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Sgn overview confidential


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Please note that this is highly confidential and only to be used in consideration of the panel submission. Also, this is just a representation of the company and content that will be discussed, and will not be used in during the panel in any way. We've included this to demonstrate our acquisition methods and SGN's credibility as a major social-mobile games publisher.

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Sgn overview confidential

  2. 2. WHAT IS SOCIAL & CASUAL GAMING? $4 BILLION Breakdown of Virtual goods 6 Online Gaming is the #2 Activity DAILY GAME PLAY STATS 5 on the Web 1 Gross Dollars Spent # Transactions TOP 5 Online 54% 46% 53% 66% Maps / Levels 2nd Activities in 2010 Virtual Gifts Power-Ups Social Networks Wearables Online Games Weapons E-mail Subscription… PortalsIn-Game Currency Instant Messaging Women make up 59% Smartphone & Tablet 0 10 20 30 40 50 of Adult Social Gamers 4 game play VIDEO GAMES ARE GOOD FOR YOU 2 BETTER ENGAGEMENT & CONVERSION 3 Participants in a depression relief study saw a 57% 40% of consumers who engaged with a movie in social decline in depression symptoms & a 65% increase games went on to buy online tickets. There is also a in overall mood after playing casual video games. 30x better response to get people to file taxes. 1 Nielsen Aug 2010 2 East Carolina Universitys Psychophysiology Lab Feb 2011 3 Omma Social Conference June 2011 4 Forrester May 2011 5 Ipsos OTX May 2011 6 KBCB 09 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 1
  3. 3. SOCIAL GAMING NETWORK HIGH QUALITY BRAND SAFE3,200+ 12 in 10 10M+ 35M+ 80M+ 80M+games across 12 titles in the Top monthly mobile Monthly active Mobile Installs Facebook Installsmultiple platforms 10 on iTunes. 3, #1 sessions users Amazon Store titles { L O W D U P L I C AT I O N O F A U D I E N C E A C R O S S N E T W O R K & P L AT F O R M S } COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 2
  4. 4. LONG HISTORY OF HIGH QUALITY HITS TOP HITS Fluff Friends Rescue – Top 2SGN – MOBILE SOCIAL GAMING PIONEER Mini-Café – Top 15 Hit• Consistent Producer of Top Hits iBowl – Top 5 App. Top 25 Most Popular Game of• First iOS Game Developer to Make Use of All-Time F.A.S.T. – Top 10 Hit iPhone Accelerometer for Game Controls iGolf – Top 5 Hit• Catalogue of 30 Games Skies Of Glory – Top 10 Hit Mini Tycoon Casino – Top 25 Hit• Featured in Apple TV Spots 35M+ 10M+ 200Khrs 1:6 Mobile installs game sessions Per month of 1 out of every 6 per month gameplay on iPhones has an SGN properties SGN App COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 3
  5. 5. MINDJOLT.COM AD OPPS Roadblock Skin*Main App & Site Video Display Action MINDJOLT Genre Sports Game Integration DEMOGRAPHIC Micro-Transaction Shooter PROFILE Mobile Strategy PLATFORM ON Casino Puzzle 0% 50% 100%20M+ 500M+ 115M+ 250M+reach monthly impressions Minutes spent 250 Monthly gameuniques across network playing games plays 4
  6. 6. THE HALLPASS MEDIA NETWORK AD OPPS Roadblock Skin HallPass Video GirlGames Display HALLPASS Genre GuyGames Game IntegrationCookingGames DEMOGRAPHIC Micro-Transaction CoolGames PROFILE VirtualPets PLATFORM ON TacticsArena StickGames DressUp Juegos Gratis WordGames DressupGal DressupPink GirlSoCool 12M+ 300M+ 100M+ 30M reach monthly impressions Minutes spent Monthly game 0% 50% 100% uniques across network playing games plays COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 5
  9. 9. CASE STUDIES Flight: 12/27/10 - 3/27/11Objective: • Speak to a disappearing “soap opera” audience and recapture time spent with that target. • Generate top of mind awareness for the brand in a non- intrusive mannerSolution: • Custom game skin and integration overlayed onto existing game play. • Editorial Integration to drive awareness and game playsKey Client Success Metrics: • Over 325,000 game plays • 325,000+ minutes of time spent with brand (average game play lasted :60 seconds) COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 8
  10. 10. CASE STUDIES Flight: 6/02/11 - 6/20/11Objective: • To increase awareness with enthusiasts in a key demographic of premier episodesSolution: • Custom Game Genre Roadblock of Food Games on MindJolt capturing enthusiasts and influencers across applications and web.Key Client Success Metrics: • MasterChef debuted in 2nd place in both of it’s time slots • 92% of users watched the pre-roll through completion.Editorial Support and Integration: • 120% vs investment in editorial support of campaign COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 9