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5 year plan

5 year plan

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5 year plan

  1. 1. 5 Year Plan u3142827 ACADEMIC GOALS Main Goal Objectives Tactics To attain qualifications in relation to the business industry 1. To complete a Bachelor in Commerce degree at the University of Canberra Attend all classes Complete all content in a timely matter Attempt and submit all assessment items and exams Accommodate 8-12 hours a week of revision and study time per week Create and attend Pals sessions and study groups available Complete course with no failed units
  2. 2. PERSONAL GOALS Main Goal Objectives Tactics To Have a healthy balanced lifestyle 1. To maintain my physical and mental health throughout the year. Track my macronutrient and calorie intake. To exercise 5-6 times per week. To surround myself with positive, like-minded people Take time to see friends and family. To prioritise university over work commitments by cutting down amount of hours I can work to avoid stress and free more time for other activities. 2.To be financially stable and be able to invest in other projects. Create a long term deposit savings account that I cannot access for a certain amount of time Create a budget to fit my needs To work a maximum of 20 hours a week to cover costs while being able to save as well. 3. To maintain strong relationships with family, friends and partner. Allocate time to see friends and partner for lunch, catch-ups, gym sessions and outings. Be open to meeting new people and networking
  3. 3. PROFESSIONAL SKILLS Main Goal Objectives Tactics To Improve and gain skills relevant to Business and Finance 1. Improve my leadership skills Gaining more experience by volunteer sports coaching Starting a study group Leading atleast one group assignment or business related exercise for work colleagues Getting managerial experience at work 2. Improve my verbal communication Doing more public speaking in areas related to business 3. Improve my non- verbal communication Getting a distinction average on all my written pieces at university Reflecting on marks and comments and always trying to improve in those areas critiqued 4. Networking to build a strong foundation Volunteer at events Work with a variety of students to build relationships 5. Attain knowledge and continue to learn Keep up to date with regulations, news and events that are occurring within the industry 6. Improving planning and organisational skills Keep up to date on assignments by keeping a diary with due dates Making to do lists every week
  4. 4. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Main Goal Objective Tactics To Gain experience within the business industry before completing a bachelor of commerce degree 1. Gain an internship every year Apply for positions Dress appropriately and professionally Gain knowledge off professionals and perform many diverse exercises within the internship 2. Volunteer at events that correlate to business Apply for volunteer positions Network and gain knowledge with people and professionals at each event

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  • RashmithaNRashu

    Jan. 23, 2021

5 year plan


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