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HCG 2.0 - A Modern Adaptation of the Traditional HCG Diet.

In its 70 year existence, the HCG diet, published by Dr. Simeons in his manuscript Pounds and Inches; A New Approach to Obesity, has helped millions achieve rapid weight loss. However, in that time, the HCG diet has not once been updated to incorporate advanced research in low-carb/ketosis dieting, caloric ratios or even basic food chemistry. HCG 2.0 is a smarter way to lose and has revolutionized the traditional HCG diet to accommodate the average working adult.

InsideOut Wellness and Weight Loss, founded by Dr. Zach LaBoube, author of HCG 2.0 – Don’t Starve, Eat Smart, and Lose, is of the belief that true health radiates, fundamentally, from the InsideOut. We treat the aesthetic desires of the body through intrinsic means to provide a one-stop-shop for feeling and looking your best.

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HCG 2.0 - A Modern Adaptation of the Traditional HCG Diet.

  1. 1. HCG 2.0 A Smarter Way to Lose
  2. 2. On the original HCG diet, these two people would be instructed to eat the exact same number of calories daily: 500 per day. 6’5 man 5’2 woman We’re all different! We all have different caloric and protein requirements.
  3. 3. Does it seem appropriate to measure food items in grams rather than calories? 100 grams of beef 100 grams of salmon
  4. 4. Let’s look at these foods again, noting their calories… 100 grams of beef 100 grams of salmon 248 calories 146 calories Basic food chemistry, which was primitive at best when the traditional HCG diet was developed, tells us that it is inaccurate to compare food items based on weight rather than caloric value.
  5. 5. These inadequacies, along with others were the inspiration behind HCG 2.0. HCG 2.0 is a safer and smarter way to lose, making it a realistic weight loss option for the average working adult.
  6. 6. Before we discuss the specifics of HCG 2.0, let’s briefly define HCG and explain how it facilitates healthy weight loss.
  7. 7. stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. HCG is a hormone that is produced by the placenta during pregnancy. Its sole purpose is to spark the metabolization of stored fat in order to provide a 24/7 calorie source for the growing baby.
  8. 8. An Interesting Observation… Dr. A.T. W. Simeons, while doing humanitarian work abroad, often in poverty stricken 3rd world countries, was astonished by the fact that extremely malnourished women could give birth to healthy, full-weight babies. Through research, he found the hormone HCG to be responsible.
  9. 9. How does HCG work? Typically, as a species, the human body wants to retain calories as a defense mechanism to protect against long winters or famine – conditions that rarely exist today. It does so by storing away excess calories in our fat cells.
  10. 10. There is an exception. When a woman becomes pregnant, just as the baby needs a 24/7 oxygen supply, it also needs a 24/7 calorie supply. Enter HCG!
  11. 11. A pregnant woman’s placenta begins producing the hormone HCG to ensure this 24/7 calorie supply for healthy neo-natal development. However, In the absence of a pregnancy, HCG can be supplemented in combination with a low calorie diet to produce the same effect. To Summarize – HCG allows us to sustain ourselves on the unwanted fat stored in our bellies, thighs, arms, etc.
  12. 12. It’s important to remember that HCG is NOT what causes your weight loss. Your weight loss is a result of your low-calorie diet.
  13. 13. So, how does HCG help me LOSE WEIGHT?
  14. 14. HCG facilitates healthy weight loss in 3 ways! 1. HCG targets your weight loss so that you maintain muscle mass while strictly losing from unwanted and abnormal fat reserves.
  15. 15. 2. HCG suppresses appetite by enhancing Ketosis, which is a healthy metabolic process that converts our fat reserves to usable calories, allowing us to sustain ourselves on our own stored fat. By summoning calories from stored fat, our body reacts as though it has just consumed a meal, thus producing a feeling of satiety, fullness and content. “If you’re hungry, you’re doing it wrong.” ~Dr. Zach
  16. 16. 3. Following the low calorie phase– By acting on a gland in the brain called the hypothalamus, which is responsible for regulating metabolic activity, including hunger and satiety, HCG has the capacity to “reset” your metabolism allowing you to successfully maintain your weight loss.
  17. 17. How is HCG 2.0 different . than the original HCG protocol? • Dr. Simeons’ HCG protocol, • Dr. Zach LaBoube’s HCG 2.0, 1954 2013
  18. 18. Dr. Simeons’ HCG Protocol: Loading days focus on fatty foods and sugars (carbs) HCG 2.0 Protocol: Loading days focus on fatty foods with more Emphasis on Omega 3 Fats and fewer carbs.
  19. 19. Dr. Simeons’ HCG Protocol: Very Low Calorie Phase (VLCD) allows 500 calories for each dieter, male or female, big or small. HCG 2.0 Protocol: Low Calorie Phase is individualized, using one’s BMR to calculate allowed calories.
  20. 20. Dr. Simeons’ HCG Protocol: VLCD includes inappropriate ratio of carbs to protein with items like melba toast, fruit and root veggies. HCG 2.0 Protocol: Low Calorie Phase emphasis is on lean protein with limited carbs and no sugar.
  21. 21. Dr. Simeons’ HCG Protocol: VLCD doesn’t allow food for breakfast, only coffee or tea. HCG 2.0 Protocol: Low Calorie Phase recommends a high protein, low calorie breakfast within 30 minutes of waking.
  22. 22. HCG 2.0 Protocol: Dr. Simeons’ HCG Protocol: VLCD restricts proteins to only 100g of chicken, white fish, and lean beef. Proteins are ranked by P/FC number. This number is used to determine portion sizes. The higher the number, the larger the allowed portion size.
  23. 23. Dr. Simeons’ HCG Protocol: HCG 2.0 Protocol: VLCD is strict about eating only certain vegetables and not mixing them. Low Calorie Phase allows unlimited vegetables, mixed if desired, as long as total carbs remain under 30g/day.
  24. 24. Dr. Simeons’ HCG Protocol: VLCD does not allow dieter to use certain skin products, shampoos, and/or cosmetics. HCG 2.0 Protocol: Low Calorie Phase has no restrictions on any of these types of products. As long as carb count remains below 30g, they’re of little concern.
  25. 25. Dr. Simeons’ HCG Protocol: Dieter weighs him/herself every day. HCG 2.0 Protocol: It is recommended that dieter weigh in only once per week.
  26. 26. Dr. Simeons’ HCG Protocol: Exercise is not allowed. HCG 2.0 Protocol: Dieter should continue pre-diet exercise routine, and/or consider walking 20-30 minutes before breakfast.
  27. 27. HCG 2.0 Protocol: Dr. Simeons’ HCG Protocol: Limited choices for food and drink on the VCLD. New food and drink items (like Crystal Light and protein shakes) give the dieter more options to keep them motivated and accommodate busy lifestyles. Any zero calorie drinks are allowed.
  28. 28. Dr. Simeons’ HCG Protocol: Maintenance diet is vague at best. HCG 2.0 Protocol: HCG 2.0 outlines very specific maintenance diet consisting of 40/40/20, with 1:1 of Omega 3s to 6s **Further explained in HCG 2.0
  29. 29. HCG 2.0 Don’t Starve ● Eat Smart ● and LOSE
  30. 30. For more information about HCG 2.0… ▼Visit ▼Like us on Facebook at ▼Buy the book through Amazon, Kindle, Nook or iTunes.