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  1. 1. Final Presentation { Zachary Lewallen
  2. 2. Blog Banner  I chose my blog banner as a representative of myself.  I love to play guitar and thought that the picture went along very well with my theme!  For my blog name, I just used the name I go by with no spaces just to make it easier to find.
  3. 3.  My blog!My Blog Link
  4. 4.  “The Semantic Web”  “Instagram!..For Business?”  “Facebook: the Newest Marketing Phenomenon”  “Social Media Efficiency”Optimized Blog Posts
  5. 5.  On my blog I created a text widget for my Facebook page and used my personal Facebook.  There isn’t anything “unprofessional” on it, but there isn’t anything that would denote me advertising something on there either  Friend me!Facebook Page
  6. 6.  I also linked my Twitter feed to my blog using the Twitter widget on my sidebar  This is the link to my personal Twitter account  For my header, I used a picture of Darth Vader in a Santa hat because I love Star Wars and it’s that time of year!Twitter Account
  7. 7.  My LinkedIn account was the best for me, since I do have work experience.  I think the potential for this website is great and what it teaches the user is really good life skills, but it isn’t used very widely yet it seems like.LinkedIn Account
  8. 8.  I used my YouTube account done through my Google+ to link the playlist to my blog post about it, but I have a personal one that already existed before this class.  I have not ever uploaded a video to YouTube because I don’t have a video camera, but I hope soon we’ll be able to use smartphones to upload videosYouTube Account
  9. 9.  I created a Flickr account for this class and it has a widget on my sidebar  I only uploaded one picture to it because I don’t really take that many pictures…. But I can see how it works and the functions it could be used for.Flickr