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Building Platforms


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Building Platforms

  1. 1. NPR: Building for an Expanding Platform Universe You got content. What platforms should you deliver to … and how to build them
  2. 2. VOICE OVER: In a world where contentproducer must adapt or die.
  3. 3. A small team,working at a legacy non-profit
  4. 4. Has successfully built products in anever more connected digital universe
  5. 5. They figured out where to invest their limited resources… Photo
  6. 6. They overcame technical challenges… <image id="133849355" type="primary" width="200" src=" pg" hasBorder="false"> <crop type="square" src=" pg" height="440" width="440"/>
  7. 7. …overcame distribution challenges
  8. 8. … and now, they will share the details of what worked Photo:
  9. 9. … and what didn’t. Photo:
  10. 10. Tomorrow’s User DesiresCross Media Distribution User Experience API Strategies Mobile Devices Connected Cars Smart TVs Infinite Radio It All Comes Together
  11. 11. SPRING 2013