2012 Intern Written Report


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2012 Intern Written Report

  1. 1. Zack’s Intern Report 2012Nationao Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Culinary Arts Internship Written Report (First-Half Year) Candidate: Zack Fong 4991C015 Instructor: Mr. Paul Hsieh Assignment Due: January, 2013 1
  2. 2. Zack’s Intern Report 2012IntroductionAs a 3rd year student for Bachelor’s Program in Chinese Culinary Arts in National KaohsiungUniversity of Hospitality and Tourism, we are required to undertake one-year industrial internshiptraining within food service. This also included a written report to be submitted at each half year.I’ve chosen Crowne Plaza Hotel Kaohsiung Eda World as my internship company. The main reason Ichoose this company is because Crowne Plaza Eda is one of the biggest hotels by occupancy in thenation, and operating 5 different cuisine theme restaurants.Crowne Plaza Hotel Kaohsiung E-Da WorldInterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) is the biggest hotel group across the globe measured by rooms.IHG manages more than 4500 hotels across 100 countries. Crowne Plaza is a hotel brand operatedby IHG.E-United Group is founded by Lin I-Shou. E-United Group is renowned in production, education,medical and recreation industries. The major revenue of E-United Group within recreation industriesincluding E-Da Theme Park, E-Da World, E-Da Skylark Hotel and E-Da Crowne Plaza Hotel.Crowne Plaza Hotel Kaohsiung E-Da World (CPEda) is owned by E-United Group and managed by IHG.The hotel consists of 656 rooms with 8 different room styles and capacity up to 2000 guests, one ofthe biggest across the country. There are 5 restaurants in the hotel, which are: Heat n’ Chill (All-DayDining Restaurant), Casa Fontana (Italian Restaurant), Crowne Palace (Chinese Restaurant), Yanagi(Japanese Restaurant) and The Cut (Western Restaurant). The hotel also has its own baking andpastry kitchen and three multifunctional banquet kitchens. 高雄義大皇冠假日飯店 Title Crowne Plaza Hotel Kaohsiung E-Da World 高雄市大樹區學城路一段 153 號 Address No.153, Sec. 1, Xuecheng Rd., Dashu Dist., Kaohsiung City 840, Taiwan www.crowneplaza.com Website www.cp-edaworld.com Phone (07)6568166Date of Opening 2010.12.18 Total Rooms 656 2
  3. 3. Zack’s Intern Report 2012The following are employee’s motivation guideline: Crowne Plaza Motto Travelling for Success Crowne Plaza Vision To become one of World’s Greatest Companies Product A Great Experience Combines… Procedure People Seamless Service Restorative Guests Want… Energetic Affirmation Connection Crowne Plaza Behaviors One Step Ahead Creating Confidence Service Behavior Encourage Success Makes it Happens Room to Grow Room to have a Great Start IHG’s Promises to Employees Room to be Involved Room for You Do the right thing Show that we care Our Winning Way Aim higher Celebrate difference Work better together Guests love to stay with us People love to work here Great Hotels Guests Love Owner loves our brands Investors love our performance 3
  4. 4. Zack’s Intern Report 2012Executive Committee Organization Chart: General Manager Mr. Theo Pauli Resident Manager Mr. Christian Kronast Human Room Food & Kitchen Finance Resources Marketing Division Engineering Beverage Chef Ms. Grace Ms. Mr. Vincent Mr. Aramis Mr. Robin Mr. Conrad Mariateresa Lin Deborah Huang Gaske Monaco TrottReporting for DutyIntern’s orientation started at 2nd of July 2012 until 5th of July 2012. During the orientation, we werebriefed with all necessity information regarding our position and the hotel, this also includedintroduction to the hotel, IHG, and the executive committees.I was stationed at Heat n’ Chill’s All-Day Dining (ADD) kitchen. Heat n’ Chill is the biggest restaurantin the hotel with 250 indoor seating. ADD kitchen yield 3 meal’s services throughout the day andcovering 24-hour’s room service.Intern’s policy fixed our holidays to exactly 8 days per month. On average, I’ve worked for 23 daysper month, 8 hours per working day. My first arrival at ADD kitchen was 6th July, 2012. My last dayon duty was 2nd January, 2013. 4
  5. 5. Zack’s Intern Report 2012All-Day Dining KitchenADD kitchen consists of 4 stations: Cold Kitchen, Hot Kitchen, Chinese Kitchen and Noodle Station.There are three major shifts operating throughout the kitchen: day shift (5am~1.30pm), eveningshift (1.30pm~9pm) and midnight shifts (9pm~5.30am). The breakfast service starts at 6.30am andends at 10.30am, following by lunch service at 11.30am~2.30pm, and dinner service 5.30pm~9.30pm.The following is the personnel chart of ADD Kitchen: Executive Chef Mariateresa Monaco Chef De Cuisine Scott Huang Executive Committee Sous Chef Florian Hsieh Sous Chef Louis Lan Henry Su Chef De Partie Austin Liu Ryan Lin Demi Chef Jin Yi Hot Kitchen Fox Wang Yu-Chun Feng Steven Lin Commis Robbert Huang Danial Chen Chef De Partie Aberl Chen Chinese Kitchen Demi Chef Wang Chih-Cheng Chef De Partie Jean Huang Demi Chef Kenny Liu Joe Tseng Cold Kitchen Rebecca Chen Commis Louis Chen Chung-Kai Guo Tony Teng Chef De Partie Jack Ko Demi Chef Christ Liang Noodle Station Cheng-Kang Chen Commis Zack Fong Ice Lee 5
  6. 6. Zack’s Intern Report 2012Cold KitchenCold kitchen is responsible for dishes that are served cold for the buffet services. I was assigned tothe day shift at cold kitchen for the first two months.For breakfast service, cold kitchen is responsible for the following:Fresh vegetable salad: consists of 5 types of greens, 4 types of condiments (croutons, raisins, baconshred, Parmesan shred), 5 types of dressings (Caesar, Thousand Island, Orange yogurt, JapaneseSesame Soy Sauce, Balsamic Oil) and 3 types of pickles (caper, olive, pearl onion)Cold platter: Assorted cheese platter, assorted cold cuts (salami, pepperoni sausage, smoked ham)6 Assorted Fruits (watermelon, honeydew, orange etc)Dairy products: milk, soybean, yogurt, yogurt drinks.For lunch service, cold kitchen is responsible for the following:Fresh vegetable salad (same as breakfast service)Poached Seafood with Condiments: shrimp, scallops, mussel, squid.Amuse-bouche: Smoked Salmon, Wine Chicken, Escargot etcJapanese Soba Noodle: Soba noodle, sesame soy sauce, condiments6 Assorted FruitsNormal operation of Cold Kitchen requires 3 morning shift crew and 2 evening shift crew. Besidesfrom refilling buffet products provided at dining room, the morning crew is responsible to restockingredients to be stored at station from the commissary kitchen. The crew also needs to preparesufficient supply for the next service. Chef de Partie will assign daily to-do task accordingly.Feedback about Cold KitchenThe cold kitchen does not involve too much heat in preparing food, realizing me that heat is notnecessity to prepare meals. 2 months in cold kitchen thought me the important of sanitation toprepare unheated food. Efficiency is important when it comes to mass production. 6
  7. 7. Zack’s Intern Report 2012Noodle StationNoodle station is responsible for as it sounded, cooking exclusive soup noodle (Dandan Noodle) forguests. However, noodle station also responsible for pizza, steam egg custard, steam dimsum etc. Iwas assigned to noodle station for the 4 consecutive months.For breakfast service, noodle station need to prepare the following:Miso soup with condimentsPorridge (plain and meat porridge) and condimentsCerealsDandan Noodle station: Fresh vegetables, Condiments: fried onion crisp, soy sauce, bean curd etc, 4types of noodles (yellow noodle, rice noodle, vermicelli and thick vermicelli), Stew minced pork,Soup broth (chicken stock & vegetable stock)Egg station: Sunny-side up, over-easy, over-hard, scrambled, omeletFor lunch service, noodle station need to prepare the following:Dandan Noodle Station: (same as breakfast but adding more condiments)Steamer station: Assorted dimsum, egg custard, stewsPastry station: pizza, pieNormal operation of noodle station requires 3 morning shift crew and 2 evening shift crew. The maintask for noodle station is to cook Dandan noodle exclusively for guests on the spot.Feedback about Noodle StationUnlike cold kitchen which main responsibility focus on preparing up ahead of service, noodle stationis about direct encounter with guests. I’ve learned to be flexible accordingly to guest’s preference.On peak seasons, breakfast service is intensive and challenging, especially to egg station. I alsolearned to deal with guest’s critics and complains. 7
  8. 8. Zack’s Intern Report 2012Feedback about ADD KitchenInternship training is on the contrary with school’s lesson. School is about learning but industrial isabout practicing. Cooking classes often taught about cooking to perfection and authentic culinary,however, cooking gets simplified when it comes to quantity cooking.Majority of cooking procedures can be done sooner. This however compromises the freshness of theproduct. When comes to maintaining productivity, balancing between quality and quantity is animportant skill for a good chef.Most of the cooking is done by multiphase. For example, Dong Bo Rou (Stew Pork Belly) is processedthrough commissary kitchen for trimming of pork belly, hot kitchen’s morning crew initiated thestewing, and evening crew for finishing. Sufficient communication is important when dividing jobs todifferent individuals or different stations. Individuals also shares same commitment andresponsibility to maintain the quality of the products.Front of House plays equal role even in a buffet restaurant. Front of house’s crew need to cooperatewith Back of House’s crew to provide quality service to diners. In most cases, front of house receivefeedbacks directly from diners about their dining experience. In case of poor quality product, theyneed to notify the related chef/cook to make improvements. Sometimes, ala carte also took place inthe restaurant.Timing is significant aspect in kitchen. Each station has multiple products to be prepared so it is verycommon for chefs to multitask at all time. After all, timing has to be punctual to maintain quality ofthe products. For example, the noodle station has one hour interchange between breakfast andlunch service. During the hour, we need to reorganize the buffet settings and finishing products tobe served for lunch, including pizza. Baking pizza takes 8 to 12 minutes so the chef has to be clearabout the timing in order not to overcook or undercook the pizza while doing other task.Chef Teng Wen-Yu (King of Stew) quoted that [Food Service is a Job requiring Conscience and Moral(餐飲工作是良心與道德之事業)], indeed this is very true. Preparing food took a long process untilit is served to the guests. Food may be compromised easily during preparation but still safe enoughto be consumed. For example, ingredients might fall to floor during preparation but this does notbring any significant different after heating. A chef with high moral will rinse it before furtherprocess. Preparing food requires high conscience and morality, sometimes more than culinary skills. 8
  9. 9. Zack’s Intern Report 2012Appendix: Pictures of ADD KitchenFrom Top to Bottom, Left to Right:1. Western Stove2. Multipurpose Oven3. Station Refrigerator4. Dry Goods Storage Rack5. Chinese Stove6. Stock Stove 9
  10. 10. Zack’s Intern Report 2012Appendix: Pictures (Example) of Heat n’ Chill’s ala Carte Menu 10
  11. 11. Zack’s Intern Report 2012Appendix: Blue Print of Heat n’ Chill Dining AreaAppendix: Work Schedules for Cold Kitchen 11
  12. 12. Zack’s Intern Report 2012Appendix: Pictures of Cold KitchenFrom Top to Bottom, Left to Right:1. Assorted Fruit Setting2. Assorted Seafood Setting3. Assorted Cold Mix Salad Setting4. Soba Noodle Setting5. Cold Entrée Platter Setting6. Vegetable Salad Setting 12
  13. 13. Zack’s Intern Report 2012Appendix: Pictures of Cold KitchenFrom Top to Bottom, Left to Right:1. Salmon de Fume and Amuse-bouche Peach with Parma Ham2. Caesar Salad Setting3. Preparing King Crab4. Preparing Scallops5. Plating Salmon de Fume6. Raw Oyster 13
  14. 14. Zack’s Intern Report 2012Appendix: Recipe (Summary) of Cold Kitchen 14
  15. 15. Zack’s Intern Report 2012Appendix: Recipe (Example) of Cold Kitchen 15
  16. 16. Zack’s Intern Report 2012Appendix: Pictures for Noodle StationFrom Top to Bottom, Left to Right:1. Dandan Noodle Setting with Guests2. Frying Minced Pork for Minced Pork Stew3. Omelet4. Pizza5. Egg Station Setting6. Lamb Hotpot Setting 16
  17. 17. Zack’s Intern Report 2012Appendix: Pictures for Noodle StationFrom Top to Bottom, Left to Right:1. Mise-en-Place for Omelet2. Omelet, Sunny-side, Over-easy3. Transporting Noodle Station’s Products to Banquet Hall4. Stocks and Sauces for Daily Need5. Cooking and Serving Omelet6. Steam Egg Custard and Pork Ribs Stew 17
  18. 18. Zack’s Intern Report 2012Appendix: Recipe (Example) for Noodle Station 18
  19. 19. Zack’s Intern Report 2012ConclusionI had very little experience in professional cooking until my internship begins. The first two weekswas hard for me as in physically and mentally. Even in school, it was not that often to cook longhours without resting. In conjunction, July was considered peak season due to summer holiday. SoADD kitchen was a very busy place since I first arrived for work until I leave the kitchen. ADD isconsidered the ‘never resting kitchen’ because the kitchen had to operate even at late night.Since ADD kitchen is spited into 4 stations which I worked for two of them, I get to know more thanhalf of the entire kitchen’s operation. In some cases, I need to make decision for my respectivestation. Each station has a long to-do list but it takes good organization skills to finish daily job intime.I also get to work closely with few of the respective chefs in the hotel, these including ChefMariateresa from Italy. She was very creative and inspiring. She thought me a lot about Italiancuisine. Meanwhile, Chef Scott and Chef Florian used to work in a French kitchen before they camehere. They thought me how to coop with the kitchen more systematically.It is a regret that I did not join the other two stations enough to know how they operate entirely.However, it might be the best I could ever learned in half year’s time. New challenge is comingahead where I’ll be assigned to Crowne Palace Chinese Kitchen for the next half year. 19
  20. 20. Zack’s Intern Report 2012 Special Credit To Chef Mariateresa Chef Scott & others colleagues at ADD KitchenZack FongJanuary 2013 20