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A lot is being talked about the future of advertising agencies. The following pages present some thoughts on the subject.

Modern Agency

  1. 1. Modern Agencies Future of Ad Agencies Kirschner Branding | April 2010 
  2. 2. A lot is being talked about the future of advertising agencies. The following pages present some thoughts on the subject. Brands are defined by their purpose and what they do. Brand - GLORY THROUGH SUFFERING “Clothes and accessories are badly made. So, if someone spends five grand on a titanium bike and then buys a day-glo polyester jersey that doesn't work very well, it's just not good enough. The origins of Rapha were to say we can do more with clothing - let's bring it up to the level of the bikes.” Simon Mottram Kirschner Branding | April 2010 
  3. 3. Agencies are defined by their point of view and what they do to generate and integrate ideas. Agencies are also defined by their insights and development of opportunities. Kirschner Branding | April 2010 
  4. 4. “The very model of our industry is being called into question, the model today is no longer valid, no longer relevant.” Maurice Levy “Agencies are struggling to evolve as marketing and traditional media go digital in all areas of campaign execution and audience activation.” Industry Survey response “It’s about people not consumers.” Dr. Robert Deutsch "To be a great marketer, first forget about marketing.  Think about life.  Then you'll be a great marketer." Dr. Robert Deutsch Kirschner Branding | April 2010 
  5. 5. Offering The offering of ideas and campaigns cannot be like 5 years ago. The same way brands need to adapt to changing lifestyles and technology, agencies need to understand the cultural context and adapt too. Digital is now a social behavior for many people, they connect with friends and brands in different ways and channels. Offline engagement continues strong but only the relevant communications. (worthwhile communications that express what the brand represents) The new offering and approach should be more of a holistic view where great ideas can be executed with a great network of partners to engage people/users. As seen in many companies and campaigns, collaboration in projects with respect between parties can enrich experiences and products. People remember what they’ve never seen before and if a group of different minds create an authentic experience, probably people will recommend to friends. Kirschner Branding | April 2010 
  6. 6. Clients looking for “Inter-disciplinary Boutiques” According to recent studies, companies and brands are looking for agencies that: do their homework, learn about the clients, brand, industry and market. These clients are looking for agencies that can present new creative strategies, guide them in the age of ideas, create products, platforms that impact, campaigns that express and connect. Digital is essential for most campaigns but some agencies fail to recognize that the original idea and strategy must be compelling/relevant to deliver results & LOVE. Kirschner Branding | April 2010 
  7. 7. LOVE? When somebody gives you something that makes you feel good and even makes you “feel more like yourself”, this action creates a bond, an authentic connection because that person or brand first of all is “giving” and knows how you feel and understands your needs. The person receiving will probably feel like giving something back. When generating great ideas and wrapping them with style and content, you can let the brand speak for itself - people will engage and participate. Think Different - Assurance - Just Do It - People Against Dirty Kirschner Branding | April 2010 
  8. 8. What’s happening: - Rise of crowdsourcing. -Unilever, Pepsi, Ford, Threadless, Starbucks, MUJI, Dell, Best Buy, Lego, Cisco, Apple and many others. - Rise of companies creating their own digital platforms. -Condé Nast, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Hyundai/KIA, Method, Burberry, Innocent, Chipotle, Uniqlo and others. - Rise of consulting companies becoming strategic marketing partners. -Accenture, Bain, McKinsey, IBM. - Rise of innovation labs in agencies. -BBH, Ogilvy, W+K, Arnold, McCann, TBWA and others. Kirschner Branding | April 2010 
  9. 9. Characteristics of Modern Agency: *Tailored approach and Initiative The content on the following pages does not mean agencies must be able to tick all the boxes. But agencies as Generators of Ideas must find ways to integrate or collaborate with partners that can. Kirschner Branding | April 2010 
  10. 10. Characteristics of Modern Agency: *Tailored approach and Initiative - Strategic, Market Savvy, Effective, understands customer journey. [Closest to how the consumer feels. Kevin Roberts] - Develops IP, Storytelling, Products, Brands, Packaging. (great content) - Collaborative, Integration, Co-Creation, 360º. - Digital/interactive, Engaging not noise. Participation not Attention. - Emotional <-- fun --> Utility. - Marketing embedded in product, Baked-in. - Insights driven, KISS, looks for new opportunities. - Experiential marketing & Transmedia. - [Ideas and Revelations - Not Insights. Kevin Roberts]. Kirschner Branding | April 2010 
  11. 11. Characteristics of Modern Agency: - Modern Agencies are willing to fail and try the unexpected. - Agency/Structures that meet the world, listen to people, category and artists. Kirschner Branding | April 2010 
  12. 12. Examples of Agencies: Not all agencies will be able to develop their own products, applications and brands. However, being part of projects from scratch creates a different mindset from market analyses, insights, standards, business implications, product design/development to launch. The experience of developing IP and the steps to get there bring many challenges that after learned can be applied to clients. Some agency examples: CP+B, Anomaly, Erasmus, 72andSunny, Fuseproject, Goodby, Brooklyn Bros., BBH, Barbarian Group. Kirschner Branding | April 2010 
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  23. 23. Full screen browser 3-D Apple music visualizer Kirschner Branding | April 2010 
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  25. 25. Thinking before and beyond the sale Kirschner Branding | April 2010 
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