous Chef are Cantonese andoriginated from Hong Kong.Crowne Palace has the biggest revenue out of all F&B departments in Crowe Plaza Kaohsiung Hotel(CPK) with an average of NT 350, 000 on low peak seasons. During Chinese New Year, monthlyrevenue set the highest F&B revenue record of NT 1.3 million.Crowne Palace Restaurant operated daily. Business hours as following:Weekdays WeekendsLunch Service 12.00pm – 2.30pm 11.30pm – 2.30pmHi-Tea Buffet Service (not operating on weekdays) 2.30pm – 5.00pmDinner Service 5.30pm – 9.30pm 5.00pm – 9.30pmMost of Crowne Palace’s menu is fixed as regularproduct. From time to time, Executive Chef YuanDong-Hai will introduce his latest creationaccordingly with seasonal ingredients. While therestaurant’s theme is Cantonese cuisine, ChefYuan integrated some of Taiwanese local dishesinto his menu too.CPK Hotel targeted business group as marketrange. Majority of customers who dined in to therestaurant consists of this range. Lunch service isoften more occupied than dinner service. Thiscould be explained by business meetings heldover the hotel and hotel guests stopping by atthe restaurant for lunch. Minority of thecustomers range consists of family group andtravelers.Right: Chef De Cuisine Yuan Dong-Hoi
  3. 3. Zack’s Intern Report 20133As for the banquet kitchen, most of the events are for wedding occasions. Crowne Palace BanquetKitchen serves average of 800 tables (10 pax per table) monthly. Other banquet occasions includingcompany’s end year dinner, spring dinner, meeting over lunch, reunion, student group travelling,awarding ceremony etc.CPK Hotel has two banquet kitchen designed for quantity cooking. The 2F & 8F Ballroom canaccommodate up to 60 tables (600 pax) each. There are six VIP rooms at 3rdFloor which canaccommodate up to 30 tables (300 pax). The Garden is an outdoor venue specially designed forwedding occasions which can accommodate up to 20 tables (200 pax). Besides from banquetservices, banquet kitchen also provides buffet service, breakfast service and meal box service.Crowne Palace Restaurant has a capacity of 300 pax with 4 private dining rooms. The ChineseKitchen consists of 35 Back of House and 20 Front of House staff. Cronwe Palace Restaurant also isthe first and only HACCP certified restaurant in Southern Taiwan.Top: Crowne Palace RestaurantRight: 8thFloor Grand Ballroom
  4. 4. Zack’s Intern Report 20134Station Head Organization ChartStaff ManifestExecutive ChefChef De Cuisine Tong-Hai YuenSous Chef De Cuisine Sean TsaiCrowne PalaceKitchenWokSous Chef Tony HoChef De PartieJoe LiangEric TsengDemi Chef Tai LeeKitchenAssistantCommis Vita LinChoppingBoardSous Chef Hong-Jia LiuChef De Partie Shuei Cheng WeiDemi ChefChuan-Mao ChouChih-Long TasiBanquetKitchenWokSous Chef Chacha ChiuChef De Partie Michael YenDemi Chef Steven LaiKitchenAssistantCommis Zack FongChoppingBoardSous Chef John HuangChef De Partie George HsuDemi ChefKen HoJerry ChuSteamerSous Chef Justin ChenChef De Partie Yau-Chang LamDemi Chef Jay ChiuRoastingSous Chef Chin-Chu ChenChef De PartiePeter ZeSung-Feng LeeDemi ChefBwe-Shyan ChenChang-Rong LeeDessertSous Chef Feng-Hwa RongChef De PartieJian-Yuan HuangBo-Lin WuDemi ChefCong-Bin HongBing-Hwei LiChef De CuisineSous ChefWokSous ChefBanquetSous ChefChopping BoardSous ChefSteamerSous ChefRoastingSous ChefDessertSous Chef deCuisine
  5. 5. Zack’s Intern Report 20135Kitchen SystemExecutive Chef is the head of the kitchen crew. Executive chef’s major responsibility is to establishand maintain operation of the kitchen. This including procedures of preparing every ingredient,designing menu, management of human power and communicate with CPK Hotel’s executivecommittee.Wok Station is the leading station of the kitchen, similar to Hot Station in western kitchen system.Wok Station functions as its name, cooking every ingredient with wok. This includes sauté, deepfrying, poaching, blenching and stewing. Wok Station also responsible for every sauce used in thekitchen.Left: Wok chef cooking with other ingredients on queue; Right: Mise-en-place for Wok StationKitchen Assistant operates as the coordinator of the kitchen. Kitchen Assistant works closely withWok Station and coordinates with other stations throughout the service. Kitchen Assistant isresponsible for managing cooking timing, organizing raw materials to be processed by wok stationand preparing garnishes and service dishes. Kitchen Assistant is the key connection between Front ofHouse (FOH) and Back of House (BOH) crew.Chopping Board works as prep-cook. Chopping Board deals with every procured ingredient to beprepared. Chopping Board is the first station to read an order. Chopping Board then passes therequired ingredient to Kitchen Assistant to be cooked by the Wok chefs. Chopping Board alsoprocesses cooked ingredient into designated portion to be served.Steamer Station is a cooperative cooking station next to the Wok chefs. Some food requires long-time cooking is processed by the steamer. This including soup, stews and baking.Roasting Station is an independent station working similarly to Cold Station. Roasting Stationproduces Cantonese Roasting proteins such as Roast Duck, BBQ Suckling Pork, Rose Chicken etc.
  6. 6. Zack’s Intern Report 20136Dessert Station is another independent station operating without much interference with thekitchen. Dessert Station produces homemade Cantonese desserts, Chinese cocktails, Chinesepastries etc.Banquet Kitchen OutlineProcurement SystemEach station needs to give the ingredient order toChopping Board. Chopping Board will fill inrequisitions through the company’s EAM systemwhich to be processed by the ProcurementDepartment.On the next day, suppliers with ordered ingredientswill arrive at the loading zone. Receiving Departmentwill receive and cross check the ingredients with therequisition list. Chopping Board will later retract thefresh ingredient to the kitchen.Right: EAM Requisition Check List
  7. 7. Zack’s Intern Report 20137Working Schedule SystemThe interns are bonded by 8 fixed off-days monthly system. Technically, one day’s shift is made of 8working hours in additional of half hour recess. However, hospitality industry is unable to stick tothis rule because we often work as demanded by market. In general, kitchen’s shift starts at 10amuntil 9.30pm. There is a lunch break at 11am, dinner break at 5pm and double-shift’s break at2.30pm – 5pm.Role’s SpecificationMy major responsibility is as Kitchen Assistant for the banquet kitchen. Kitchen Assistant plays a roleas assistant for wok chefs. Kitchen Assistant’s duty includes organizing ingredients for wok frying,preparing garnishes and service dishes for plating of food, communicating with Front of House (FOH)crew to manage service speed and other sudden requirements.Daily procedure started by checking Banquet Event Orders (BEO) for one week’s range. Checking ofBEO has a few important objectives: determine estimated customer counts, preparing service dishesand garnishes, estimating service time and managing man power.Next is to check for stock supplies and placing ingredient order for the incoming banquets. Garnishesfor banquet menu usually consist of: coriander, spring onion, cucumber, parsley, lollo rossa, frisse,chives and chili. My station also needs to monitor the stock level for general ingredient such as salt,pepper, sugar, soy sauce, cooking wine and sauces.Left: Preparing scallion and chili for julienne garnish ; Right: Preparing Parsley in sphere shape for garnishTop: Assembling service plate with garnishes just before hot food is platted
  8. 8. Zack’s Intern Report 20138Then, initiate mise-en-place procedures for the incoming services. This includes washing ofingredients, trimming it accordingly and storing it at appropriate place.The next procedure is to prepare service dishes for the service. This could be the toughest physicaljob especially when the kitchen is serving around 100 tables. Most of the plates needed to bewarmed in dish warmers.Left: XO Scallops with cucumber and orange plating ; Right: Deep-Fried Squid Balls with bean sprout, lolla rossa, frisse andcrafted chili garnish.Before a banquet service is initiated, my station needs to confirm the menu and the number ofcustomers with the Maître d Banquet on duty. Sometimes, the actual diners exceeded quantity ofpreparation and we have to respond quickly to such changes. Food norm requests are anothercommon spontaneous-respond cases, such as vegetarian, Muslims and Jewish.During the service, my station needs to organize ingredients to be processed and getting the end-product onto plate. My station also needs to coordinate with other station for the flow of service.Kitchen Assistant also needs to perform quality checking as this is the final station before food issent to the customers. Kitchen Assistant can make the call to pause or speeding up banquet services.Right: Finished plating while waitingfor send-off
  9. 9. Zack’s Intern Report 20139Appendix: Exclusive Recipe of Crowne Palace Chinese KitchenQuantity IngredientCantonese FishSoy Sauce400g Thai Fish sauce2kg Light soy sauce500g Crystal sugar6kg WaterQuantity IngredientWuxi Sauce600g Light soy sauce600g Crystal sugar200g Shaoxin wine300g Aginamoto200g Red Fermented Rice50g Tangerine peel1pc aniseGingerSpring onion300g osmanthus sauceQuantity IngredientDeep Fried MilkFilet50g Corn flour20g Butter300g Water60g Coconut milk50g Whipping cream100g MilkSugarQuantity IngredientGarlic Sauce80g Fried garlic slices,soaked10g Maggi’s Seasoning30g Soy Sauce Paste60g Crystal Sugar160g WaterQuantity IngredientKongpao Sauce160g Fish Sauce25g Maggi’s seasoning20g Vinegar20g Crystal sugarQuantity IngredientFermented RedWine Rice Sauce20g Fermented Red Rice100g Fermented BeanCurd70g Crystal Sugar20g Aginamoto240g Water2g Glutinous Rice FlourShallotsGarlicScallionQuantity IngredientSweet SourSauce100g Tomato Paste30g OK Sauce30g Worstershire20g Salt250g Crystal Sugar300g VinegarDark Soy SauceLimeFood coloringQuantity IngredientBlack PepperSauce80g Black Pepper160g Tomato paste25g Maggi’s seasoning80g Crystal sugar200g Vegetable pureeQuantity IngredientTaiwanese Sauce80g Light soy sauce100g Soy sauce paste60g Rice wine160g Crystal sugar40g Tomato sauce30g Bean sauce30g Aginamoto20g Dark vinegar80g waterQuantity IngredientCantonese CurrySauce20g Curry powder40g Crystal sugar30g Peanut paste50g Sesame paste160g Sweet sour sauce20g Yellow mustardsauce15g Soy sauceQuantity IngredientXO Sauce1kg Dried Shrimp3kg Dried Scallops3kg Minced garlic1kg Diced ham600g Salted fish120g Maltose600g Minced chili
  10. 10. Zack’s Intern Report 201310Appendix: Menu for Crowne Palace Chinese RestaurantChef’s RecommendationWok Fried Sausage with Celery NT 320Wok Fried Shrimp all with Red Wine Sauce NT 460Wok Fried Scallop with XO Sauce NT 480Deep Fried Wild Yam with Honey Sauce NT 300Wok Fried Pork with Ginger and SpringOnionNT 360Deep Fried Fish Fillet in Preserved Bean CurdFlavorNT 380Pan Fried Beef with Soy Sauce NT 480Pan Fried Scallop with Spicy Sauce NT 480Wok Fried Shrimp with Egg White NT 500Wok Fried Fish Ball with Black Bean Sauce NT 400Wok Fried Fish Ball with Yellow Chives NT 400Shark’s FinBraised Superior Shark’s Fin Soup NT 900Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Chicken Broth NT 800Braised Shark Fin’s Soup with Thai StyleSeafoodNT 600Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Crab Meat NT 600Double Boiled Shark’s Fin Soup withTraditional CondimentsNT 2200Braised Premium Shark’s Fin Soup NT 1800Sea Cucumber AbaloneBraised Whole Abalone in Brown Sauce NT 1200Braised Sliced Abalone with Vegetables NT 1800Braised Abalone with Shrimp, Dried Scallop,and Sea CucumberNT 800AppetizerDeep Fried Pork Rib with Salt and Chili NT 110Deep Fried Sweet Silver Herring NT 110Wok Fried Diced Beef with Dried Chili andGarlicNT 110Chilled Sour Ginger and Preserved Egg withChiliNT 100Deep Fried Boletus Mushroom with Salt andPepperNT 80Deep Fried Tofu with Chili Sauce NT 100BBQ SelectionRoasted Suckling Pig Combination NT 550BBQ Pork NT 340BBQ Cut Combination NT 500Roasted Duck NT 380Marinated Chicken NT 800Marinated Sliced Goose NT 380Roasted Chinese Sausage NT 300Jellyfish with Sliced Pork Knuckle NT 340SoupMinced Beef Soup with Water Shield andTofuNT 400Hot and Sour Soup with Seafood NT 400Dried Scallop Soup with Yellow Chives NT 450Sliced Fish Soup with Coriander Leaves NT 550Sweet Corn Soup with Diced Chicken NT 300Braised Sliced Fish Soup NT 450Live LobsterBraised with Superior Soup and E Fu NoodlesMarketPriceSteamed with Cordia Seed in Soy SauceWok Fried with Garlic and Chili and Servedwith CongeeStir Fried with Spring Red Onion and ShallotsStir Fried in Spicy SauceDeep Fried with Salt and PepperLive Fish (Steamed with Scallion /Cordia Seed /SoySauce /Taiwanese Style /Deep-Fried)GaroupaMarketPriceMarble GobyYellow GaroupaSpot GaroupaCrabWok Fried Crab with Chili Sauce SingaporeStyleMarketPriceWok Fried Crab with Garlic and Chili andServed with CongeeWok Fried Crab with Ginger and GreenOnionWok Fried Crab with Black Beans and PepperSteamed Crab in Seafood SaucePrawnsWok Fried Prawn with Salty Egg YolkMarketPriceWok Fried Prawn with Preserved Bean CurdSauceWok Fried Prawn with Minced Garlic andChili
  11. 11. Zack’s Intern Report 201311Rice and NoodlesFried Rice with Diced Chicken and Salty FriedFishNT 280Fried Rice with Seafood and Chili NT 320Fried Rice with Porcini Mushrooms NT 320Fried Rice with Ham, Shrimp, and DicedScallopsNT 400Stewed Seafood over Rice NT 500Fried Sliced Rice Noodle with Beef andMushroomsNT 280Fried Noodle in Cantonese Style NT 280Braised E Fu Noodle with Seafood NT 280Fried Rice Noodle Singapore Style NT 280Cantonese Dim SumDeep Fried Sesame Ball Stuffed with LotusPasteNT 70Deep Fried Dumpling with Dried Shrimp andPorkNT 90Crispy Spring Roll NT 90Baked Cream Flavored Apple Pie NT 90Baked Pork Pastry NT 100Deep Fried Shrimp Roll with Yellow Chives NT 120Baked Chinese Bun Stuffed with Ham NT 130Baked Mini Egg Custard Tart NT 90Deep Fried Shrimp Cake in Thai Style NT 130Crispy Goose Liver Roll NT 130Pan Fried Radish Cake with Chinese Sausage NT 80Pan Fried Leek Chive Cake NT 130Steamed Pork with Black Beans NT 90Spicy Chicken Leg NT 90Steamed BBQ Pork Bun NT 90Steamed Milk and Egg Yolk Bun NT 90Steamed Taro Cake NT 80Steamed Glutinous Rice with Chicken NT 90Steamed Pork Shao Mai NT 100Steamed Pork Shao Mai with Clam NT 110Steamed Intestines with PreservedVegetablesNT 110Steamed Beef Tripe with Scallop NT 110Shrimp Dumpling NT 130Crystal Dumpling Stuffed with Dried Scallop NT 130Dumpling Soup with Dried Scallops NT 180Steamed Dumpling Stuffed with Shark’s Fin NT 160Steamed Rice Roll with Bacon and BabyShrimpNT 130Steamed Rice Roll with Shrimp NT 160Steamed Rice Roll with Beef NT 130Milk Pudding NT 80Taro Jelly Cake NT 80Sweet Taro Soup with Sago NT 60Sweet Chamomile Soup with WaterChestnutNT 60Fresh Fruit Platter NT 100VegetarianBraised E Fu Noodles with AssortedVegetablesNT 280Wok Fried Rice Cake with VegetarianAbaloneNT 280Fried Rice with Sweet and Sour VegetarianFishNT 280Wok Fried Rice Noodles with Mushroom NT 280Wok Fried Noodles with Mushroom NT 280HealthyNoodle Soup with Preserved Vegetables andMinced PorkNT 250Braised Noodles with Assorted Mushroomand Chili SauceNT 280Braised Noodles Topped with ScrambledEggs and ScallopsNT 340Fried Rice with Chicken and Fermented RedRice SauceNT 280
  12. 12. Zack’s Intern Report 201312FeedbackThe Chinese Kitchen is the forth kitchen I’ve worked with (after ADD Buffet Kitchen, CASA ItalianKitchen and Commissary Kitchen). Although my main station is Kitchen Assistant in Banquet Kitchen,I’ve been also playing a role in Crowne Palace Restaurant.The Kitchen Assistant position started as a 6 crew station during the time I entered and left only twoat current. The unfilled vacant proven that Chinese Kitchen is a hard place to work. Being the topchef in Chinese Kitchen had to be excellent with this position.The Kitchen Assistant position is a basic station for Chinese Kitchen. It is a station without cookingbut required high organization skills. Major responsibility is to assists wok chef to send food to thediners, this including organizing mise-en-place, service plate and garnishes. A good Kitchen Assistanthas to match up with wok chef’s speed and keeping the station clean and tidy, as well as managingpar level of garnishes.Besides from culinary wise, as Banquet Kitchen Assistant, communication between FOH and BOHpasses through this position. It is the Kitchen Assistant’s responsibility to push multiple banquetservices up to customer’s satisfactory speed. Some banquet requested fast service while somepreferred a slow and easy dining experience.The official working length is 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. There is a big fluctuation in banquetkitchen. In peak season, I’ve worked up to 16 hours a day which covering breakfast, lunch and dinnerservices. In low-peak season, I’ve up to 4 off-days in a week.Another big challenge in Chinese Kitchen is to be accepted by the kitchen crew. The Chinese Kitchenis more conventional comparing to Western Kitchen. Each of the chefs had worked a long way tocurrent position, and this reflected their mentor-junior ‘culture’ to the new recruits in a cycle way.When newbie first entered the kitchen, they had to work their way to earn their respect.As a new recruiter, senior chefs do not welcome innovation easily. They prefer new recruiter tofollow the kitchen’s existent system. However, when I later got respected for my work efficiency, Igot to make decision to improvise my station. My call includes deciding on garnishes, placing orderdirectly, and coordination during multiple banquet services.In conclusion, Chinese Kitchen is a hard place to stay and work with. Working in Chinese Kitchenrequires speed, organization skills and communication. However, when a new recruiter earnedrespect from the senior chefs, the feeling of self-esteem is much greater.Zack Fong4991C01525thJune 2013